List Of Best XP Farm Minecraft

List Of Best XP Farm Minecraft

One of the main gameplay aspects in XP farm Minecraft is Experience. As no new skills or other abilities are unlocked, experience points can, in turn, be used to upgrade your gear with powerful enchantments, which usually make fighting stronger monsters feel much easier.

Yet, it takes time to gain experience. Fortunately, as with almost any other process, players have found many ways to turn it into a fast and effective procedure. Below are some of the most ingenious examples of non-Redstone and Redstone farms to aid anyone in increasing EXP gains.

Wither Farm of Skeleton 

The greater the mob is, the more experience it tends to yield, and Wither Skeletons are rather merciless. In addition to protecting you from their Withering effect, this farm should yield 135 Skeleton Wither Skulls. It also does not involve long-winded Nether spawn proofing.

A guide on making a wither skeleton farm

Though the resource cost for this is high, it’s actually the fastest option because it skips laying down Slabs around the Nether Fortress to confine Wither Skeletons in spawn. It also implies that you do not have to be in the Netherlands for too long, whereas farming can prove hazardous. 

Block Sculk Farm

This farm isn’t like any other farms we have seen in Minecraft until now since it doesn’t require the player to smelt or kill mobs. Instead, the mobs drop passively onto a few Sculk blocks which then propagate.

These blocks are full of experience; also, you have to break them.

The Process Of Creating A Sculk Block Farm

This farm works based on the idea that it is built under a Skeleton or Zombie Spawner, which kills the mobs dropped onto Dripstone. The Sculk Catalyst nearby will have to be dug from deep underground, and Silk Touch is required for its pickup. This converts nearby blocks into Sculks.

Spider Cave Farm

Cave spiders are regarded as the most horrible mobs to be farmed in the entire game. First, they will make you poisoned, and spiders, as a whole, have a habit of being able to weave in and out of buildings through wall climbing.

Nevertheless, one can find a means to render either the cave spider farm or just the regular spider farm productive and earn several experience Minecraft points. This is especially convenient because cave spider spawners are easily identified due to the frequency of abandoned mineshafts in the game.

The creation of a spider/cave spider farm.

Before starting it is suggested that you have some basic items with you. ladders to escape the holes, torches to illuminate as you work a sword to fend off any nearby mobs and a pickaxe, of course. A tub of milk also comes in handy to weaken the poison effect if you are fighting against cave spiders.

Fish Automatic Farm

The list of the AFK fish farms designs or other automatic fish farms is endless they are all good means to farm enchantment saddles, books, bows, and name tags fishing rods. These are also good sources of food and experience points in Minecraft.

Because it doesn’t need many resources to operate, a fish farm is almost a given for every player. The value of xp is rather low, but the process is simple and the rewards are greatly satisfying.

Making an Automatic Fish Farm

In terms of the design which we have chosen, it is a simple fish farm automatic AFK by carbon gaming. This requires a farm that utilizes readily available materials, is easy to assemble and will provide you with some yield while also generating xp.

Portal Farm

If things are not an issue, you can go with XP farm Minecraft designs. A very liked type is a nether portal farm that pulls in Zombie Pigmen without you even needing to kill these mobs by hand.

Along with a huge amount of xp, you’ll also earn lots and lots of gold. The only disadvantage is the massive resources needed, which are very hard to get in survival.

Making A Portal Farm.

Rays Works made this portal farm and has an automated AFK mode. Rays Works’ video spans the covers of the farm both ways, but later is more complicated and requires to create a redstone clock using redstone materials.

Charcoal Bedrock Farm

Getting back to a more basic design, this is an interesting version of the self-fueled farm that resembles the bamboo and cacti farm concept. But this one makes charcoal out of wood, giving itself energy repeatedly by saving the points in the furnace.

Charcoal xp farm Minecraft Guide

This is an alternative for players who do not find bamboo or cactus handy. It’s also Bedrock-certified.

However, the only thing to mention is that this furnace uses wood as a fuel, and you will need large amounts of cordwood to get xp.

Bartering Piglin Farm

Now to the true heart of the nether update. Through the implementation of bartering and piglins, players have been crafting utterly interesting farms that not only include Minecraft xp farming but also limitless trading with a trapped Piglin.

These farms offer an abundance of xp and a great variety of materials. First, the farm makes gold and xp to trade with Piglins for other things.

Making of a Piglin Trading Farm

This Rays Works design, in particular, is wonderful as it automatically supplies gold to the Piglin by taking off Zombie Pigmen and creates experience points along with many items from the bartering mechanism. It kills 3 birds along with one stone, and although it might not be an easy build in terms of resources, having it is all that a player should need.

Raid Farm

You might not have thought about it, but Illager outposts are great places to farm XP in Minecraft. Even though the outpost tower is razed to the ground, Illagers still will spawn.

These farms are easy to create, and the payouts include totems or emeralds of undying; both can be very expensive. You will also have more crossbows than you can handle.

Raid Farm making

However, this design, in particular by Avomance, is particularly effective. Install a bed and even two villagers to attract Illagers and then guide them down with water so that they can easily kill. Even better, the villagers will immediately start raiding if a captain dies.

Spawner Mob Farm

In any standard survival game, you are guaranteed to meet spawner mob dungeons at some point. It is easy to recognize dungeons by their moss-covered cobblestone loot and wall chests. Such mob dungeons are good xp farm Minecraft.

The Process Of Making A Mob Spawner Farm

In Minecraft, a skeleton dungeon is usually the best one to turn into an experience farm because it provides valuable loot drops ( arrows, bones, and bows), but any type will work fine.

The spider trapping will be difficult since these arachnids are wall climbers and would best be kept on the specially intended farm that was mentioned above. This is a fantastic design by Kmond.

Gold Farm

Killing zombie pigmen is worth the XP. This might serve as an alternative to the Piglin bartering farm if you aren’t afraid of trying to add bartering into your farm.

With the huge amount of xp this farm generates it is resource-intensive, but the build itself is easy to put together.

Making A Gold Farm

Nevertheless, this farm does include cheesy game-breaking tricks, for instance, entering the Nether roof. Before you start the build, this will have to be done.

The Nether roof is almost like a vast flatbed of bedrock, which no mob can spawn on. Thus, any other block that is dropped has a tremendous probability of spawning Nether mobs, which can be easily controlled in order to get the XP farm Minecraft. RandomGgames develops a fine experience and gold farm for which few materials can be copied.

XP Stone Farm

Almost all XP farms in Minecraft require a lot of resources to construct. This may discourage most players from building one unless in hardcore mode or survival mode. Nevertheless, the xp farm Minecraft does not necessarily need to be a resource-intensive one. At least in the early stages, a rather simple xp farm Minecraft based on furnaces is sufficient for a survival single-player world.

This is how a stone xp farm in Minecraft can be made

Just like a few other designs, the furnaces smelting stones accumulate and produce XP in them. This is an especially efficient method of generating xp if you use smooth or stone.

Mob Classic Farm

However, a complete survival world is not presented without the king of all mob farms; that is an incomplete classic mob xp farm Minecraft. However much stone and generally how tall it is to be built on, it can provide significant experience points and useful drops.

Some Questions

Which plant yields the highest XP farm in Minecraft?

Cactus provides a lot more experience (64 XP/stack), yet unlike others, it cannot be smoked, and the dye it produces is used only for making green things.

Is it possible to silk touch a spawner?

They are mineable with silk touch, but reactivation requires a full-tier beacon pyramid from above.

What is the xp farm Minecraft drop amount of Warden?

Upon death, a warden drops one sculk catalyst, and Looting does not change this. It, in addition, loses 5 experiences when killed by either a player or a tamed wolf.


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