How To Make Minecraft Cactus Farm

How To Make Minecraft Cactus Farm

Don’t you think cacti farm is underrated in the Minecraft game? Even when cactuses can be used for various wonderful things? So, why not have a Minecraft cactus farm? 

You can, and it will help you in numerous ways in the game, like defense mechanisms. It is also a good defensive mechanism against the mobs and the other players of the game. You can also use the cactus farm to make the death traps of the game even more lethal. 

However, knowing how to make a Minecraft cactus farm is essential for it. So to help you with this, in the article below, we will tell you how to make a cactus farm easily and quickly. 

How To Grow Cactus Minecraft?

To know how to grow cactus mine craft and its design, you can follow some easy steps. These are:

Step 1: Minecraft Farm Design & Planning

To start the layout of your Minecraft cactus farm, you need to start the first step by placing the sand blocks. You need to place four sand blocks on the ground, and they must be at least a block’s distance from each other. 

In doing this, you need to remember that you can only use the sand blocks as the cacti grow on sand blocks only. On the left and right sides of the sand blocks, you need to keep your building material. You can use various building materials like stone bricks. However, you can also use other materials like glass and grass for it. It depends on your preference what material you use. 

Step 2: Minecraft Cactus Farm Structure

Once you place the starting blocks, start by building the layout backward. The blacks which you kept in the starting will act as the front and starting point of the cactus Minecraft layout. 

Your layout must be at least eight blocks in length for a proper design. 

Step 3: Cactus Farm Second Layer

Now when you have completed the front of the farm, you can start building the back of it. For it, you need to do the same thing which you did in the previous two steps. The change this time is that now you have to build two lines of the blocks making the height of the first line two blocks high. 

This addition of the second line will let you get extra 32 cactus in your Minecraft cactus farm. This will be taking the grand total of the cactus plants to the 64. One stack cacti. 

Step 4: Preparation

Now, as we raised the back half of the farm one block, we will be needing to raise the ground as well. This raise will be for the ground where we keep water. 

Now you will need to place eight blocks between the gap of the tall walls. This is essential for the placement of the water. 

Step 5: Creating The Back Wall

Now you need to create a back wall in your Minecraft farm design. It is essential to prevent water from going uncontrollable. The back wall you create must be at least two blacks in height. 

This wall will prevent water from flowing out on the backside in the Minecraft cactus farm’s next step. 

Step 6: Water Placement

Now you need to place the water in the gaps. Start by placing at the furthest point on all of your farm’s 5 trenches. 

You need to do this for both of the layers – bottom and top. But remember one thing that the water needs to stop exactly on the front side of the farm, and it happens without a mess. 

Step 7: The Ceiling

Now when you are done with the water, start placing the cacti. This will help you in assuming where the ceiling is going to be. The ceiling will do a lot of work, so it is vital to closely follow this ceiling creation step. 

Start placing the cacti from the front of the farm. Place cacti on every alternative block and do this for all the lines. By doing this, you end up with the four cactus on each line of the Minecraft farm design per level. Now go back to the farm’s front and place the building material over the top of the cactus in front. After it, place a block directly on the backside of it while going backward of the farm. 

You will need to break the block, which is directly above the cactus in front. Now continue building a line that is across the cactus top. After you reach the cactus last, you need to place two blocks over the top of this cactus. Next, you need to place a block that is directly behind the cactus. This is to be done on the backside of the farm. By doing this, you will break every block which is in line you created. For doing this, use the cacti for your Minecraft cactus farm design. 

Step 8: Cont’d Ceiling

Build the pattern the same as you created in the previous design step. Make the solid lines that are all the way to the first layer and are opposite. Now continue breaking the remaining blocks from solid lines. If this helps you in the cactus placement according to the Minecraft farm design, do this beforehand. It will help you do the placement without a need to break the line which you created before. 

Step 9: The Top Layer

The building starting points have already been built by us. Now you need to create blocks that are solid in the same way like you created the bottom layer of the farm. In this pattern, our lines will go differently, and we assure you that it is even easier than the previous pattern. However, for it, you need to place the cacti first. 

Now break each of the blocks which are directly over the cactus. After it begins, placement of the cacti in case you have not done it already. 

Step 10: Prepare For Gathering Of Items

On the front side of your cactus farm, dig a hole that is 11 blocks in length and one block in depth. This black must be extending to the entire width of your cactus Minecraft farm. 

Now find the central part of your trench and then dig a 2 by 3 hole which has a depth of one block. After it, add a hole which is at the front center of the two by 3. Now change the bottom to the material of your preferences. This hole will be the place where all of your cactus will gather after they grow. It will save you time from the gathering process. 

Step 11: The Last 

Now add water to the trench which you just dug out in front of the farm. 

Step 12: The Loot Wait

After the creation, wait for the cactus to grow and then go for the loot collection. 

Step 13: The Sheep

Now snake the cactus green, and after it dyes pants off any of the sheep. 

These are some steps that you can follow to make your own Minecraft cactus farm. If you follow the steps above properly, then you are going to create an amazing cactus farm. 

So, now when you know the answer to how to grow cactus Minecraft – when are you going to make your own cactus farm in the game? Are you ready for this mincraft challenge

Fun Facts

  • Cactus plants are able to grow in the dark and thus no need for light.
  • The bottom side of the cactus doesn’t hurt in the game.
  • You don’t need to be in the 7 chunks space of your Minecraft cactus farm for it to grow like other plants of wheat and sugarcane. 
  • If you throw any item in the cactus, it will disappear. Thus it is useful for disposal purposes also. 

Bottom Line

Minecraft cactus farm is underrated even when it can be useful for doing wonderful things. However, for making a cactus farm, you need to know some things like building the water channel and ceiling. 

The good thing about such cactus farms is that you can easily collect the loot. In cactus farms, you also don’t need light, or your presence in 7 chunks are for their growth. Thus in comparison to the other Minecraft farm option like sugarcane and wheat, the cactus can be the best option. 

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