List Of Minecraft Automatic Farms

 List Of Minecraft Automatic Farms

Minecraft Automatic Farms – The most influential game that came out of the 2010s, Minecraft Automatic Farms, is heavily focused on player-made creations in building and exploration, above ground as well as underground. However, attached to every survival world is the inevitable necessity of collecting resources and farming.

We wish that you would not have to worry about needing to harvest your crops or hunting enemies and their drops but instead, in the morning, waking up to chest after chest full of food and items. You can do it and it is much simpler than you believe. For this list, let us discuss some of the most important Minecraft automatic farms that can lighten your burden with grind.

Gold Farm

Zombie Pigmen are drawn to the trapped turtle egg in the middle of a gold farm, which will kill them all. This is because Zombie Pigmen drop gold, which makes this a great way to farm a relatively uncommon ore in large amounts. The process is automatized with chests and hoppers.

Froglight Farm

For Frog Lights, they might not be a must in every playthrough, but they are some of the most fun light sources and breaking them sounds great. They are also easily replicable if you want to fill a large structure with a chill vibe.

All three colours will require all types of Frogs, each of which must emerge in a different temperature biome. You will also have to build this farm on the Nether because that is where Magma Cubes spawn, which is also required, specifically the Basalt Deltas.

Wither Rose Farm

Create a Wither Rose Farm to set up Minecraft automatic farms killing farms for big mobs that drop loot in the game. Wither Roses are powerful as they give the Wither affliction to any mob that touches them, especially effective in tight spaces.

Put Wither Roses in funnels to take down large groups of enemies efficiently. The farm should be in the End, under the Ender Dragon’s nest, due to Bedrock blocks. These blocks keep the Wither in place, leading to the spawn of Wither Roses. Many Snow Golems might sacrifice themselves for this cause.

Netherwart Farm

Setting up a Netherwart Farm is crucial for making useful potions throughout the game. Potions like Night Vision for exploring caves, Slow Fall in the End, or saving loot when you fall into lava all need Netherwart.

Even though one Netherwart can create three potions, automating the process requires a large quantity. Keep in mind that the planting part of the farm is not automatic; you still need to place the Netherwart on Soul Sand to begin the process.

Sculk Farm

You can use a Silk Touch Pickaxe to move some Sculk, and it keeps spreading whenever something dies on it. Combine this with a basic mob farm, and you will quickly boost your experience points.

Wheat Farm

For new players needing a fast food source, this machine also works for potatoes and carrots. While it used for beetroot, it requires more bone meal for full growth. The micro-farm use observer dispensers and blocks filled with bone meal to grow food rapidly.

Wheat is particularly great as it feeds cows and sheep, superior farm animals compared to pigs because they provide additional drops of wool and leather. Leather is essential early on for setting up an enchantment system with a full 15 bookshelves around the table.

Cow Farm

Because of their usefulness, cows are the top mob to farm in the game. They give steak with excellent hunger satisfaction and drop leather used for armor, books, and frames. Also, milk from cows is handy for quickly removing negative status effects.

Setting up an automated cow farm is simple. You will need an dispensers, lava, observer, and hoppers. It does not take much space and lets you easily breed cows. Just wait around ten minutes before using lava to cook them.

Iron Farm

An iron farm is more of a late-game project, especially when the need for iron increases after gathering number of diamonds. Different from diamonds, iron cannot be mined with a Fortune Pickaxe, making obtaining iron from caves tedious. Fortunately, there is a solution for those who enjoy building.

Villager Farm

With AFK fishing no longer providing enchanted books, it is crucial to establish a reliable Survival world villager farm for those sought-after Mending books. However, farming villagers for trades is challenging and tough to automate, often requiring some full interaction from you.

The automated part is the breeding, which is the main focus. After that, you will need to handle your villagers manually. The farm includes a separate area, allowing only baby villagers to escape through a water shaft.

Cooked Chicken Farm

This super affordable setup is a must-have, automatically generating, eliminating, and cooking chickens for you. Chickens are confined in a 1×1 space, along with their eggs collected. These eggs are then dispensed, with a chance to baby chick hatching.

When the egg spawns a chicken, it grows into an adult after 20 minutes. Once tall enough to reach the lava, it gets instantly cooked. The cooked chicken is collected in the hopper conveniently stored in a chest.

Egg Farm

If you want to make lots of cakes, this contraption is perfect. It is one of the easiest designs without needing any Redstone. Just get at least two chickens on a hopper, enclose them so they cannot escape.

After a while, the chickens will start laying eggs, which flow through the hopper into a chest. It is a reliable method for egg farming, producing number of eggs. You can also expand the farm with more chickens and hoppers.

Sugar Cane Farm

The simplest designs for harvesting sugar cane. It automatically collects sugar cane when it grows to three blocks high. Under the sand where sugar cane grows, there is a Hopper-Minecart on a rail placed above another hopper leading into a chest.

Cactus Farm

This cactus farm design is Redstone-free but involves some clever hopper work. Break the rail, letting the Minecart rest freely. Put a block beside the Minecart, then use a piston to push sand into it from the side.


How is the best farm set up in Minecraft automatic farms?

A simple repeatable farm begins with a 9×9 square of farmland, and the centre is dug out and filled with a block of water. This gives 80 blocks of farmland perimeter that can be fenced with 40 pieces of fence, including gates, and is the economical arrangement for simple farms.

How do you make an Minecraft automatic farms?

Apart from farming, automated farms need much more complicated knowledge, such as hoppers,  powered rails, comparators, and Redstone. Automated wheat farms are the most common, but this technique can be applied to almost any other crop.

What is the most basic farm in Minecraft?

This is one of the most basic designs and this contraption will pick sugar cane whenever it gets to three blocks high. A Hopper Minecart is sitting in the sand on which the sugar cane grows situated underneath it, on top of another hopper that leads into a chest placed atop this rail.


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