Best Survival Games PS4 Offers That You Should Play

Best Survival Games PS4 Offers That You Should Play

Doesn’t matter if you are a snake flying around the area on the wind or you are one of the cartoon characters that look like they crawled out of Tim Burton’s pitch meeting, the best survival games ps4 offers are a lot more electric than people credit them. 

There was a time when basically everyone who loves games wanted to be a part of the next day. But when you look a little closer, you will see that the best survival games ps4 that each game of the console is different from its next. 

In the article, we will tell you about some of the best survival games on ps4, which you will love to play. These games which we have selected are some of the best and are sure to give you an adrenaline rush. 

Best Survival Games Ps4 Offers are:

Below is the list of the top 10 ps4 games in the survival category, which will give you an adrenaline rush and test your skills:

Conan Exiles

This is one of the best survival games ps4 has to offer and is well known for using willies. The exiles in this game are more of an adapted version from the Conan universe. 

In this game, you can build your base, and the base building features that it offers are some of the best. The monsters in the game are mostly electric, and the world in the game is worth exploring. Although Conan in the game exiles overall a safe and solid experience.

Stranded Deep 

It would be weird to think that there are no survival games ps4 has to offer that have island themes. This is because so many movies show the survival skills of people stranded on remote islands. In this game also you are castaway on a remote island. The graphics, along with that plot, makes the stranded deep a compelling option. This is also one of the top 10 ps4 games in the survival category. 


Most of the survival games ps4 have to offer to avoid the underwater themes as they are known to be distasteful among the players. However, this game sets itself apart from the rest and is entirely based on underwater survival. This is one of the best survival games ps4 offers, which you can play to enjoy something different from the regular. 

The game’s graphics and plot are compelling and mesmerizing, which are full of awe-inspiring sub-aquatic scenery that is anchored by a genuine story. 


The Terraria is one of the best co-op survival games, which was launched in 2D by Terraria nearly a decade ago. What makes this game different from the other is that its roadmap ended just some time back. It shows how much support and care have gone into this game, and this has made it one of the best 2D side scroller games in the survival category. 

You should also not mistake this game for being a metaphorical version as it offers an ambitious role-playing experience. It has spelunking buildings, surviving, fighting, and more. What’s even more interesting is that it is also one of the best free survival games which you can play. 


A game that offers little space may seem like a bad idea at first, as what are the players going to do? However, in a game like a raft, it’s just the opposite as the players have to build the raft and collect supplies to survive. 

The game is set completely on the makeshift raft, as the title of the game tells us. This game from red beat interactive is one of the best co-op survival games which task plays to upgrade their vehicles. It offers the players the option to upgrade the raft, explore the various islands, fend off oceanic predators and find a way home finally. 


When we think of Minecraft, the first thought that comes to mind is that it is a kid-friendly game? Isn’t it? Yes, it happens, but we in this conception forget that it is basically a survival game – indeed, one of the best survival games ps4 has to offer. 

Mining of various essential materials, shelter building, and crafting of the useful tools are what makes this game similarly intense like it used to be. In this game, one eye will be out looking for the sundown while ears are watching out for the moans of the zombies. All this makes this one of the best multiplayer survival games. 

These great things about this game also make it one of the entries on the list of top 10 ps4 games you can play in the survival category. Even after all these amazing features, this is one of the free survival games which you can enjoy. 

Don’t starve

Never starve and never be fooled by the hand-drawn and charming graphics. This is one of the best multiplayer survival games with a virtual, dark, and not forgiving plot – just like a survival game should be. 

The game will test your survival skills as you slay the creepy big men and evil spiders or some weird monsters. You do all this while collecting the essential supplies which you will need to survive in the game, like traps and weapons. You need to collect supplies even for keeping warm. So if you want the top of a line game for testing your skills, then Don’t Starve is for you. 

The Long Dark

The long dark is the best survival game ps4 has to offer as it will test your survival skills in realistic scenarios. In the game, you are a downed pilot who lands in the bush of the Canadian wilderness that is haunted by the wolves and other evils. 

The game needs you to battle the cold, eat and rest for surviving. You have to do all this while being careful of the wolves. An amazing thing about this game is that it offers various modes to you, like a strange beauty and other things like a stranded doctor. 

The Forest 

A forest is a place where survivors and their true horrors meet. Don’t you agree? Well, we all agree that forest survival is not easy, and for all the reasons, it is true in every sense. 

The game’s plot states you as a lone survivor in a crashed plane in a sinister forest. Worse still, the forest is haunted by the cannibals’ flesh-eating mutants who want nothing more than your fresh flesh. This game offers everything that you would imagine in a survival game. It has a serious cycle of days and nights wherein day you scavenge for supply and foods along with repairing your camp. You also have to set traps and make weapons to be safe from the hordes of mutants that are fast, smart, and adaptable. 

To increase the fun in the game, you can also take the fight to the camp of mutants. Whatever you do, one thing that is sure is that it is one of the best survival games ps4 offers. 


If you want a game to put the blame of onslaught on the survival titles, then Dayz is the perfect candidate.  This dean Hall game is a surprise hit and offer survival mod for the hardcore military lads, shooters, and ARMA. However, with time it grew into a phenomenon that is bigger than the parent game. 

The plot of this game is set in a European city that has been overwhelmed by zombies. For surviving, you need to go for scavenging along with fortifying your position to keep the dead out. The features of this game make it one of the best survival games os4 has to offer. In the game, the biggest worry is not the dead but the humans, and you should be ready to pull the gun whenever needed.  

These are some of the best survival games ps4 offers to users. The good thing about these games is that they are some of the best games which offer various features. Some games on the list are multiplayer survival games, while some offer co-op survival gaming features. The plot of the games that we have selected in the list will also leave you wanting more of them. 

Final Words

There are tons of survival games that are available on the ps4. However, choosing the best survival games ps4 has to offer can sometimes be a tough task as each one available claims to be the best. 

You can watch out for some features like the graphics, plot, modes, and more the game offers to choose the best. The good thing about choosing the best games is that you actually don’t need to play all those games for it. You can simply go through the reviews online, which will help you in selecting the best ones for you. 

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