SOFTBALL CHANTS :There are a variety of fastpitch, minor league, and youth variations of softball chants & Softball cheers for girls. There are different shouts for different game players.

Similar to baseball, softball chants is a game played with a huge ball, a smaller diamond-shaped field, and a special pitching mechanism. To win, one team needs to rack up more hits than the rival team.

This sport has an expert level and is played in the USA at the youth, high school, & college levels. The professional league for the sport in the USA is called Women’s Professional Fastpitch, while it is also played in other nations like Japan. Since men were the minority in the sport until the 1980s, women have dominated it in current times. 

Unlike in baseball, there is no turf on the mound, and the pitching range is 43 feet. While a slow pitch may have a gap of up to 50 feet, the rapid pitch version can potentially reach heights of up to 35 feet. It is now increasingly well-known and is utilized in significant international contests.

With certain songs to motivate their team and terrify their rivals, players of various skill levels enjoy this sport. According to the Washington Post, these are thought to have started in California in the 1980s before moving to the East.

The Top 5 Softball Chants and Softball Cheers

Girls’ softball chants include That’s the Way and Who we are. There are more softball chants to enjoy, such as Hit It or See that Batter.

These chants may bolster your team’s morale and give them the energy they need to play better in any match. Furthermore, these softball chants will brighten your times whether you’ve hit spectacular home runs or unexpectedly stolen bases. 

That is How

Whenever your batting team makes a successful hit or your pitching side pitches the ball, you can employ this chant. 


  • That is the method, huh, huh


  • We approve of it, huh? 


  • Repeat the entire chorus one more at this point.

Our identity 

This softball chant will motivate your squad before the game and encourage them to face their opponents with confidence and no fear. A single player may perform this song while the team is walking out to take the field from their dugout.

  • Wherever we go
  • People are curious about
  • Our identity

The first section will then be continued with the following set of lyrics:

  • So we inform them: 
  • We are a team.
  • The squad name is “mighty, mighty.”

Look at that Batter

This chant will inspire your worried batter to perform better and make strong contact along with the ball. 

  • Look at the batter on the plate.
  • The best in the entire state, she is! 
  • The following lyrics appear in the second half:
  • She possesses pride and the spirit.
  • Haha, she’s on our side, haha!

Chant for a foul ball

When an opposition pitcher fouls off your hitter, you can yell this softball chant. A teammate who wants to scare the pitcher can start this by himself, and the other teammates can follow. 

  • Errant ball 
  • She’ll make it straight.
  • Sing the following after that:
  • When she does, too
  • You’d best be careful (x2)


This Softball cheer is in support of your team’s successful pitching. Use this while your pitchers prepare to throw underhand pitches. 

  • A STRIKE is about to break out,
  • Strike coming, strike coming. 
  • After you have learned the verses above, you can sing further verses:
  • Coming soon: a strike 
  • Strike again.

Fastpitch Softball Salutations for Women

We Stole On You and Good Eye are two softball shouts for fastpitch. There are a number of other enthusiastic shouts, such as Give us back our ball.

A keen eye

When the batter for your team hits a fantastic home run, shout this cheer. This music will inspire your hitter to hit another home run while covering all four bases. 


  • Nice Eye! Nice Eye!


  • Way to watch Bye catch that ball.


  • For the big impact, add a single-digit chorus after that, and then sing the following lyrics:


  • G-O-O-D-E-Y-E


  • Good vision Nice Eye!


  • Kiss that ball goodbye and go on!


We Plagiarized You


Once the baserunner for your team successfully steals a base, use this softball cheer. Sing this to raise enthusiasm for your side whenever they do this. 


  • We defrauded you, We did steal from you,


  • Your nose was being picked while We were


  • We stole from you while we were on our toes. 


  • Continue singing the subsequent lyrics to further irritate your opponent:


  • Yes, we did steal from you whereas you were still there.


  • Using a hairbrush, 


  • When we arrived, we snuck up on you,



Give Us Our Ball Back 

This shout can be used to express pride in the skill of your hitters. This song should be sung to encourage your batting squad to create quality ball contacts. 


  • Please return our ball. 


  • Claps repeatedly


  • We’ll cover everything.


  • Repeat the entire chorus one additional time after that.

Little League Softball Chants

Battle Battle, Smash It To the city of Seattle, and I’m Starting To See A Hole Ahead There are a few shouts for softball that are appropriate for 10-year-olds.

Seattle was hit by the battle in battle.

The batting side will be inspired to hit a fantastic home run by this chant. Making an amazing singer that travels far will be enjoyed by children. 


  • Leaving for Seattle, Battle Battle


  • Okay, moving on to the UK


  • Keep an eye on it as it leaves, 


  • From here to Tokyo

There Is A Hole There


This softball chant can inspire your team to play better in the game’s dying seconds and win. 


  • There is a hole there that I can clearly see. 


  • So, throw the ball there. Therefore, throw a big ball there.


  • Continue singing the next verses after this chorus:



  • So that we may rejoice! so that we can celebrate!

Lower Down, Near the Softball Cemetery


This cry will exalt your club’s prowess while also motivating the players to destroy the other teams. 


  • The softball cemetery down there


  • The opposing team will be buried there.  


  • 7 feet below, 6 feet wide.  


  • Add the following lyrics for contrasting your squad’s abilities to theirs:


  • We make a thunderous boom when we bat. 


  • You sound like lightning when you bat.  


  • To create a raucous chant, sing the following phrases after the ones above:


  • Rain, rain, and more rain!


  • We are the top team in the country.  


  • Country, country, nationwide!  


  • The entire country stands by our side of the bargain. NEVER YOURS!


In conclusion, the article has attempted to give you information aboutSOFTBALL CHANTS”. I hope the language in this post is clear and understandable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) What does the softball chant I heard mean?

Ans. I can see a hole in the ground! Hit the ball there, then! (echo) Therefore, throw the ball there! (echo) We may win this game if we do that!

Q2) Why do softball fans cheer? 

Ans. The majority of softball cheer players adore cheering. Players benefit from feeling encouraging of their team and fellow players. The dugout can generate energy thanks to it. It raises the intensity and mood during a softball game.

Q3) What is the term for a softball pitch?

Ans. In fastpitch softball chants, the following pitches are used most frequently: fastball, change-up, curveball, dropping ball, and rise ball. The drop screw, backdoor curve, drop curve, and drop screw are examples of additional pitches. Also crucial when pitching is the pitcher’s stance.


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