UFC Streaming Sites

UFC Streaming Sites

UFC streaming sitesIf you’re into mixed martial arts (MMA), the last thing you want is to miss out on your favourite UFC material because you need access to a reliable UFC free stream. For UFC fans who need more time access to their local TV stations or who can’t afford premium streaming platforms, free ufc streaming sites are a godsend.

Thanks to free streaming services, there is no need to worry about missing a UFC fight because of a lack of internet service. However, not all free options are created equal. Therefore, we’ve tested the reliability of dozens of free ufc streaming sites.

We landed on a total of 19 great choices for entertaining UFC programming. A virtual private network (VPN) may let you access content from anywhere worldwide and shield your device from the malware that might pop up on free websites.

Here’s a brief breakdown of what you can expect from the finest ufc streaming sites if you have less than five minutes to spare.

List of 19 Top Sites to Watch the UFC Online for Free

As previously said, we found that 19 of the available options for watching UFC fights were of high enough quality to recommend. The most salient facts about each location are included here.

Watch the UFC on YouTube

YouTube is well-known for its extensive library of media, which includes everything from TV series and films to music and podcasts to documentaries and even sporting events. The streaming service also allows individual channels to distribute their material without charging users. The UFC station is one of the few that is able to broadcast its programs online freely.

The finest free UFC content can be found on this channel. HD live ufc bout streaming sites may be seen there, along with other UFC-related content. You may catch up on the action whenever you like. During live events, you may also meet and talk to other people who share your passion for the UFC.

We advise subscribing to the UFC channel and activating the bell to ensure you never miss a live event. The disadvantage of watching UFC on YouTube is that you may be subjected to video advertisements if you are not subscribed to YouTube Premium.

Front Row Sports

Based on our study, FirstRowSports.com ranks among the top ufc streaming sites. It also has one of the most straightforward user interfaces here. The homepage allows you to quickly go to different athletic events, such as “BOXING,” “WWE,” and “UFC.”

You can also see a list of current ufc streaming sites on the site. For the record, FirstRow Sports does not provide live streaming services for any of their events. The website’s links will take you to other resources that provide your desired information.

In addition, there is no need to create an account to begin watching your favourite UFC events on this site. The website, however, has annoying movies and pop-up adverts that may lead you to malicious sites. Using a virtual private network (VPN) to encrypt your connection can keep your device secure while you watch sports online.


When you load the CrackStreams homepage, you can choose from various sports to watch, such as NBA, NFL, MLB, soccer, boxing, and UFC. With this user-friendly design, watching UFC fights live has never been simpler.

Choose the “MMA/UFC streams” button to see live events. To begin streaming, click the play button and choose the event you want to watch. There is a catch, however. Since CrackStreams has been prohibited in certain places, you may be unable to access the site from where you currently are. Fortunately, if you utilize a virtual private network (VPN), you can quickly get around this limitation.


Cricfree is an excellent alternative to other free ufc streaming sites if you do not care about how professional they seem. This website is not one of the more aesthetically beautiful choices, but it is pretty user-friendly. There is a frequently updated list of compatible partners on the homepage.

You may check the Cricfree site at any moment to see when your favourite events are scheduled to begin. You can watch tonight’s UFC event live online if you know where to look. Any function may be accessed simply by touching its title on the main page.

However, as is typical with free streaming services, annoying pop-up adverts may hinder your experience. A virtual private network (VPN) allows you to avoid harmful advertisements and access content anywhere.

Elite club

Who doesn’t like using a streamlined user interface? The VIP League has a simple site with prominently displayed links to the various sections. The ufc live stream is available via the “Other” option in the app’s main menu.

The most excellent aspect of the VIP League is that there are no commercial breaks throughout your streaming. The downside is that the VIP League has geographical limitations. However, using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) may easily bypass this limitation.

In the age of Fubo TV

One of the finest places to watch UFC fights online is on Fubo TV. It’s not the only place to watch sports, but if UFC is your thing, you won’t have to worry about missing any action. You’ll enjoy going back to Fubo TV since, besides having most of what MMA fans desire, its UI is well-organized and simple to use.

However, a membership fee is required to continue utilizing this UFC streaming site. However, new users may try out the service risk-free for 14 days. You’ll have access to the site’s best functions during the trial time. 

It’s important to note that certain areas do not have access to Fubo TV. Use a virtual private network (VPN) to access the site from a region where it is prohibited. 


VIPBox, like its namesake, VIP League, has a streamlined user interface. If you want to watch a fight without the UFC, you may do it more quickly on this site. There are links to MMA events hosted by UFC and other sports on the site.

You may also use the search function to locate your desired UFC fight. The assistance chat on VIPBox is even more outstanding since it provides instant responses to any questions or issues you may have. VIPBox, in contrast to VIP League, is plagued by annoying pop-up advertisements.


You can watch UFC events in high definition on BuffStreams without signing up for an account. The lack of annoying pop-up advertisements is what stands out about this service. At the same time, the availability of live streaming for other sports like football, soccer, baseball, and basketball is outstanding.

BuffStreams also has a straightforward, albeit unattractive, user interface. However, the site’s usability should override any concerns you may have about its visual design. BuffStreams’ primary drawback is relying on potentially risky and unreliable third-party sources to receive live feeds. 


Stream2Watch’s site neatly organizes sections for easy access. Searching for “MMA” yields several relevant results. When you choose this section, you will be sent to a website where you may watch streams of upcoming MMA fights.

This website also has links to live streaming of matches from significant networks, including ESPN, FOX, and EUROSPORT. Stream2Watch gives you access to these channels without requiring you to sign up for an account. The material is pirated, and there are too many advertisements.

If you want to avoid legal repercussions for downloading illegal information, a virtual private network (VPN) must be utilised. To get rid of advertising, download additional software if your VPN doesn’t already have one built in. 

Real-time broadcasts of soccer games

Live Soccer TV is a website that broadcasts several sports, not just soccer. Despite lacking a specific UFC live stream, it does feature live bouts on its front page. The site provides daily updates and future match schedules for your favourite UFC event.

To improve its use further, Live Soccer TV has a search bar that can be used to locate the live stream of UFC events. In addition to the match schedule, you can get the most recent news about UFC and other sports in the news area just under the match calendar.

Live Mixed Martial Arts Streams in 720p – 720pStream

With 720pStream, you’ll never have to miss another UFC fight again. It’s a search engine for sports related to cage fighting that you may use online. This website is accessible from any mobile or desktop web browser.

You may use 720pStream to look for the most recent UFC event without signing up for a new account or paying a membership price. You must visit the URL, choose “MMA” from the menu bar, and then select the desired UFC fight.

Regrettably, 720pStream doesn’t host its broadcasts, but at least customers won’t have to deal with annoying commercials. That implies a chance of being sent to malicious sites after clicking links. A virtual private network (VPN) with antivirus protection is valuable.


If you want to watch the UFC for free, StreamEast is another excellent option. While there is no cost to see your favourite MMA competitors in action, you must register for an account to watch a live stream of an event. After signing up for an account, the website’s straightforward layout makes it easy to locate the activity of your choice.

You may choose a variety of tabs at the top of the site, one of which is dedicated to MMA. Select “MMA” to watch the UFC for free in high definition. Not only is StreamEast free of dangerous pop-up adverts, but it also lacks unpleasant ones. However, there is a disadvantage. You’ll need one of the finest VPNs to get around StreamEast’s geo-blocking technology.


StreamGoTo provides the most significant free UFC stream among the most user-friendly services. There is no need to do time-consuming searches since all the relevant information is readily available on the main page. While the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) does not have its specific section on the site, it may be found under the “Boxing” section.

An upcoming UFC fight will be included under “Boxing” when it occurs. When appropriate, UFC events are also highlighted on the site match schedule. The “Watch” button is located in the upper right corner of each StreamGoTo event.

Selecting this link will take you straight to the live stream of the boxing match. The stream will start up fast, but you may have to endure a few pop-up commercials.

Sport on BT

When it comes to sports coverage in the UK, BT Sport is a significant player. As a result, you may use our website without concern about potentially harmful advertisements. You can watch MMA bouts for free, but you’ll need an account to watch UFC programming live.

Since BT Sport is headquartered in the United Kingdom, access to the site is restricted to residents of that country. You may bypass this limitation if you’re not currently located in the United Kingdom. To bypass these blocks, you may use a VPN service that gives you a UK IP address.


Footybite is a ufc streaming site that does not have a specific section for UFC events but does include them when they occur. Several current and forthcoming athletic events are highlighted on the webpage. When the time comes for your preferred UFC event, you can locate it here. To begin streaming, choose the “Watch” option on the far right of the screen.

In addition, the high-definition UFC video available on FootyBite adds to the fun. Even though there are no geographical constraints, you should still use a virtual private network (VPN). There are a lot of pop-up adverts, which are annoying and might potentially lead you to harmful websites.

Using a virtual private network (VPN) protects you against dangerous links in FootyBite’s pop-up advertising. It alerts you if you click on a malicious link.

MMA and UFC Streams

If you want to watch UFC bouts online, UFC/MMA Streams is an excellent site. The high-definition (HD) material it provides is a pleasure to consume. The user-friendliness of this site’s layout makes it a breeze to search for a particular event.

Events, both new and current, are often highlighted on the site. It’s important to note that UFC/MMA feeds do not actually host any of the feeds they provide. With the links going live an hour before the start of each bout, you’ll have plenty of time to set up everything you need for a trouble-free UFC streaming experience.

Channel SportLemons

The UFC content on SportLemons TV is accessible through a user-friendly interface. The most important sections are front and centre. You can find UFC under the “Boxing” section, but any newsworthy event will be front and centre on the homepage.

SportLemons TV features a clean interface; however, the constant pop-up commercials detract from the experience. 

Advice for a Risk-Free UFC Stream

People often like free options since they allow them to save money. However, there is always a catch to “free” offers in the real world. The same holds for UFC fights since UFC streaming sites typically pose security issues.

Here are some safety measures you may take if you really must utilize these free sites to watch UFC fights:

Get yourself a Virtual Private Network.

Because VPN is essential for protecting your online anonymity, we’ve discussed it a lot. Robust streaming VPNs may help you bypass geo-restrictions on material, and they can also protect your privacy by masking your IP address and encrypting your data.

Get yourself an ad-blocker.

As this study has shown, there is a common denominator across UFC streaming sites: an abundance of annoying pop-up adverts. These advertisements are not just a nuisance but also a potential security risk. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you equip your device with an ad blocker. As a result, you won’t have to worry about viruses or spyware when ufc streaming sites.

Put on some virus protection software.

Antivirus software is still necessary to safeguard your device from potentially harmful advertisements, even using a VPN. A reliable antivirus program will warn you before you click on a questionable link, lowering the chances that malware may infiltrate your machine.


The days of being limited to whichever cable network happened to carry UFC bouts are over. You can now watch your favorite MMA events live or on demand, but this premium viewing comes at a hefty price. Fortunately, free options are just as good, and we’ve analyzed the top ones in this post so you can watch UFC without spending a dime. The above-listed portion explains everything you should know about UFC stream free. 

To begin viewing some of these sites, you will need to sign up for an account, while on others, you may do so with only a few clicks. These free sites, however, are not without risk since they may include dangerous advertisements. Not all of these websites are accessible worldwide. We suggest using a VPN service, antivirus software, and an ad blocker to protect your privacy and access UFC content from anywhere in the world. 


Where can I watch free UFC bouts online?

Several sites, including the ones listed on this page, provide free live streams of UFC events. After extensive testing, we settled on 19 solutions we felt were reasonably safe bets.

How much does UFC cost to watch on cable?

Unfortunately, it won’t be accessible to watch UFC bouts on TV. The bouts are pay-per-view events in certain regions. Others show UFC fights on cable if you have one.

How can I safeguard my personal information while enjoying free UFC streaming sites?

Using a virtual private network (VPN) to conceal your online movements effectively protects your privacy. Suppose the VPN doesn’t include built-in malware protection and an ad-blocker. In that case, you need to install antivirus software and an ad-blocker to prohibit dangerous adverts from having any effect.


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