How to Play Kickball: Kickball Rules and Objectives

How to Play Kickball: Kickball Rules and Objectives

Kickball is an amazing and interesting sport which is popular worldwide. It is a mixture of three outstanding sports: softball, soccer or football, and baseball. Moreover, this game requires great energy and activeness, which will help you build good stamina in your body. Most of the elements in this game are inspired by baseball, or you can say that baseball is the backbone of this amazing sport. Although the kickball rules are easier than baseball. 


The stunning kickball game was invented in the United States of America during the early half of the twentieth century. Moreover, initially, this game was introduced to the school children in place of baseball, and then it got popularized all over the world. Many people are crazy over this interesting game, especially the youngsters. Nowadays, many leagues are getting organized to give hype to this game. 


Different names for kickball include:

  • Kick baseball, in the United States of America
  • Foot baseball (Balyagu), in South Korea
  • QuickBase, in Japan
  • Soccer Baseball, in Canada 


These were the different names that were used for this game earlier. However, currently, everyone knows this game by the name kickball name. Now you must be thinking about how to play a kickball game. Well here, this article will give you all the necessary information about the kickball game. Continue reading the article, so you don’t miss any kickball rules.


Objectives of the Game 

Before knowing how to play kickball, let’s have a look at the objective of the game. The kickball game’s main objective is very simple; one team that scores the most runs will win the game. There are two teams involved in this game and the team, with the highest score wins the match. 


In this game, every player kicks the ball, runs to all the bases, and scores a team point. When no longer kicking, the opposing crew attempts to save you opposition players scoring runs and get them out by way of catching the ball or being pressured out, for example. Despite this, there is no other important activity you have to do in the game. Moreover, this game has some overriding objects also other than the baseball game. Because of these reasons, this game is popular among youngsters. 


Player and Equipment

In order to understand how to play kickball, it is essential to understand the equipment used in this game. Unofficially any number of players can play in this game. If you are playing at home, you can play without kickball rules, and any number of players are allowed. However, generally, the playing team should have a minimum of 5 members, and the maximum can be 15 members. 


According to the World Adult Kickball Association, it is considered that the team can have players between 8 to 11. In the big champion leagues, only 11 players can play at once. Ideally, kickball should be played on the softball ground because it is the perfect place. Otherwise, any surface ground which has four bases in a diamond shape can be used. 


The stripes should be pitched in a straight direction for better vision, and also the boundary lines should be marked clearly. If we talk about the equipment, the ball is the only important equipment needed in the game. Moreover, the ball is made up of rubber, and its circumference is between 8 and 16 inches. These are the only ground and equipment requirements for the interesting kickball game.



The scoring is simple, like the kickball rules. Scoring is common as the other games, and it is based on the number of runs you scored. When a player scores the run properly by reaching the home plate before the inning end time, it is counted as a scoring sheet. 


However, if the ball is kicked by a player and reaches the outfield boundary, then the runner who kicked the ball ( anyone from both sides) runs against the home plate to score the runs. 


Winning the Game 

Both the teams get an equal chance to play their innings. A particular time is there for the innings, and the team with the highest runs will win the match. This criteria is used to decide the winning team. 


If there is a tie game, then the World Adult Kickball Association has made an ‘accuracy kick’ competition to decide the winner. This accuracy kick procedure involves one best player from both teams. Moreover, each player has to kick towards the second base from the home plate, and the one who kicks the ball closest to the point their team will become the winner. 


Kickball Rules 

Kickball is a simple game with basic rules and regulations. So here is the list of all kickball rules. 


  • Kickball does not require a specific playground. It can be played on a ground surface that has four bases. Generally, the softball ground is the suitable place for this game. 


  • Officially there are six innings in the game. In Kickball tournaments, a total of 6 innings have been played between teams. However, if you are playing it for fun, you can have your number of innings. The agreed innings between the team can be your game innings. It may be 3 or 4 also but not less than three innings. 


  • Kickballs are the main equipment of the game, and this ball is made up of inflated rubber. Moreover, you can purchase your preferable size as there are many varieties of balls on the market. 


  • This game is like baseball, but there are no strikeouts and stealing. This game has its simple objective, which is mentioned earlier. 


  • A player can get out from the game if:


  • The opponent team member catches the ball
  • Opponent team member tagged them
  • The opposing team member tires to force you at the base


  • The player has to safely reach the home plate before the innings ends to score one complete run. 


Final Words

Kickball is one of the best ball games. You have to be active and fit to play this game, and if you are not, then start playing this game. It will improve your physical strength and stamina. Now you know all the kickball rules and objectives, you can start playing this amazing game in your garden also. Leave a valuable comment if you find this article informative and share your reviews about this game with us. 



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