BUSCH STADIUM BAG POLICYAccording to the 2023 Busch Stadium Bag Policy, only wristlets, clutches, and healthcare bags that are no bigger than 6″ x 8″ are permitted. Also permitted are diaper bags.

The Busch Stadium Bag Policy in Missouri’s St. Louis serves as the St. Louis Cardinals’ home field. Construction on the stadium began on January 17, 2004, and it was dedicated to fans of the MLB on April 10, 2006. 

HOK Sports was the principal architect, and Claycorp was the project manager for the 365 million USD ($490 million in the year  2021) construction project. Bliss & Nyitray, Inc. was also given the responsibility of structural engineer. 

Contrary to Minute Maid Park and the Yankees’, the Cardinals own the stadium. Anheuser Busch, a brewer, paid for the naming rights in 2004, and the agreement is valid until 2024. 

The ballpark boasts a 45,494-seat capacity and has hosted other sports like hockey and soccer. It also hosts musical performances.

2023 Bag Rules

According to Busch Stadium bag policy regulations, bags must be larger than 10″ x 8″ x 10″. 

The clear bag rules at Busch Stadium bag policy stipulate that you may bring certain plastic objects, but they must not exceed 10″ x 8″ x 10″. It is advised that travellers bring only a few bags and leave their backpacks at home. 

The bag regulations do have a few exceptions, though. If you are carrying a baby, diaper bags are going to be permitted access. Likewise, enterable pouches for medical supplies include oxygen, insulin, etc. Wristlets and clutches are also permitted, although they shouldn’t be larger than 6″ x 8″. 

Note that visitors are permitted to carry soft-sided coolers throughout the ballpark. No matter the size, hard-sided & Styrofoam variants are expressly forbidden. Additionally, the soft coolers’ hard-sided inserts need to be removed. 

The Ballpark’s Security Procedures

On their initial visit to the stadium, visitors are asked to enter a machine that detects metal for examination. 

If guests must re-enter, they must display their tickets and hand-stamps and go through the metal detector again. The first or fourth gates will be used to receive everything. 

The right to bag and person inspection by security personnel. If they think a person or something is questionable, they can also do more investigation.

The park offers a storage place named the St. Louis baggage storage in which you can leave your belongings while watching the game and other events, which is wonderful news for visitors who forget to bring their larger bags. 

In addition, there are just 700 car parking spaces, so those who arrive late might have to cope with suburban parking issues. If St. Louis locker fills up, you can also contact storage companies like Luggage Hero. 

Items Not Covered by Busch Regulation

Beach balls & containers made of aluminium are among the objects that are not allowed inside the stadium. 

Enthusiastic guests who want to bring along banners to show their devotion to their chosen team are not restricted in any way. However, these advertising banners must not annoy other visitors with defamatory or irrelevant content. Security will take such banners away right away.

Every visitor must adhere to a stringent code of behaviour at all times. Fighting, mocking, making lewd gestures, and speaking disparagingly are not permitted. Excluding others from enjoying views is forbidden, and attendees should only take up the designated seating on their tickets. 

Here is a list of some things that are not allowed inside Busch Stadium bag policy:


  • Drones


  • Chairs and various types of seating


  • Containers made of glass, metal, aerosol bottles, and flasks


  • Luggage


  • (Except for use with medical face masks) Face paint, costumes, and masks


  • Weapons


  • Brooms, flagpoles, and PVC pipe


  • Balloons and beach balls


  • Laser pens


  • Animals, excluding visitors with disabilities


  • Alcoholic drink


  • Wrapped Boxes


  • Hoverboards & skateboards

Regarding Food

According to the food and beverage policy at Busch Stadium bag policy, fans are allowed to bring their own food.

However, an opaque bag that suits the measurements must be brought with the food. The park’s staff advises against bringing foods like apples or mangoes, whose portions are frequently thrown away. 

However, outside food is not permitted within the baseball team’s clubs. Join the VIP clubs for fantastic lounges, delectable cuisine, and a superior viewing experience. Cardinals Kids Club and CommunityAmerica Cardinals Club are two clubs you might be interested in joining.

Water bottles not factory-closed and constructed of clear plastic are not permitted inside the park. The maximum capacity of these bottles is two litres. Other non-alcoholic beverages fall under the same restriction. 

Options For Food Inside The Stadium

Two restaurants inside Busch Stadium bag policy serve food: Gashouse Grill & Dizzy’s Diner. 

The stadium has a Gas House Grill, where you may choose from various menu items such as burgers with cheese, French fries, chicken wicker baskets & hot dogs. Customers can also get gluten-free Nachos from them. 

Dizzy’s Diner offers a variety of options, including mega-sliced pizza, peanuts, and standard nachos menus. Nona’s Italian Beef provides their famous beef sandwich with onions, peppers, beer, and various soft beverages. 

The delectable cuisine of Redbird Carvery includes home-cooked, freshly sliced meats along with fresh chips made from potatoes, salads, & buns. The Topp Dogg, on the other hand, offers a variety of deluxe and gigantic sausages stuffed with coleslaw, salsa de gallo, plus diced onions.


  • Gashouse Grill: Section 233, 150, 154, 146, and 132


  • 132 Section of Topp Dog


  • 440 and 151 of Nona’s Italian Beef


  • 148 Section of Redbird Carvery


  • Sections 452 and 151 of El Birdos Nachos.


  • Section 101 of Plaza Grill


  • 139, 446, and 161 of Dizzy’s Diner


  • Area 271 of the Bowtie Grill


  • Budweiser Burger Bar, Section 432


  • Sections 248 of RBC Pretzelry


  • Chapter 147 of Kohn’s


  • 108 Section of Broadway Market


  • The 358 and 135 sections of Dual Play Tap and Grill


  • 145 Section of Dinger’s Donuts

Restaurants Close to the Ballpark

The Cardinals Nation & Clark Street Grill are two restaurants close to Busch Stadium bag policy. 

The Clark Street Grill, which is 0.1 kilometres from the Busch, is open daily but has different Saturday and Sunday hours. French toast, Chilean sea bass, and a SuperFoods choice are all featured on a fantastic menu. Additionally, the food selection will only be available until 11 p.m. 

A four-story structure called Cardinals Nation houses the team’s Hall of Fame Museum and a two-story area designated for dining. Delicious entrees including chicken wings, pickles fries, or nonna’s toasted ravioli, are offered at the eatery. 

Athletics & Social: Just 0.1 miles from the ballpark, another neighbourhood pub, is St. Louis. The pub serves taco Tuesdays, seltzer buckets, avocado toasts, and margarita beverages. Watching highlights from games using Shuffleboard & Seeball is possible with LED TV capabilities. 


Here is a list of restaurants you may eat at close to Busch Stadium bag policy: 


  • St. Louis Sports and Social


  • Cardinals Country


  • Grill on Clark Street


  • Brew House Budweiser


  • In the Midwest


  • Sixty three


  • Restaurant Carmine’s


  • Theatre Oyster Bar


The following list includes hotels close to Busch Stadium bag policy that you are able to visit prior to or following the game:


  • Drury Plaza Hotel by the Arch in St. Louis


  • St. Louis’ Magnolia Hotel


  • St. Louis’ Westin


  • The Ballpark Hilton in St. Louis


  • The Final Hotel


  • Inn at Saint Louis


  • Hotel Hyatt Regencies at The Arch

Policy on Bags at Busch Stadium 

According to the purse regulations for Busch Stadium bag policy, visitors may bring this item with them, but it must be examined before a pass is issued. 

Since some female guests depend on their purses, the stadium hasn’t placed any limitations on them. However, these goods need to fit below the dimensions of 10″ x 8″ x 10″. 

The Busch Stadium bag policy also advises visitors to travel light and bring few belongings. They disapprove of any loud objects, such as air horns & whistles. Parents and kids can use the nursing rooms. 

Camera policy at Busch Stadium

At Busch Ballpark, visitors are permitted to bring their own cameras. 

The park does, however, have limitations, such as the lens of the camera must be longer beyond the body. The introduction of commercial cameras, including backpack models, is also absolutely prohibited.

Monopods & tripods for cameras shouldn’t be brought with guests. Video recording equipment will not be permitted, and it is not feasible to capture anything without the Cardinals’ consent without risking a copyright violation.  

Additionally, these gadgets shouldn’t interfere with another person’s enjoyment. The Cardinals are within their rights to request that visitors put their electronic gadgets away. 


In conclusion, the article has attempted to explainBUSCH STADIUM BAG POLICY ”. I hope the language in this post is clear and understandable.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Is Busch Stadium a cashless facility?

Ans. Busch Stadium accepts only cashless payments for purchasing food and other items from the kiosks, shops, and concession stands. The park provides free credit and debit card services to visitors.

Q2) What is permitted inside Busch Stadium?

Ans. You may bring bags 10″ x 8″ x 10″ in size. Strollers, diaper packs, medical supplies, mugs, and empty glasses are also permitted inside.

Additionally, you can bring outside food, water, and non-alcoholic beverages in unopened plastic containers no larger than two litres in volume.


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