Concert Seating Charts and Views at Wrigley Field

Concert Seating Charts and Views at Wrigley Field

Wrigley field seating chartThe Club Box between the dugouts at Wrigley Field has the best view of the field for concerts. There is a good seat in the house, not even behind the Bullpen or the Dugout Box.

Since April 20, 1916, the Cubs have played all of their MLB games at this stadium. The record attendance at the stadium is 47,171, much beyond the statutory capacity of 41,649. Many people get curious about the wrigley field seating chart as it is one of the most excellent venues for many events. 

The stadium, formerly named Weeghman Park, was built in 1914 by Charles Weeghman. Later, in 1916, he and William Wrigley Jr. acquired the Chicago Cubs. After completing the acquisition, he spent little time relocating the Cubs from West Side Park to his new stadium. Guaranteed Rate Field, home of the Chicago White Sox, is Chicago’s second-biggest baseball stadium. 

One of the latest sellouts at the Cubs’ ballpark was Bruce Springsteen’s Wrigley Field 2023 concert on August 9 and 11. Concerts by the Jonas Brothers and Guns N’ Roses aren’t the only upcoming shows this month. In detail, let’s discuss everything you should know about the wrigley field seating chart

Top Concert Viewing Areas At Wrigley Field

The Field Box, Upper Box, Terrace Reserved, and Upper Reserved sections of Wrigley Field are where to be for a performance. Guests may use the wrigley field seating chart map to choose the best seats for the show. 

Seats in the upper deck and on the terraces behind the outfield and infield provide spectators with a bird’s eye view of the action. Because they are up high, they experience less noise and disruption from foot traffic. 

The Terrace and the Upper Box have a few trouble spots due to central support pillars. They may be pretty annoying at tense moments in a game or performance. No one would want a massive column blocking their view of the pitch since it would interfere with their ability to enjoy the show peacefully. A note of unclear vision is included on each ticket so that this problem may be prevented in advance. 

Tickets in the premium section start at $230, while VIP packages go from $250 to $4,500. The most costly option, these tickets include a gift bag and official tour VIP merchandise as part of the Ultimate Front Row Experience.

The iconic rock band Guns N’ Roses, stops in Chicago on their current tour of stadiums and festivals nationwide. As you read, just a few tickets remain for their next show at the official Chicago Cubs stadium. 

If you’re a fan of classic-era ’80s rock, you won’t miss this chance to see Guns N’ Roses play their most beloved songs. The finest of their songs are “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” “November Rain,” and “Welcome to the Jungle,” to name just a few.

Wrigley Field Jonas Brothers Show 2023

On August 25, 2023, at 7:30 p.m., the Jonas Brothers will perform at Wrigley Field—tickets for Vivid range in price from $66 to $4,217.

The lower-row suite packages range from $3,375 to $4,217 for two tickets. Joe, Nick, and Kevin Jonas, the renowned Jonas brothers, are currently on the road for 35 stadium shows. On the final Friday of August 2023, they plan to arrive at Cubs Stadium. Given that it is a Friday night performance, there may be a fireworks display after the act. 

According to information leaked about the concert, the band would play five albums in their entirety each night of the tour. May 12, 2023, marked the beginning of ticket sales, and as of August 17, 2023, they could still be purchased.


What makes Wrigley Field so unique?

The National League’s Wrigley Field is the oldest active stadium in the United States. Wrigley Field was the home of the Chicago Bears from 1921 until 1970. When night baseball was finally brought to Wrigley Field in 1988, it was the last of the big league parks to have lights installed.

How many balls have been hit out of Wrigley Field?

There have been 6,905 home runs in the big leagues at Wrigley Field. On April 23, 1914, Art Wilson hit the first home run while playing for the Chicago Whales of the Federal League. In the second inning, with a player on base, Wilson hit off George (Chief) Wilson of Kansas City, blasting the ball over the left-field wall.

Precisely what is it about Wrigley Field that attracts so many fans

Modern Cubs supporters like the cozy atmosphere of Wrigley Field. Only Boston’s Fenway Park is older than the other big league venues. The ivy-covered brick wall in the outfield and the famous marquee above the main entrance are two of the most popular features among ticket buyers.


The sections and locations of the stadium are used to create a seat numbering system for concerts at Wrigley Field. Seats with lower numbers are located closer to the action.

The Chicago Cubs’ Wrigley Field is a popular concert venue and Major League Baseball (MLB) home field. Field boxes are an extra wrigley field seating chart option for these events. They sit just in front of the stage to see the performances up close. 

Tickets in the upper levels of the stadium provide access to the wrigley field seating chart in sections exceeding 400. Upper Deck outfield refers to the highest level. Summer concerts at Wrigley Field 2023 kicked up on May 13 with a performance by Chase Rice outside the field. In a similar vein, the Jonas Brothers concert will be the last musical performance of the year at the stadium. 




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