Skateboarder Workout Routine

 Skateboarder Workout Routine

 Skateboarder Workout Routine: It is essential to follow a proper workout routine that strengthens the muscles in order to improve performance in skating. Skateboarding primarily requires a strong lower body to manage the board as you perform tricks and ride and a strong core to balance the skateboard. 

In order to be faster, stronger, and a stable skater, you need to work out properly and build muscles. Exercising can help you in becoming a strong and powerful skateboarder. Here are some skater’s exercises and skateboard exercises for beginners. 

Leg Press


leg press


The leg press is an important part of the workout to improve the strength of your legs, which provides you more stamina for skating. It is an essential skaters exercise. 

The leg press machine is needed for leg presses. Sit in the machine and then put your feet on the footplate while managing a shoulder-width distance. Adjust the plates in the machine in a manner that your knees can bend at an angle of approximately 90-degrees. Initially set the weight at around 10 or 20 pounds. Then push the footplate with your leg and straighten them. Keep in mind not to lock your knees. After some time, increase the weight and repeat it. 

Leg Extensions


leg extensions


You need to go to the gym for this exercise as you would need a machine. 

For this exercise, sit at the seat in the machine and then put your ankles behind the pads and lock them. In this exercise, you need to kick your feet upwards until your legs come in a straight position. Initially, do it with less weight and then increase the weight accordingly. Work with less weight until you get an idea of how much you need to do. You should aim for completing 3 sets, including 15 repetitions.

If your aim is to build strength, then you should aim for doing the exercise with a higher weight and lesser repetitions. 

Calf Raises


skaters exercise


Calves are the muscles that are present underneath your knees, on the back portion of your legs.

In order to do this exercise, find a block of wood and then stand with toes on the edge and manage to keep the heels of your feet hanging over the side. Try to raise your body up on your toes and then slowly lower down your body until your heels hang down. You need to do this 10 to 15 times and then take the rest of the minutes so that you can do it again. You should complete three sets in total. 



skaters exercise


Skaters should follow an effective floor workout routine. Many people avoid the abs exercise; however, if you really want to build stamina and strength for skateboarding, then you should do crunches. They are an important part of the skateboard workout. This exercise will help you in developing the core strength required for skateboarding. 

In order to crunches, lay on the floor on your back, bend your knees while putting your hands behind your head. Then pull up your feet and hand, try to touch your elbows to your knees and then relax. Do this at least 15 to 20 times, then take some rest so that you can do it again. DO at least two sets of this exercise.





After completing the workout, stretching is necessary. It will help you in avoiding strain caused due to skating and weight lifting. Stretch each part of your body and hold the stretch for around 30 seconds. It will help in managing wellness and strength. 

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