Longboard VS. Skateboard

Longboard VS. Skateboard

Are you confused on which one to purchase between a longboard vs. a skateboard? Do not worry; we have got you covered.

For a beginner, a skateboard and longboard may look the same, but once you dive deep, you will know that both of them have some major differences. The type of board you choose depends on a lot of factors, and it can make a major difference in your riding experience. 

 Here we have a complete guide on the difference between a longboard and a skateboard. Let’s find out which one is better for you.

Difference Between a Longboard and a Skateboard

Here are some of the major differences between a longboard and a skateboard to help you pick the right one.

Shape and Size

When comparing longboard vs. skateboard, you will notice the former has a flat nose and tail. Whereas on a skateboard, the nose and tail have a curve which makes it easier to perform tricks and flips. 

Also, the length of the longboard is more in comparison to a skateboard. They can be as long as 59 inches, while a skateboard will not be longer than 36 inches. This is where it can get confusing; longboards are also available in 28 inches long format. 

If the length of the board trip always remembers one main difference between the two, the longboard is always on the flatter side, and the skateboard has curves. So if you spot a flat and shortboard, it is most probably a longboard. 

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Deck Flexibility

If you are a new skater, you should know that the deck is the main base of any board. If your main goal is to perform tricks, you will need a thinner bard so it can flex. 

The flex of any board is its stiffness.

You do not want the flex of your board to be soft until and unless you plan on engaging in mellow cruising. For performing tricks, you need to buy a longboard with soft or medium flexibility because it offers stability and gives a spring-like feel, making it easier to jump.

Most longboards are built to achieve higher speed when you go downhill. To keep yourself steady, a longboard needs to have a thickened deck with low flex to provide maximum support.

Trucks and Wheels

Both skateboards and longboards come with wheels attached, and the base that attaches them is known as the truck. It looks and works differently for both longboard vs. skateboard. 

On a skateboard, the truck is rigid and narrow, which makes it easy to grind and perform tricks. Also, there are of the same size as the maximum width of a skateboard’s deck. 

The difference between a longboard and a skateboard is that the longboard has a more flexible truck which makes you enjoy a smoother ride. It is perfect for people who like to race downhill or go cruising for longer distances. Longboard also has a wider truck vs. the skateboard. 

When comparing a longboard vs. a skateboard, the wheels of the former are bigger and softer. Skateboarding has small and hard wheels, which makes it easy to shred ledges, rails, and gaps. 

If you want to go cruising on your board, soft wheels will allow a smoother ride and also more coordination.


If you aim to learn more tricks and become an expert but never have you ever laid a foot on a skateboard, you should always start with a longboard first. These are more large and stable, which makes it easier to maintain a balance. Once you become more confident on a longboard, then you can transition to skateboard and also learn to balance yourself on small boards. 

Speed and Tricks

If you are having a difficult time choosing the right bard for you, always ask yourself a question- why do you want to ride? 

A skateboard is perfect for riders who:

  • Grind rails
  • Want to learn more tricks
  • Skate on mini ramps
  • Master the kickflip
  • Conque ollies

A longboard is perfect for a rider who:

  • Cruises with friends
  • Bombing hill
  • Enjoy a more stable riding experience
  • Rides board to the beach
  • Use it to god about the town.

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Longboard Vs. Skateboard- Pros and Cons

Here are some pros and cons of both longboard and skateboard. Let’s see who wins the fight of longboard vs. skateboard

Longboard Pros

Longboards are a perfect pick for cruising with minimal effort. You can easily balance yourself on a longboard and will not have to worry about hitting small rocks and objects. These are a great option for beginners. 

Compared to skateboards, longboards last longer. All you will have to do is replace the wheels so they will keep on working as new for years to come.

Longboard Cons

Longboards can be expensive if you wish to buy good quality ones with decent wheels. These are also bulky and can be a little annoying to carry around. Traveling with them is a hassle. You can perform tricks on a longboard, but it is somehow limited as compared to a regular skateboard.

Skateboard Pros

Skateboards are easier to carry around and can also be strapped on a backpack, and even airlines allow you to carry them. It is very satisfying to perform landing tricks and flaunt in front of your skater friends. 

These are agile and are built for impacts that will change the way you see the world around you. Skateboards are cheaper compared to a longboard and are also more popular.

There are many facilities and parks for skateboarders, and after years of decline, they are once again gaining popularity. 

Skateboard Cons

Skateboarding needs a lot of commitment and dedication. If you skip the basic steps, there is a risk of serious injury. Skateboarding might be cheap, but when you regularly ride these and perform tricks, these can be a little more expensive in the long run. Decks, shoes, and wheels need to be replaced regularly, depending on how often and where you skate. 

Transition skateboarding is less demanding when considering the wear and tear of equipment and also your body. Skateboards are not good for riding long distances because of their hard wheels. They can feel uncomfortable on rough roads, which require a lot of pushing to maintain the speed. When considering carving, you should forget about it. 

What They Have in Common?

Both skateboard and longboards have a creative and fun share of their subcultures, and both have walked all kings of life and experienced a lot of passion. These are great for starting a new conversation and making new friends, even though it can be an individualistic sport. People love to share tips and help others to become better skaters as well. 

When comparing the similarity between the two, both the boards have wheels, trucks, bearings, decks, and some parts are interchangeable. You can even replace your regular skateboard wheels with longboard wheels to enjoy cruising. 

You will often see skateboards and longboards share the same passion of people with boardsports like surfing, snowboarding, and wakeboarding. 

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Final Words:

If you like to cruise around with friends or race with them, you should pick up your longboard and get going. If you wish to explore some legendary skate parks, then take your skateboard out of the house right now. 

If you are new to skateboarding, you should learn to balance and ride the longboard then you can try your hands on skateboarding. Once you get used to it, you can start showing off your tricks and beating your friends at downhill races.


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