Best Longboard Wheels For A Smooth Ride

Best Longboard Wheels For A Smooth Ride

Spending a good time riding your longboard means you ride smoothly. A smooth ride means that all the components of your longboard are in excellent condition and wheels are one of the crucial components of all. This is why here we are with a list of the best longboard wheels.

Every rider knows that wheels are the key to smooth and stable rolling and doing tricks. Considering different longboards ad requirements, we have put together a list of different types of wheels. Each wheel has a different feature which makes it better than the others.

Let’s find the right longboard wheels for you. 

Best Longboard Wheels:

Here is a list of our favorite picks for the best longboard wheels available out there. 

Shark Wheel Sidewinder 70mm 78a 

Compared to any regular longboard wheels, the Shark wheel is much better and undoubtedly the best for giving control and grip. These are designed especially for longboards to prevent any loose attachment, which is the common reason for longboarding accidents. These are also the best cruiser wheels and craving wheels for longboard and skateboard.

Each wheel comes with a sine wave to offer more grip. To be more specific, these have three lips that provide the best lateral grip. All these four wheels work together to retain the balance when you slide because of the smooth recovery and breakaway. 

All thanks to its Sidewinder technology, the product gives a high level of traction and also maintains it no matter where you go. It can easily handle different types of surfaces, even on water, rock, and sand. 

Despite their excellent grip, these longboard wheels can reduce friction when in direct contact with the ground. This mainly happens because of the wide structure and the wavy pattern for thin area contact. This helps to give you a smoother and faster ride.

The best thing is these are available in various colors to match your blasting personality. Sidewinder has innovative, unique, and effective features, which is why these longboard skateboard wheels were even featured on the Discovery channel’s “Shark Tank” show. 

Orangatang Caguama 85 mm

Orangatang is another one of the best wheel brands for longboards. These longboard wheels are known for smoothness and size, measuring 855 m. They will help to improve the momentum when you are commuting, pump, carving, or cruising. Loaded with speed rings, V2 bearings, and spacers, these are the best wheels for an electric longboard. 

The wheels have a delicate round edge that helps maintain the longboard’s speed even when there are cracks or sticks on the ground. The 46-millimeter core is exposed to minimize the weight and also maintain easy acceleration without losing momentum. 

Let’sLet’s come down to the material used to make these wheels. Made of Urethane, the wheels are smooth and swift, offering a steady grip. Urethane is heat resistant which comes in handy when you go out and about during hot summer days. 

Do not worry about wheel hardness. You can pick from three durometers that the manufacturer provides. The blue one comes in 77a, the orange one comes in 80a and the purple for 83a. You always have the freedom to pick a soft or wheel type as you prefer. 

Seismic Speed Vent

If you are not a fan of simple cruising, Seismic speed vent longboard wheels are the best. For a faster longboard to go downhill, racing these wheels are all you need. 

This is the best of all longboard and skateboard wheel brands out there for fast speed. It is perfect for cutting long-distance rides into a short ones. On the first try, these will give you a strong grip. With practice, once you get a hold of them, you will be able to glide easily and drift across in a precise way.

The wheels are available in three different formulas to pick one each for drifting, sliding, and gripping. 

The BalcOps have a high speed with a strong grip; however, it doesn’t slide smoothly. Meanwhile, you can get DefCon for high speed paired with great drift and slide. You will be able to control its grip, which will make the motions a lot smoother. These will last you super long. The last one is Clean, which offers more rebound and rolls in the fastest way possible. 

Orangatang Kegel 80 mm Downhill

If you are a rider who is looking for the best downhill longboard wheels, try Orangatang Kegel 80mm. These wheels are made to offer excellent grip and acceleration. It can amp your weekly workout, and you will be able to achieve your fitness goals faster. 

These have eight different pieces loaded with Jehu V2 bearings, and they use the same bearing as the other models on this brand. However, they have large inner raceways.

This one also uses the same material as the other products from an orangatan. They contain Urethane for added smoothness and grip and have a 46-millimeter core. Meanwhile, these have square lips to increase the grip and maintain smooth slides. The outer lipsticks have a straight profile and aim to keep the quality consistent even when the wheels start to wear down. Also, these wheels are great control drifts. 

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Orangatang in Heat 75 mm Downhill

If versatility is more important to you, then Orangatang 75 mm is perfect for you. Whether you are pumping, pushing, downhill racing, or carving, you will not face difficulty with these. This is the biggest advantage of the 75-millimeter wheel type.

Like the Orangatang Kegel, these wheels have square lips. The goal of these wheels is better traction, slides, and grips. For advanced rebound, it has Urethane with a rippled pattern. Instead of using three durometers, the longboard wheels are available in four different options.

Fireball Beast 76mm Wheels with Bearings

One of the best and most common materials used in the longboard wheels is Urethane. However, these Fireball Beast Urethane has a unique material design for the best grip. 

Considering the best slide, these wheels use a technology known as SidePrepped and are exclusive to fireball wheels. This is why you can use wheels for sliding when you attach the brand-new set to the longboard.

Additionally, the sharp bevels also help in smooth slides. This is one of the reasons why the wheels can handle obstacles and cracks. One plus of these wheels is that they are attractive, which makes them look trendy and design. 

For durometers, longboard wheels have three different categories. White wheels have an 81 rating, Red wheels with 84a, and a black version for hard variations. The size of the wheels is 76 millimeters, and these can roll fast without resistance. 

Orangatang Stimulus 70 mm Freeride

Another very versatile longboard wheels are Stimulus 70 mm from Orangatang. These are effective medium-sized wheels perfect for freeriding and performing tricks on the longboard. These are loaded with Jehu V2 bearings. This model from the brand has integrated spacers and speed rings. 

One biggest plus with 70 mm wheels is the lightweight build which makes them stunning to perform tricks. As we know, light wheels can become a little flimsy; the diameter helps to support acceleration and minimize the vibration when you roll over gravel and other debris. 

These are the best longboard wheels to perform like a true rider doing drift; these are a combination of innovative features. 

Orangatang 4President 70mm Cruising

If you are in search of longboard wheels that are designed for carving and racing, then Orangatang 4 President 70mm Cruising wheels are the appropriate choice. It is versatile because of the traction it offers. The wheels are highly effective for cruising, commuting, and pumping. 

The range is loaded with Jehu V2 bearing, spacer, and speed rings. These wheels promote constant acceleration when you do carving. But do you know why these longboard wheels are superior to other models? These have angled edges which help to make hard carves and downhill rides safely. 

The lip profile of these wheels also deserves praise. Thick and sturdy built is great for hassle-free drifting for sideways kicks. 

FREE DARE 70mmWheels with ABEC-7 Bearings and Spacers

No, we are not still finished with 70-millimeter wheels. Why have some more options for you? These ones are from Freeware 70mm wheels which are one of the best brands. 

The wheels feature ABEC-7 spacers and bearings, which are attached to them carefully. ABEC (Annular Bearing Engineering Committee) is a big deal. The logic behind these wheels is the higher ABEC rating which makes the precision and efficiency even better. 

These wheels are specially made for professional riders who go on different terrains. It is right for urban skating as well as even in parks. In case of big debris and pebbles on roads, the polyurethane material will make the rides even smoother, and you will be able to go faster without losing comfort or balance. 

When keeping the external design in consideration, the wheels look pretty simple and ready for customization. They look like a blank canvas. 

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70mm Wheels + ABEC 7 Bearings Spacers

With various free ABEC-7 bearings and spacers, these 70mm longboard wheels are best for long-term use. These come with eight bearings and four spacers and work outstanding as cruising wheels. 

Another advantage of having extra spacers and bearings is that you will have an enjoyable ride. As long as both these components work together, your moment will not be ruined by any annoying sounds. 

The bearing comes slightly greased when the first time you will open the products; this helps in preventing rust in case you expose them to any moisture during the rides. 

The longboard wheels have powerful performance even on rough pavements. They are soft and big and perfect for absorbing the pebble blow when you are riding fast. No wonder these are the safest option for beginners.

As we know, the appearance of a longboard also holds its place for some of the riders; this product is available in various colors. All the colors are eye-catching and compliment-worthy. 

Bigfoot Longboard Wheels Mountain Cruisers

Bigfoot is one of the best brands with 76mm 80A wheels when it comes to the best hard longboard or skateboard wheels. These remain stable even when you go very fast to maintain the grip.

These longboard wheels are reliable when you pass a corner or take a turn. These have a better grip because of their offset core. The best thing is these wheels are predictable, which helps you control the slides perfectly. 

Now let’s consider the speed. When you go from one place to another, these wheels make it very easy. You can easily and effortlessly dodge the rocky areas and even go smoothly in crowded places with the help of consistent grip despite the dynamic motions. 

Although you cannot do professional slides with these wheels, the grip is good for downhill riding, and cruising is on the next level. You will be surprised to see the affordable pricing of this one. 

Final Words:

When making a purchase for the best longboard and skateboard wheels, you should always consider different factors like size, speed, durometer, lip, contact patch, and core as they vary from model to model and brands to brands. 

Before buying, make sure that the particular wheels fit your longboards and suit your riding style too. Problems like chipped sections, wheelbase, and lack of control are quite common, and you wouldn’t want to waste your money on something you won’t be able to use. 


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