A Guide to the Poker Betting Basics

A Guide to the Poker Betting Basics

If you are new to Poker, it is possible that you don’t know the terms that are used to play in Poker. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t learn these terms. In this basic poker guide, we will brief you with the terms that should know before you start playing Poker and make yourself perfect

Poker is an interesting game and has lots of part of it. In order to play the poker game with your friends and family, you just need to know how to play this and make yourself understand the various terms, options, and structures that you should know.  

In Poker you have to master these four different parts of poker game, starting Betting: Blinds and Antes; Betting Options: Raise, Call, Check; Structures of Betting: Fixed-Limit, Spread-Limit; No-Limit, Pot-Limit; and Betting Terms: Bump, Limp, Stack.

First, players have to put money in the pot before they start dealing. This is because to make sure that every player must have some value at stake before any player began to deal with the first card. 

Poker Betting terms

Poker Betting Terms

What do Antes mean In Poker? 

To start the game, every player has to put some money that is predetermined into the pot before even starting the game. The ante is basically a bet in a smaller amount of size. If you are playing a nickel-dime-quarter poker, then the amount may be a nickel. Also, one thing to remember that the ante of the player who started is not considered as a bet. It is done to start the game and get some amount in a pot to began Poker. 

What Blinds Mean In Poker? 

Blind is the different way to begin the Poker, and players have to begin action rolling by putting the forced bet before any player starts dealing. This forced bet is called blind because players have to put a bet even without seeing their cards, which means you are putting bet before seeing cards or can say blind. 

To start the game with blinds, the most common is the left side player to the dealer who began to put blinds. The first player left to the dealer put a small bet that is also called “little blind,” and the second player left to the dealer put a little higher bet that is called “big blind.” Same as ante, the amount of bet is already determined even before the game begins. The big blind is determined in the best possible small bet amount, and the small blind is half or one-third of the big blind amount. The uncommon thing between ante and blind is that the bet of the player is counted in blinds whereas not in ante. This means that blind everyone has to put the amount to bet as “check” cannot be done. 

In the Poker game, you are given five actions for betting round in which for two actions, you have to put money when no one is putting and remaining three when others are putting a bet. 

What Does “Check” Means In Poker? 

When you want to pass your chance of betting, you can say this poker term “Check.” When there is no bet on the table or any blind called on betting round, you can bet or can say check to pass your chance to another player. When everyone on the table said check, the round has completed and given no second chance to say check again for placing a bet.

What Is Bet In Poker?

 To begin the game, a player has to bet. Bet is the amount of money or chips that the player has to put in the pot. The amount of bet may be different and depends upon the structure of betting. After any of the players place a bet, there are three options available to the other players. 

What Is Call Means In Poker?

 The call is a term in Poker that is used when players are placing the same amount of money as your opponent has placed in a bet. You may lose your turn if any other player has raised the amount of money by placing the higher bet before you. This betting round gets overs when every player places their bet or folded their cards. 

What Is Raise In Poker?

 After the first bet, the player, another player who wants to leave to act, places the bet by raising the amount of money from the original bet. If you have seen any poker game, you might have noticed that the amount of bet has been raised from the original one. If you want to raise, must raise the bet twice the original one, if the original bet is $5, you can raise $10, making the next player call a bet of at least $10. 

What Is Fold In Poker?

In poker fold means you throw your hand and way for the next player to continue the game. 

Poker Betting Basics guide

Poker Betting Structure


In fixed-limit, the amount of betting is fixed, and every player can bet and raise for the one fixed amount for the first few betting rounds. 


In spread-limit, players can bet and raise for the set range of amount like between $1 to $5. It means minimum and maximum limits are set, and players can bet in this range. But if your player has raised the bet by $4, then you cannot raise to $2, you have to raise the bet by $4 or $5.


As the term suggests, there is no limit to place the amount of bet. You can put all the chips or money on the table to place a heavy bet without any limit. 


In pot-limit, players place the bet according to amount in the pot. 

Some Other Poker Terms

  • Buy-In – It means for how much amount you want to play game
  • Kick It – Use to raise the bet
  • Bump – Use to raise the total bet
  • Family Pot – All the players, stays in the hand
  • Stack – Chips on the table
  • Post – Use to encourage the player to put a bet, especially blind
  • Limp – Use to match the bet or call


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