Important Terms to Know When Betting on Basketball

Important Terms to Know When Betting on Basketball

Basketball is one of the easiest games to bet on; nevertheless, in order to bet on basketball, you should know how to read the betting lines in basketball. Here is an article with sports betting basics which will help you in understanding how to bet on basketball?

It is easy to read the betting lines, but it requires the individual to have an understanding of the +/- point system. Normal NBA betting lines include a number next to the name of each team with either + or -. 

If the number next to the team is (+), then that points will add to the score at the end in order to decide the bet’s winner. Negatives indicate the favorite. It indicates how much more you need to bet in order to win. 

When making bets, you need to keep in mind the favorite team in the game should cover the spread (they are the number of points that are rewarded to the underdog). Moreover, the underdog should lose by points not lesser than the spread. In case the result of the game is a draw for the NBA, then the result of basketball lines is refund. 

You should also keep in mind that during the game, the odds for the line can change on the basis of rumors about the game and injuries. 

How to Bet on Basketball?

The best betting strategy of the NBA comes into play when you decide to bet on basketball. Some of the best NBA bets include overs/unders, lines, and handicaps. However, in order to start betting, you should know the sports betting basics.

If you are betting on handicaps and lines, then it is a better NBA betting strategy to evaluate the past performances of the teams and their performances in the recent games. Make sure to analyze the injury lists. In addition to this, before placing a bet, check whether key players are anticipated to be rested in a particular game. 

You can also consider other NBA bets like over and under bets. In these bets, you are required to predict whether both the team involved in the game will score a total number of points under or over the amount that is fixed by the sportsbook. 

The Point Spread

The most common betting method in basketball involves the point spread. Now, if you are thinking about how to bet the spread, then we are here to help you. Point spread basketball is a handicap that is imposed by the sportsbook on one team in order to make both the teams equal in betting terms. 

At the point, the team that is expected to win is known as the favorites, and the team that is expected to lose is known as the underdog. For the purpose of betting, the team that is expected to win gives points to the other team. 

For instance, if there is a game between Celtics and Knicks, the majority of bettors would place a bet on the Celtics in order to win the game. Suppose the point spread makes the Celtics a favorite by 10-point, then the Celtics will have to score 11 points or more. Only in this case, the betters of this team will win the bet. On the other hand, the individuals who have placed bets on Knicks will win the bet if the team wins the game or loses by nine points or less. In case if Celtics win the match exactly by 10 points, then the bet is a tie, and in such cases, no money changes hands. 


The second famous way of wagering is in betting totals. It is also known by the name of overs/unders. In this, the totals are predicted by combining the score of both the playing teams. For this bet, a number is posted, and the individuals planning to bet are provided with the option of wagering more (over) than the total that is predicted or less (under) than it. 

For instance, in the game between the Celtics and Knicks, the predicted score is 160. Betters who are wagering on over would win the bet if the combined score is more than 160, and those wagering on under would win if the total score is less than 160. In case if the score is exactly 160, then there would be a tie. 

Money Line Wagers

Though point spread and totals are the most famous betting systems, money line wagers are also an amazing choice. The money line bet NBA system includes betting on the winning team without a point spread. However, since some teams are provided with more than 50 percent winning chances, money line wagers are developed using the odds. Therefore, if you bet on the expected winning team, you will have to risk considerably more than you are expected to win. 

At one point, all the betting in sports was done using the money line; however, most of the people used to bet on favorites of all time; therefore, the point spread was introduced. It bought a revolution in the world of betting. 

Parlays and Teasers

Parlays and teasers are other types of wagering in basketball. It is also known as exotic bets. In this type of betting, the betters are required to predict the exact winning team of two or more games. On teasers, the betters get the option to bet using the point spread, and they are even allowed to adjust the point spread in their favor. On the other hand, parlays have to bet against the point spread. 

While betting through parlays and teaser, you need to keep in mind that either all of your team should win or you would lose the entire bet. In case if you correctly predict five out of six games, it is still a loss. 

Anyone can win two or three bets; however, if you are planning to attain long term success, you should systematically record your wagers. Collecting the data will help you in refining the strategies, and it will prove beneficial in making informed betting decisions. 

If you keep a record of your profitability, then you will surely attain the benefits of keeping an eye on all your wagers. 

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