I Doubt It Card Game Rules Are No Longer Doubtful for You!

I Doubt It Card Game Rules Are No Longer Doubtful for You!

I Doubt It is a fun game that can be played by people of all age groups. You need to know the cards in descending order and should also know how to bluff. It is referred to as Bullshit in the USA and cheats in the UK. Let’s study some I Doubt It card game rules



This game can be played among 3 to 5 people using a single deck, excluding the joker. Six or more people wish to play the game; then you can use two decks, jokers can also be included as the wild cards. 



This fun card game aims to get rid of all the cards to be the winner. 



You have to shuffle the cards together and distribute them among all the players. It’s fine if in case some players have got one card extra. 


Gameplay: I Doubt It how to play

The first player will make a move where he will play one or more cards from his hand; the cards will face down the table, marking the creation of a discard mile in the middle. If you are the first player, you have to say “one ace” or whatever number is appropriate, thus mentioning the name of the cards you have played. 


Then comes the chance of the second player, the player will play one or more cards from the hand, face down, putting the cards on the discard pile. The player will say two kings or whatever is the appropriate number. 


Each player will move down one rank. Likewise, the third player will say queens; fourth will say jacks, fifth 10’s, and so on. Once a player has to discard 2, the next player will discard aces. The players can play some different cards other then what they have said. E.g., you can play a ten and a nine but say “two queens,” doing this is considered legal in this game. 


But in case you are caught doing so, and then you will be penalized. If in case you say the wrong rank, e.g. if you said two 5’s when you should have said two 8’s, then you will have to take all the cards of the discard pile and add them in your hand. 



Whenever any card is discarded, any person people the game can say, “I Doubt It.” The last player’s cards are turned face up. If in the entire set, there’s any card which is not of the stated rank, then the person who discarded them will have to take the whole pile into his hand. If all the cards of the pile are the same as stated by the players, then the Doubter will have to take all the cards of the pile in his hands. 



The person who gets free from all the cards first wins the game. The person making the last move is made to face up the cards because all the players are sure to Doubt It.

These tips and guidelines for I Doubt It card game rules will surely make you win.

Strategies You Can Follow While Playing I Doubt It

  • Be sure that you’re playing your game with honesty, without introducing yourself as a ‘Cheat.’ This strategy of yours, while following I Doubt It card game rules will confuse the other players, and they will fall into their own traps.
  • Also, you can develop a mixed strategy. It can go like you stay honest most of the time, but sometimes you turn out to be a Cheat. Others will be carrying an image of yours as an honest one, and it’ll get them into extreme confusion.
  • Never miss a chance to challenge the other players saying ‘Cheat’ or ‘I Doubt It.’ If any player would be having all the four cards, then he/she will agree to the same.
  • As the game starts, throw cards that cannot give you a lead. By opting for this strategy, you can make the players believe that good ranks will appear later. And, even if you’re cheating, you don’t have to face higher penalties. 

After discussing tips and guidelines for I Doubt It card game rules, let’s head to the National Variants:

Spanish Bluff

It got invented in Spain, and two decks are being used rather than a single one in this. In this game, there exists eight of every card comprising jokers. Jokers can be optional as well, and the game can be proceeded with 1 deck also. 

The play doesn’t include all the plays at the beginning. At least one rank gets removed, and in case of multiple decks, two or more ranks get removed. In this game, Jokers are used as Wild Cards and can be played anytime. 

To begin with the lead, a player needs to deal with a jack face up. And, after that, the cards are played putting face down. The gamer, with a lead, announces the respective rank. One has to play any number of cards, but they’re supposed to be the rank. 

The game is called ‘BULLSHIT.’ And, a player can challenge another by saying ‘BULLSHIT.’ Then, the challenger picks up the cards, and face them up. Challenger picks up the stack only when the claim proves to be wrong; otherwise, the challenged one picks it up.


Egyptian Variant

While playing the Egyptian Variant, the cards are evenly played to each gamer. The player who owns an ace of hearts gets the lead. The following player has to play a rank above or below the last one. The corresponding rules remain the same. The one who has called up for cheating or made a wrong pitch needs to pick the cards up. 


Hawaii Variant

In this variant, it doesn’t matter who keeps the lead as the cards are distributed evenly. The one in the lead can challenge the others any time. 


Indian Bluff

Everything in the Indian variant, remains the same as that of the Spanish one, i.e., BULLSHIT. This game holds one exception, i.e., the ‘I Believe’ option. If players pass their turn, they don’t remain allowed to play the next turn.


Verish’ Ne Verish’ (Trust, Do Not Trust)

This Russian Variant is also called ‘Chinese Bluff.’ In this, cards get distributed to each of the players, and the one with a lead is allowed to play 1st, 2nd or 3rd card of a particular rank. It depends on the player whether he/she remains honest or not.

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