Is Phasmophobia Still Coming to Xbox and PS5? The Console Delays, Explained

Is Phasmophobia Still Coming to Xbox and PS5? The Console Delays, Explained

If you are a fan of games, you have probably heard of Phasmophobia PS5. It is a game that has had PC players gripping their seats since 2020. But what about console players? Is the ghost-hunting adventure still on its way to Xbox and PS5? Let us break down the details of the delays and what we know so far.

The Anticipation for Phasmophobia PS5 on Consoles

Phasmophobia PS5, developed by Kinetic Games, is a cooperative horror game that has taken the PC gaming world by storm. Players team up to investigate haunted locations filled with paranormal activity. The game’s unique mixture of teamwork, strategy, and sheer terror has created a dedicated fanbase eager to see the game on consoles.

The Journey Towards Console Release

Initially, Phasmophobia was set to haunt consoles in August 2023. However, a series of unfortunate events, including a “fire incident” at Kinetic Games’ UK office, led to a delay. The new office setup and preparations for the PlayStation VR2 launch further pushed back the release.

The Current Status of Phasmophobia PS5 on Consoles

As of now, there is no official release date for Phasmophobia on Xbox and PS5. The developers have faced challenges transitioning to remote work and setting up a new office following the fire. Despite these setbacks, there is hope that the game will make its console debut in the early months of 2024.

Why the Delay?

The delay in releasing Phasmophobia on consoles can be attributed to several factors:

  • The Office Fire: A significant setback for Kinetic Games, impacting their development timeline.
  •  Remote Work Transition: Adapting to a new work environment has challenged the team.
  •  PlayStation VR2 Preparation: Extra time and effort were dedicated to ensuring compatibility with the new VR system.

What Can Console Players Expect?

When Phasmophobia finally arrives on consoles, players can expect the same thrilling experience that PC gamers have raved about. The game will support PS VR2, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, skipping previous generation consoles.


The wait for Phasmophobia PS5 on Xbox and PS5 has been longer than expected, but it seems the wait will be worth it. The developers are working hard to overcome their challenges, and console players can look forward to joining the ghost-hunting ranks soon.

Some Questions

Is Phasmophobia coming to Xbox and PS5?

Yes, Phasmophobia is expected to release on Xbox Series X|S and PS5. The developers have not provided a specific date, but it is anticipated to be in 2024.

Why has the release of Phasmophobia PS5 on consoles been delayed? 

The delay has been due to a fire incident at the developer’s office, the transition to remote work, and additional preparations for the PlayStation VR2 launch.

Will Phasmophobia support PlayStation VR2

Yes, the game is planned to support PlayStation VR2, enhancing the immersive experience for PS5 players.



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