Miskos Treasures: The Hunt Begins

As you explore the vast lands of Central Hyrule in Tears of the Kingdom, you might stumble upon a character named Meeshy. She is all about treasure, and she will happily spill the beans about Misko’s hidden loot. However, claiming these Miskos treasures is not as simple as following a treasure map. 

Climbing Gear: Faster Than a Mountain Goat

Location: North Hyrule Plain Cave (coordinates: -1181, 0626, 0067)

  1. Head to the cave entrance.
  2.  Deal with the enemies (they are guarding orbs).
  3.  Use your TotK Ascend ability to reach a stone platform.
  4.  Follow the upward path.
  5.  At the end, you will find a chamber with a Bubbulfrog.
  6.  Just before that chamber, there is a massive waterfall. Pass through it.
  7.  Inside the chest lies the Climbing Gear. It will make Link climb like a caffeinated squirrel.

Barbarian Armor

Location: Crenel Hills Cave (coordinates: -0057, -1005, 0019)

  1. Look for cracked rocks on the cliff face.
  2.  Smash ’em with a hammer or TotK Bomb Flowers.
  3.  Inside the cave, clear the vines blocking your way.
  4.  Fall into the pit and deal with skeletons.
  5.  Ascend to the elevated ledge on the left.
  6.  There it is the Barbarian Armor. War paint included.
  7. Rubber Armor

Location: Whistling Hill Cave

  1. Excavate those pesky cracked rocks.
  2.  Slash away the vines blocking your passage.
  3.  Fall into the pit beyond.
  4.  Say hello to some more skeletons.
  5.  Enter the next chamber.
  6.  Ascend to the elevated ledge.
  7.  Behold the Rubber Armor

Remember, these treasures are not just for show. They will boost your abilities and make Link look striking. 

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Miskos Treasure Powerful Outfit Location

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Powerful Outfit is part of Miskos Treasure, and it provides unique armor pieces for players to enhance their abilities. Let us talk about details of how to find this powerful gear:

Location: The Powerful Outfit can be found at the Crenel Hills Cave.

Coordinates: Head to approximately (0477, 0723, 0041) in the southwest of Crenel Hills.

  •  Treasure Retrieval:Enter the cave and follow the path.
  •  You will encounter a big Luminous Stone. Break it using a Bomb Flower.
  •  Continue through the path, and you will come across a bunch of Luminous Stones.

Reward: The treasure chest inside the cave contains the Barbarian Armor chest piece. This armor provides 3 Armor and boosts attack damage, making it helpful in battling formidable foes like the Stone Talus.

How do I defeat the skeletons in these caves?

Defeating skeletons in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom requires some strategy. Let us break it down:

Stalnox (Giant Miniboss):

  • Weakness: Their eye. Shoot it with an arrow to stun them.
  •  Attack Pattern: They swipe, sit, and throw rib bones.
  •  Recommended Gear:
  •  Strong bow
  •  Arrows
  •  Keese eyes (to enhance arrow accuracy)
  •  Strong melee weapon
  •  Gloom resistance (if in the Depths).
  •  Alternative Strategy: Melee attacks work too. Focus on their ankles.

Stalmoblins (Skeleton Monsters):

  • Dazzlefruit Trick: Throw a Dazzlefruit at them to instantly defeat them. If their skull remains intact, they will reassemble.

Some Questions

How do I unlock Miskos Treasure: The Fierce Deity quest?

Complete the Misko’s Cave of Chests side quest. Afterwards, you will find a message bottle left behind by Misko in Cephla Lake Cave. Examine it to trigger the side quest.

Where are the treasure locations for Miskos Treasure: The Fierce Deity?

  • Fierce Deity Mask: Inside Skull Lake Cave (northern Akkala).
  •  Fierce Deity Armor: In the Akkala Citadel Ruins Summit Cave (Akkala Highlands).
  •  Fierce Deity Boots: In the Ancient Tree Stump Cave (North Hyrule Field).

Can I get the Fierce Deity Armor from an amiibo?

Yes, by scanning the Majora’s Mask Link amiibo, you can obtain the Fierce Deity Armor. However, to “properly” complete the quest, find all three armor pieces in cave chests.



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