9 Best RPG Horror Games For PC

9 Best RPG Horror Games For PC

One of the most famous games is the RPG Horror Games when it comes to horror games. However, whenever it is depressing, dark, or disturbing, it just gives you the dose of horrifying as long as they are in the RPG style.

Role-playing games move one step beyond, providing the player the opportunity to make their own character, shaping their personalities and decisions, or the mixture of those. This is the reason we think it is exciting to search into possibilities of such a combination, also take a look at the RPG horror games that got the best of it.

Blank Dream

This game is a free role-playing game horror adventure by the Teriyaki Tomato. Blank game is based on puzzle-solving and exploration, and it is usually quite challenging. It provides excellent dialogue, storyline, and illustrations and has a dark and unsettling environment giving it a more scary vibe. Moreover, if you are searching for a psychological thriller, creepy, engaging adventure game, then you should give it a try. This game is available for PC.

The Crooked Man

This game is an RPG horror adventure game. It is one of the few games where the story will give you goosebumps. This game has good sound effects, graphics, and the story is quite sad and touching with multiple options; the crooked man is worth playing for the story alone. These are some of the RPGs where the player has to do all the stuff by himself. This game is available on the PC platform.


It is a horror-free puzzle survival pc game. Schuld, the player, plays Aaron, the man who has found himself in the world where he sees everyone is slowly dying around him. This game is almost about 2 hours, probably less; however, it has the best story along with some amazing action elements and some interesting, challenging boss fights.


This game is all about the cursed school and missing girl. In this game, the player must search for the missing classmate in the school troubled by strange phenomena. The sounds and music do an excellent job setting the environment in the different places of the game. It is available for PC.

The Sandman

The Sandman is a psychological horror and dark fantasy role-playing game. This game features action elements and exploration with a wide range of hardcore emotions of violence. The sandman will never give players any hint, so the players have to rely on their instinct to solve the various puzzles. After the player beats the game, then there is an additional story that can be played through the Sandman.

Corpse Party

This RPG game for pc is turned around the group of friends unknowingly do an occult ritual that traps them in an otherworldly elementary school. This game has an interesting and great story, a good soundtrack, and a fine Level design. Corpse party gives players the freedom to explore everything, significantly changing the course of the story and the final result based on where the players go and what they do. This game is available on various platforms, including PC.

Mad Father

This game is a free adventure horror game created by the Sen using WOLF RPG Editor. Mad Father visuals are good, the story is interesting, and the gameplay is a bit similar to the Misao game. Mad father is about a psychological adventure that measures and tests questions about loyalty, love, and morals. This game does an excellent job of building an environment that holds player’s attention and frightens you while you play this game. For the free-to-play title, this game is truly incredible and if the player wants to support the developer, then buy the remastered version from the steam.

Lucah: Born Of A Dream

This game delivers a truly haunting environment with a frequently depressing story all about struggle and growth. Lucah: Born Of A Dream game players have been cursed to have their inner demons come to life as bad nightmares, and players need to survive the horror attack and reveal the strength to accept themselves. The game has its own different style and mysterious story that is slowly revealed over time.

The Black Watchmen

It is a role-playing adventure game developed by Smith&Alice. In the black watchmen game, players are the Secret Agent and investigate horror activities in the dark universe. This game melds the fictional and real events, and the characters make it a magnificent experience. This game video is very realistic, and the audio is engaging and creepy. So, if you like adventure and mystery, then you will surely love this game.

Final Words

RPG horror games tend to turn traditional action ideas on the head and force the players to hide or run from the enemies. Horror games for pc leave the players feeling vulnerable rather than granted, and these games will give you the experiences which will haunt you a day after playing these games. Moreover, if you love to play Minecraft, then check out the best Minecraft survival challenges maps for 2021. If you find this information useful, drop a comment below this section.


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