Xbox Series X vs PS5: The Battle Of Gaming Powerhouses

Xbox Series X vs PS5: The Battle Of Gaming Powerhouses

Owning a PlayStation or the Xbox is like a dream for any virtual gaming enthusiast. Isn’t it? These two brands, sony, and Microsoft are two famous gaming giants in the world of virtual gaming, and yet again, they are head to head with each other. The two brands are the best in class; however, if you ask the two brands, they will deny the competition. Although we all know there is a tough one, and the latest is between the Xbox series X vs PS5.


The two new launches from Sony and Microsoft are in competition with each other for the title of best next-gen gaming console. Both of the brands are offering features like ray tracing and colossal storage with category-leading hardware are top-notch products that a gamer can get. The features and specs of these two products make it very confusing for gamers when it comes to Xbox series X vs PS5.


To help you with this problem of confusion, we bring you this article which contains all the information regarding the two products. You will find design review, storage reviews, graphic hardware, and more in the article for both of these amazing gaming consoles. The information which we have compiled together in the article will help you choose the winner according to you in the bellicose competition of Xbox Series X vs PS5.



The design of both products is something which we can say is completely different from each other. The ps5, on the one hand, has a trendy curvaceous design, which somewhat looks like ps3, while on the other hand, Microsoft has done just the opposite. The Xbox has a boxy and squat design and doesn’t have many curves, which makes it look like a mini-tower pc. 


When we compare the Xbox series X vs. PS5, each of them has its pros and cons in design.



Weight – 4.5 kg

The ps5 offers a trendy design with curves to make it look amazing. It has two plates on both sides to protect it, and thus it looks somewhat like a sandwich. The two plates on ps5 with their white color looks eye-catching and gives you an option to set it under your tv in a portrait position. Its design makes it a better option in terms of alignment. 


However, the downside of the design is that it is very tall and thus, fitting in an average gaming desk or normal space is tough. Its taller design makes it difficult to be fitted in any average gaming setup.



Weight – 4.44 kg

The Xbox offers a completely opposite design from a ps5. It comes in a squat and chunky design, which gives it a boxy look. The design of the Xbox doesn’t give it an eye-catching look like the ps5 and makes it look like a mini-tower pc. Although the boxy design also gives you the option to keep it in a flat position.


However, the good thing about this design of the Xbox is that you can easily fit it anywhere. Its design makes it a great option for the average gaming desks and spaces, thus making it a space-efficient option. 


The design of these two gaming consoles are completely different from each other, but the above review of two will help you. This review will let you choose the one that suits your needs when it comes to Xbox series X vs PS5. one thing which we notice in both the designs is that the dissipation of heat plays a vital role in both the gaming consoles designs. 


Graphics Hardware And Processing

When it comes to power in Xbox series X vs PS5, both are way more efficient than the predecessors, but to what extent? And Which one is more powerful among the two? 


To better understand how much power both the consoles pack, let’s see then in detail:



In comparison to Xbox One X, the latest Xbox series X is four times more capable in terms of power. It comes with a Zen 2 eight-core processor that is custom and runs at 3.8Hz per core, which is a powerful output. 



The power between the two gaming consoles doesn’t have much difference as the Ps5 also, as the Xbox runs on an 8 core Zen 2 processor. The only difference between the two competitors is that unlike the Xbox, the Ps5 has a speed of 3.5Hz per core. 



The RAM in both consoles is the same and has no difference as both have 16GB GDDR6 inside them. Thus the RAM doesn’t confuse the buyer in the competition of Xbox series X vs Ps5. 


RDNA Graphics

RDNA graphics play a vital role in gaming as they are what controls the display output and quality. Thus when it comes to the RDNA in Xbox and Ps5, they both run on RDNA 2 graphics. 


The only difference between the two gaming consoles is that the Xbox has the upper hand with 12 TFLOPS with power across 52 CUs as GPU. In contrast to this, the Ps5 offers a 10.3 TFLOPS power across its 36 CUs. Thus the Xbox is the winner in this aspect of Xbox series X vs PS5. 


This difference in RDNA graphics among the two consoles means that the player can potentially have more from Xbox. However, it doesn’t have much of an impact as, in reality, both consoles offer excellent graphic displays. Therefore both the consoles with full resolutions and ray tracing, even with the 60fps, enabled games to have amazing graphics.


Graphics Capabilities

In the fight of initial graphics among the Xbox series X vs PS5, no one is a clear winner and match ties. Both the gaming consoles are similarly matched in the features of graphics. 


For their capabilities, both the brands say that the consoles are capable of output up to 8k games/video. However, these claims seem to be far fetched in the present context, and with the 2.1 HDMI output, the consoles seem to lack the bandwidth for the claimed output. 


At present, the gaming consoles are capable of a 4k resolution at a speed of 60 fps. The two gaming consoles also offer the output at the speed of 120 frames per second that is soon to be seen on offer in some upcoming games. However, this will only be up to 1440 pixels on the Xbox while 11080 pixels on PS5. 


One good thing about both the consoles is that they will support the feature of ray tracing as the graphics in modern PCs. This will introduce a realistic feel to users in terms of lighting for games. Thus in the comparison between Xbox series X vs PS5, both are on equal levels.


Memory And Storage

In both Xbox and Ps5 for storage, you will see solid-state drives. This addition will help in the speedy loading of games. The two consoles offer good SSD storage space, but here, the Xbox is a winner.


The Xbox series X offers storage space of 825GB after system software etc. on its 1TB SSD, while, on the other hand, PS5 has less storage. PS5 offers a storage space of 667GB for games on its 825GB SSD that is low in comparison to the Xbox. Thus the Xbox is the winner in storage when we compare the Xbox series X vs PS5.


This aspect of the two consoles plays a vital role as some modern games nowadays are well oversize of 100GB. 


One good thing about both the consoles is that you have a storage expansion option using an external expansion card. In the two, Xbox offers a dedicated port at the rear for the official 1TB expansion card that you can get for it. On the other hand, Ps5 will also have this option; however, you will have to go for third party expansion drives. One more problem is that this option is not activated at the launch in Ps5. 


In all aspects, when we compare Xbox series X vs Ps5 storage capabilities, the Xbox is a clear winner. This is because even if you buy an expansion for PS5, you will not be able to play games stored on the external drive. Only the PS4 compatible games on expansion will work in the Ps5 console, and if you want to play a Ps5 compatible game, it has to be on the internal SSD. 


Optical Disk Drives

None of the brands yet want to ditch the disc drives. Thus both the consoles support the 4k Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc drives. However, neither the Xbox series S nor the digital edition of Xbox have disc drives. 


One notable thing when we compare the Xbox series X vs Ps5 is that the Xbox boasts support for Dolby Vision. However, the compatibility of its 4k Blu-ray drive is not available at the launch. On the other hand, the feature of Dolby Vision is completely missing in Ps5.


Cloud Gaming

When we compare the cloud gaming feature in Xbox series X vs Ps5, we see that the Xbox is leading. Although the feature is expected on Ps5 but there is no information for it from Sony yet. 


The Xbox offers the Xbox Game Paa Ultimate for cloud gaming. It needs a monthly subscription and allows you to play over 100 games from the Xbox series X & S and Xbox One.


Backward Compatibility


In the case of Xbox, you will see backward compatibility for almost every game. This means that the games which you could play on an Xbox One are also compatible with the series X. even in the games where HDR was not implemented originally, the brand is using an auto HDR feature, which gives a greater contrast and color gamut. 


One more great thing about the Xbox is that all the accessories from the Xbox one work on Series X. in this feature when we compare the Xbox series X vs Ps5, the Xbox is leading. 



The Ps5 is also compatible with a wide range of Ps4 games, and the good thing is that the shock controller works in these games. However, you can’t use this controller for the games native to the Ps5. This is something that is a downside of Ps5 when we compare the Xbox series X vs Ps5. 


However, all the other accessories like the PSVR works on Ps5. Although you will need to get a camera adapter for the Ps5. 



There is not much difference in prices when we compare the Xbox series X vs Ps5. Both are gaming consoles that cost around $450 in the UK and $500 in the USA. 



When we compare the two products from the two world-renowned giants, there is not a clear winner. Although the Xbox series offers more features in some aspects, the array of amazing games in the Ps5 is something that is enticing. Thus it’s up to you what you choose from the two amazing products.


In the article, you will find all the information for these two, which you can use if you have confusion about the two. You will find information varying from graphics to hardware for the two gaming consoles in the article. 


What are your thoughts on the two consoles? Who is the winner when we compare Xbox series X vs Ps5, according to you? Please do let us know your thoughts in the comment box.


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