All Super Mario Princesses 

All Super Mario Princesses 

Super Mario is a famous and beloved gaming franchise known across generations. It started modestly but has become a powerhouse, with characters recognized by many, whether they are gamers or not.

In the Mario world, several Super Mario Princesses rule over different kingdoms. They are not just damsels in distress anymore. With more appearing on-screen and growing backstories, a question arises: who holds the highest rule among these Super Mario Princess?

Super Mario Princesses

List of Super Mario Princess is given below:

Super Mario Princess Shokora

Princess Shokora is not a common character in Mario games, and her story is often linked more to Wario than the usual red-hatted plumber, Mario. We do not know much about her except that she was a princess from a distant land and had passed away. She takes different forms in various games, like a black cat or a humanoid spirit sharing wisdom.

The details of her story remain a mystery, but adventurous players can find her resting place in her own pyramid. It is interesting to have a princess helping from beyond the grave, adding a darker tone compared to many other characters. However, this concept could have been more explored.

Princess Shroob

Not all Super Mario Princess are on the good side. Princess Shroob played a major role as an antagonist in the game “Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time.” She led the evil Shroob army alongside her elder sister, intending to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. 

Although her appearance in the Super Mario universe is limited, it would be intriguing to see her return, perhaps with a less villainous role.

Princess Eclair

Princess Eclair is a mysterious character mainly mentioned in the series, with a few cameos. She rules the Waffle Kingdom, a kingdom with a delicious name. Luigi once had to travel to this kingdom to rescue the princess, as he mentions in Paper Mario. References in the series highlight her exceptional baking skills, fitting for a dessert-themed Super Mario Princesses. 

Exploring her sugary kingdom would give players a better understanding of her character.


A more recent addition to the princess lineup, Rosalina has become a beloved character in the Mario series. First encountered in Super Mario Galaxy, players learned about her somewhat melancholic past. Leaving her observatory, she actively assists Mario and his friends, especially in kart racing and partying activities. 

Rosalina adds depth to the Mario universe and has consistently appeared, resonating with newer generations of Mario fans.

Sprixie Super Mario Princess

This group of princesses, known as the Sprixie Princesses, debuted in Super Mario 3D World. They have since made occasional appearances, joining Mario’s adventures. As rulers of the Sprixie Kingdom, they faced Bowser’s attempts to capture them, fortunately thwarting his plans. 

With a sprite-like design, they bring a unique element to the Mario princesses roster, offering a fresh perspective that could be further explored in the universe.


Considered one of the quirkiest characters in the Mario universe, Lipid stands out as the weirdest Super Mario Princess. Exclusive to the game Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story, she resides within Bowser’s sinuses and governs them as her kingdom. Despite the unusual setting, she proves friendly to Mario and Luigi, even saving them from drowning in mucus. 

Adding to her eccetricity, Lipid communicates entirely in an old English dialect, creating a memorable and peculiar encounter in the series.


Super Mario Princesses, Daisy, has been a favourite among fans since her debut in Super Mario Land. She is known for her adventurous spirit and love for parties, which is evident in her numerous appearances in the Super Mario series.

As the ruler of Sarasaland, a kingdom with grand palaces, pyramids, and vast deserts, Daisy’s design, backstory, frequent presence, and potential connection with Luigi contribute to her popularity and status as a beloved character in the series.


Princess Peach is an indispensable part of the Super Mario series, having been present since its inception, dealing with Bowser’s constant schemes. Despite the ongoing challenges, she stands as the kindhearted ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom and a steadfast companion to Mario and Luigi. 

Over the years, her background and style have evolved, enriching her character, and while she may play the damsel in distress less frequently, she remains a foundational figure in the Super Mario world.

Some FAQs

Who is Rosalina’s boyfriend?

According to video game storylines, Luigi and Princess Daisy are also a couple. Ah, but this means that poor Rosalina is left without a partner or love interest. Technically speaking, she is the only princess from the Mario universe who does not have a boyfriend of her own.

Who is Luigi’s girlfriend?

Princess Daisy is the princess of Sarasaland and one of Mario’s main characters. A girlfriend of Luigi, she is the second most important female character in the series.

Who is Princess Peach’s BFF?

Daisy first appeared in Mario Tennis, and since then, she has been a regular playable character in the Mario spin-off series. Like Peach, she is best friends with Peach. She was produced by Shigeru Miyamoto’s mentor, Gunpei Yokoi, the maker of Super Mario Land.

Is Birdo a boy or a girl?

Subsequent Super Mario Bros. 2 versions erased any reference to her favourite sobriquet. Birdo has been treated as a female ever since Mario Tennis by Nintendo. There is no further mention of her supposed transgender background. Birdo is also portrayed as Yoshi’s love interest.

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