Minecraft Tips: 18 Things You Might Not Know Picked From The Game

Minecraft Tips: 18 Things You Might Not Know Picked From The Game

Minecraft Tips – Minecraft has been here for a long time, and there are still some helpful tips and tricks that many players might need to learn.

Over the years, Minecraft has changed a lot from its simple beginnings. It started as a small project but has grown into one of the biggest games ever. Minecraft has become quite complicated, and if you are new to the game, you might need help understanding all the details.

In this guide, you can find Minecraft tips that even experienced players might need to be made aware of. Remember that even if you already know these Minecraft tips, there are some more who are learning yet. Let us explore some tricks that might be new to you.

Minecraft Tips: 18 Things You Might Not Know Picked From The Game

18. Increasing Carrying Llama Capacity

Llamas might not be your go-to in Minecraft, but here is a handy trick. Use llamas for item transport, especially before you get Shulker Boxes. Click on a llama with a chest in hand, and it becomes their inventory space.

The llama’s strength determines the inventory size, ranging from three slots for the weakest to 15 for the strongest. To boost their strength, breed llamas similar to horses.

17. The Northmost Face Blocks Break

A lesser-known fact is that when breaking a block, the breaking pattern on the top face points north. These Minecraft tips are useful for orientation, especially in places like the Nether, aiding in creating a Nether highway.

16. Lava Buckets 

Don’t overlook lava. Collect it in buckets as soon as you find it. Lava makes excellent furnace fuel that lasts much longer than wood or coal. It is also a key ingredient in making obsidian. So, grab those buckets, stock up on lava, and become the efficient adventurer you were meant to be.

15. New Levels of Diamond 

In Minecraft 1.18, the diamond game has changed. Forget the old Y-levels 5-12 routine. Now, diamonds are waiting for you at Y-levels 15 through -63. Watch out for bedrock at Y-level -64. The deeper you go, the more likely diamonds become. It’s time to start that mining expedition.

14. Evokers Change the Blue Sheep Wool Color

Feel like playing stylist with your sheep? When an Evoker hangs out with a blue sheep, it performs some magic, wiggling arms, saying ‘wololo,’ and turning the sheep red. It’s a nod to the Age of Empires, where priests make the same noise and convert enemy units. It’s not the most practical trick, but it is a delightful Easter Egg for Age of Empires fans.

13. Use Torches For Blocks Of Farm Gravel/Sand

Torches are the unsung heroes of Minecraft. Besides lighting up dark spots and keeping monsters away, they have another nifty trick. For blocks affected by gravity, like sand and gravel, removing the block underneath makes them fall. Place a torch right before they drop, and voila. The blocks break, ready for collection. 

12. Mushroom Biomes 

Perfect for building a secure home, and even the cave systems are mob-free for safer mining. Keep an eye out for mob spawners, though – they still work. The Mushroom Biome is an ideal base location, especially if you prefer a dimly lit atmosphere.

11. Pumpkin Head

Pumpkin fashion is not just for looks; it is a tactical choice. Wear a pumpkin, and you will not just look awesome, you will gain an edge in battle. Endermen will not attack you, even if you strike first. Why? The pumpkin prevents eye contact, the trigger for Endermen’s attacks. So, wear that pumpkin proudly and face Endermen without fear. 

10. Get Bodyguards

Home security is important. Craft an Iron Golem to have your back. Arrange iron blocks in a T-shape, summoning a powerful defender. The Iron Golem will take on any nearby hostile mobs, standing strong as your loyal bodyguard.

9. Be A Cat Person

Cats in Minecraft are not just cute companions; they’re guardians against Creepers. Creepers are terrified of cats, so having a bunch around your house ensures a Creeper-free zone. No explosive surprises during your farming or building endeavours.

8. Placing Underwater Doors 

Planning an underwater adventure? Do not forget to pack a door. Place it on a block, and voila, you have got an air bubble. Take a breather in your makeshift air pocket, avoiding the dreaded drowning scenario. Doors: your ticket to underwater exploration without the aquatic stress.

7. Another Method To A Blaze Fight

Blazes in the Nether can be tough foes, especially with their fire blasts. Here is a trick, they are weak against snowballs. Stock up and pelt Blazes from a distance. It might not be the quickest method, but it is a safer way to take down these fiery adversaries without risking a lava bath. 

6. Do not Destroy Mob Spawners

Are enemy spawners causing a headache? Instead of destroying them, light up the area with torches. Strategically place torches on each vertical side and the top of the spawner or scatter them around the room. The key is providing ample light. Spawners will not respawn, so by keeping them well-lit, you render them inactive without destroying them. Preserve the spawner-free peace.

5. Sneaking Fastly

Crouching is not just for stealth; it is a movement game-changer. When crouching, you can extend slightly off the edge of a block without falling. This is particularly handy when constructing bridge-like structures.

Now, here is the bonus tip from the Deep Dark update: enter the Swift Sneak enchantment. Walk extra quickly and Crouch, allowing for efficient block placement or a swift escape from the territory of Warden.

4. Mooshroom Milking

Encounter a Mooshroom in the Mushroom Biome? Give it a try – you can milk these special cows. However, hold on, it is not regular milk you will get; it is mushroom stew. A handy snack to replenish hunger. Next time you are in the Mushroom Biome, try milking the red cows for a mushroomy treat.

3. Personalized Dog Collars

Build your dog army for hunting, and why not give each loyal companion a unique touch? Personalize their collars with different colours. Grab some dye, choose your desired hue, and right-click on your dog. Now, you have got a pack of uniquely styled dogs ready for action.

2. Locking A Map

Maps are not just for navigation; they are your canvas for epic pixel art. However, beware – once you remove blocks, the map updates. Want to preserve your art? Add a glass pane to lock the map in place. Perfect for documenting your base’s evolution or creating multiple map art pieces on the same Overworld canvas. 

1. Turtle and Zombie Eggs

Here is an unexpected Minecraft tip– zombies love turtle eggs. And by zombies, we mean regular Zombie Villagers, Drowned, Zombies, Husks, and Zombified Piglins. It might sound like the start of a strange joke, but there is a practical use for this.

Turtle eggs can play an important role in mob farms, especially in setups like Zombified Piglin gold farms. Place a turtle egg in the centre of a spawning platform, and zombies will be drawn to it. Create a hole just before the eggs; the mobs will fall, meeting their demise and dropping valuable gold. It is an unusual but effective tactic for resource farming.

Some FAQs

What is the Minecraft F3 T trick?

F3+T: Reloads all textures, sounds and web-loaded client resources. This is good for texture pack creators. F3 + p – When the window is not in focus, toggle the auto-pause.

What is most easily built in Minecraft?

The crafting table is the most basic and important to make in Minecraft. It provides you with even more choices for crafting. There is not much you can create without one. You should, therefore, build a crafting table, which is one of the first things you do in Minecraft.

What makes you faster in Minecraft?

Ticks are the measure of speed in Minecraft. The command we enter changes the rate at which the ticks appear and thus speeds up. The command to type in is: /gamerule randomTickSpeed #.

Can I win Minecraft?

As a sandbox game, there is no real end to Minecraft. However, most people agree that you finish the game once you kill the ender dragon.


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