Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: How To Get Herba Mystica

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: How To Get Herba Mystica

How to get herba mysticaThe legendary Herba Mystica is just one of the many exciting new mysteries awaiting investigation in the Paldea region. These are seasonings of mythical aroma and taste. According to legend, eating all five species of Herba Mystica will cure any illness.

Mastering the art of crafting sandwiches is essential for enhancing your Pokemon journey in Scarlet and Violet. Also, if you are interested in raiding, find out how to open up the Tera Raid star levels. But for now, let us talk about how to get Herba Mystica in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

How to get Herba Mystica

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, getting Herba Mystica requires progressing through the game’s plot. Proceed with the “Path of Legends” quest. Take part in Arven’s quest, and help him defeat the titan Pokemon who protect the Herba Mystica.

Defeating each Titan will yield a different species of the Herba Mystica. He uses these to make sandwiches for his Mabostiff and either your Koraidon or Miradon, depending on your game version.

If you consume a sandwich containing Herba Mystica, your legendary mount will be able to perform even better as a means of transportation. After every meal, the mount transformed from a land-only vehicle to one that could cross water and even fly.

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Herba Mystica is a necessary quest item in the The Path of Legends quest chain. Nonetheless, you can create your own Herba Mystica outside this quest chain in the game. There are five flavours of Herba Mystica: bitter, salty, sweet, sour and spicy.

Types of Herba Mystica

  • Sweet Herba Mystica
  • Bitter Herba Mystica
  • Salty Herba Mystica
  • Sour Herba Mystica
  • Spicy Herba Mystica

These Herba Mystica types can be found across Paldea in cavern areas, each guarded by a Titan Pokemon. Defeating the Titan Pokemon is necessary to obtain each variety of Herba Mystica. Once got, Arven will use them to make sandwiches, which are used to restore Koraidon and Miraidon’s strength and unlock specific abilities.

How to Get Herba Mystica Easily

Raid Battles can get you Herba Mystica as a prize. Just don’t forget, standard raids won’t give them to you. To get these exclusive things, you have to join and win 5-star Tera Raids.

Once you complete the main story in the game, 5-star Tera Raids are unlocked. You can do this by completing quests like Victory Road, Path of Legends, and Starfall Street. Also, complete all of Paldea’s Area Zero. Once you have done all this and seen the credits roll, 5-star Tera Raids will appear on your map.

For those who want more Herba Mystica, give 6-star Tera Raid a try. These tougher raids can be reached after a respectable number of 5-star Tera Raids have been completed successfully.

Tips for Getting Herba Mystica 

Some tips of getting Herba Mystica:

  • The quickest and most effective method to get Herba Mystica is to focus on five-star Tera Raids.
  • While six-star raids give more Herba Mystica, the five-star ones are easier to defeat. You can handle them alone if your Pokemon are strong and well-prepared.
  • Save your game close to the Tera Crystal before starting the raid, and turn off autosave. If the raid does not go well, you can quickly restart from your saved point.
  • If you are aiming for six-star raids, play online or invite friends to join you in co-op to make the battles faster.
  • After winning a Tera Raid, boost your chances of getting more Herba Mystica by eating level two sandwiches that enhance Raid Power.
  • Craft sandwiches that match the Raid Power boost with the type of Pokemon you face in the raid.
  • Remember, the rewards you get from a specific Tera Raid will stay the same no matter how often you return to it.
  • To refresh all your Tera Raids, go to System Settings in the Switch menu, select date and time, and set the current time one minute earlier. This trick fools the game’s clock and spawns new raids.

Some FAQs

How to farm Herba Mystica the fastest in Pokemon Scarlet.

Tips For Farming Herba Mystica. Seeking out five-star Tera Raids seeking Herba Mystica is the fastest and most effective way to farm it. Herba Mystica is harder to come by in six-star raids, but five-stars offer a lower level of resistance and can actually be beaten with determination if you show up with the right Pokemon equipped just so.

How to get Herba Mystica fast and easy?

Even though these are not the Pokemon on this list, there is no better way to farm Herba Mystica than by continuously defeating Six-Star Tera Raids. Indeed, players can even sandwich them With Raid Power to increase the number of rewards gained from a single raid to boost their chances of getting Herba Mystica.

What is the Mystery Gift Code for Herba Mystica?

This Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Mystery Gift Code box gives players the choice of a Sweet Herba Mystica or Spicy Herba Mystica. With the code SWEET0RSP1CY, players can redeem only one of these items.


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