MIST BREATHING : Muichiro Tokito’s Mist Breathing Style is based on velocity and deception, suggesting mist particles.  

In Demon Slayer, Muichiro Tokito’s unique breathing technique, known as Mist Breathing, invokes the concealing qualities of mist to misdirect enemies and give them a brief moment to examine and assess any assaults made against them. It is assumed that it originated from Sun Breathing, the parent of all breathing styles, so it in return has its origins in Wind Breathing. Users of the Mist Breathing technique imagine themselves controlling and directing mist to launch swift, surprising attacks that distort an adversary’s vision.

It is reported that Muichiro, the most powerful mist-breathing practitioner of the present generation, picked up the technique from a cultivator. He quickly attained an excellent level of expertise with it, and in just two months, he was promoted to his current level of Hashira, a Gypmei Himejima, the present-day stone hashira as well as the most powerful warrior in the crops of Demon Slayers, is the only person to have accomplished what she did. 

Muichiro defeats a Yoriichi version zero, a six-armed robotic fighting doll inspired by Yoriichi Tsugikuni, a great Demon Slayer and the person who created Breathing Styles, through Swordsmith Village Saga over Demon Slayer using his skill with a sword and his mastery of Mist Breathing. When demonstrated during the animated series, Muichiro’s usage of Mist Breathing manifests as dense clouds of mist that spread over whatever space he utilizes, accompanied by quick, decisive attacks that instantly eliminate foes. Muichiro is well-suited to exploit all three of the key components of this Mist Breathing Style—speed, deception, adaptability—while his short, slender build makes him incredibly challenging to execute and spot. 

Why Does Mist Breath Means?

All Mist Breathing techniques, which are incredibly similar to The Wind Breathing, include swift motions and rapid attacks delivered in distinctive ways intended to misdirect enemies and confuse them. The methods themselves give competitors the impression that they are entrapped in a haze and that the area where they would face the mist-breathing operator is covered in mist. Typically, they may not be as violent and forceful in implementation; many of their forms are centred around arcing slashes, similar to their ancestor Wind Breathing.

However, Muichiro’s employment of his Breathing Style has won him the respect of his allies and enemies. His remarkable rate of development is also something to note, as he can outperform more experienced. Considering his diminutive size and lean build, Tanjiro is a Demon Slayer.

It is clear from Muichiro’s outfit that he uses Mist Breathing. Muichiro is always dressed in a turquoise-tinged variation of the average Demon Slayer Corps identical. Because of this, his attire is significantly larger than most of his contemporaries among the Hashira, suggesting that it might play a significant role in his battle technique. He wears a uniform that is more akin to a kimono than other people in the corps do, and it helps to conceal his emotions to enhance the usage of Mist Breathing.

The sword he uses while battling is another important aspect of his strategy. Muichiro, unlike a number of his fellow Hashira, who employ specialized weapons, wields an ordinary Nichirin Sword with a white blade, compared with the rest of the Hashira, who employ specific Breathing Styles, which necessitate specific weapons to utilize to the fullest.

What are the different types of Mist Breathing?

There are seven recognized varieties of Mist Breathing, the seventh and last of which was developed by Muichiro by himself and is believed only to have been employed by him in Demon Slayer. The First Phase of Mist Breathing, Lowest Clouds, Distant Haze, sets them off with a powerful thrust in which the practitioner imagines their blade enhanced with clouds of mist to increase the strength of the thrust.

The Second Form after that is called Eight-Layered Mist and consists of a string of swiftly delivered forward slashes. The third form, Scattered Mist Splash, is an effective circular strike that may break missiles into little pieces and deflect them. The practitioner that performs Fourth Form: Shifting Move Slash releases their sword in a manner reminiscent of quick draw methods, darts towards their opponent, and swiftly delivers the last slash from beneath the target’s head.

The Fifth Form: the Sea of Particles & Haze deals with an explosion of slashes as the user charges forward at their opponent. The large area that the slashes cover completely obscures the user’s actions from anyone watching. The 6th Form, Lunar Spreading, is arguably the most daring of the bunch. Mist causes the user to turn over and unleash many downward slashes, each capable of wiping out hundreds of foes in a single motion.

The seventh form, which Muichiro invented and named masking Clouds to, uses mist’s masking characteristics to cause catastrophic damage. A user can confuse opponents by abruptly changing the rhythm of their motions, which is represented by mist clouds that cover a huge region.

When the user first appears above the clouds in this area, they appear to be moving quite slowly, but as soon as they are buried behind them, their speed rises tremendously, giving opponents little warning of what can come next. This is the pinnacle of all the special abilities associated with Mist Breathing, demonstrating Muichiro’s unrivalled mastery of this Breathing Technique.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) What breathes in the mist?

Ans. It is assumed that it originated from Sun Breathing, the parent of all breathing styles, and then returned to having its roots in Wind Breathing. Users of the Mist Breathing technique imagine themselves controlling and channelling mist to launch swift, surprising attacks that distort an adversary’s vision.

Q2) How potent is mist breathing?

Ans. A unique and potent breathing technique known as Muichiro’s Mist Breathing requires practitioners to regulate their breathing to control the mist and turn it into a lethal weapon. Only a select few expert swordsmen are capable of mastering this stunning and lethal technique.


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