Best Mario Party Game For Gaming Night

Best Mario Party Game For Gaming Night

Are you planning to hold a gaming party at your home this weekend? If yes, then there are very few games that can compete with the Mario party games. We all remember our favorite hero wearing a red helmet running along with pals and enemies on a fun-filled adventure. The game was invented way back in history, and players still enjoy it equally. In this article, we have listed the best Mario party game to have fun with your friends and family.

Mario party games offer quite a competitive edge over other games, which can either make or break your friendship. Over the years, a lot of new Nintendo switch Mario games have been launched with a change of style. 

Let’s find out what are some of the best Mario party games that you should try.

Mario Party 6

This is on top of all Mario party games on our list. Although the story mode is not as extensive as Mario party 7, this game is based on the best creative mechanics that were ever introduced to Mario Party Game: Day and Night. 

This game features some of the best features like stage can open and close, new interactions on landing, the goal and movement of the stage are reversed. 

The challenging part of the game is that the players have to run away from the browser to save their coins and stars at night. The look and music of the game are far better than Mario Party 7 and various other minigames. 

Mario Party 7

The fight continues whether Mario party game 6 is better or 7. In Mario Party 7 8-player mechanic is used that allows four teams, each consisting of two players, to compete on the same board to become a superstar. Some other features include great music, jumping rope, hitting switches fast, etc.

The minigames in Mario Party 7 are also well-balanced in skill and luck. They have great winning music and also a cute sound when you catch stars.

Mario Party 3

Mario Party 3 is loved by the fans mostly because of its story mode. Players have to collect stars to get their world back to normal, which is at the mercy of Millennium Star rn. 

Players first have to play board and then face-off, which is a mixture of Pokemon and party mode. You need two partners to fight the opponent and attack them again by taking their HP.

Mario Party 3 was when the final boss battle was introduced, which you can eventually play and not only watch. This is another best Mario party game that features some amazing minigame balance of skills and titles while also throwing in some luck. You will also get to see two new characters: Princess Daisy and Waluigi.


Best: Mario Party 2

The imagination level of the game matches the Mario Party 5. Mario Party 2 will satisfy all your wishes of being a wizard or cowboy. The best feature of the game is the winner on every board will get to defeat and fight Bower. The fun part is that even the Bower can be seen dressed in themes.

Mario Party 5

Nintendo Switch Mario party games are loaded with creativity. These board games are based on different types of dreams with an imaginative touch. Mario Party 5 gave its root back to the Mario Party 1 and 2.

The story mode of the game is unique in which the players have to compete with Bowser Koopa to get rid of all the coins by using capsules or competing in minigames. The capsule system of the game will not be seen in Mario Party 6 and 7.

Mario Party 8

When Nintendo Switch released Mario party games for the first time, they became a hit. However, out of all of the Mario Party, 8 was the one console game that was the most popular. This is one of the best Mario party game in the entire series.

While the motion controls are a thing of the past in the gaming world now, but the way these were a feature of Mario Party 8 made perfect sense to spend a fun time with friends and family. 

While there are better boards than this game, however, the core minigames of Mario party 8 are quite strong, keeping it fresh still. This is the only Mario party Wii game that runs on a traditional gameplay structure. You won’t see any silly traveling car-like in 9 & 10.

Super Mario Party

When the Nintendo switch first came around in 2017, the Mario party games franchise desperately required something to come back in the highlights. When the earlier two console games failed to get much attention Mario franchise came up with another best Mario party game: super Mario party. 

Even though the game is not perfect in every sense, there are different additions that are implemented on various layers of game strategy. The nature of console games features unique never seen before interactions among the players. 

Mario Party: Star Rush

Star rush is one of the most unique series of all Mario party games. Say goodbye to the usual board based game and welcome the new main mode: Toad Scramble. 

This is the first time antiquated based gameplay is scrapped for regular mayhem and movement. This model also features a unique gather-allies feature when you face the boss battle minigame. This is one of the best Nintendo Switch Mario party games.

 Final Words:

A fun game night with friends is incomplete without the best Mario party game. Mario has been the favourite super hero of every person since it was first launched. These mario party games will be a hit at your gaming night.

Have you played these games before? Tell us which one was your favorite in the comment section. 


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