Is Subnautica multiplayer – Subnautica was released in 2014, all set to chill the mind and hearts of faint-hearted people who get creeped out with dark waters and creatures of the ocean. By 2020 around five million copies of Subnautica were sold worldwide and became a highly popular game. Although to this day, people still ask, is Subnautica a multiplayer game?

This game offers the perfect formula for multiplayer. The open-world survival adventure game is driven by scavenging and crafting mechanics. Many similar kinds of games were also launched later on, like The Forest of island exploration, where you are forced to scavenge and build for survival which was a multiplayer platform. 

But it is Subnautica multiplayer; let’s find out.


Subnautica is a game full of perils, fear, and mystery. It features a lead player who crash lands on a planet named 4346B filled with an endless ocean of endless depth. The ocean houses violent creatures and dark secrets. 


Most of the loneliness and danger of the game can be removed if Subnautica is a multiplayer game. The game is free from NPC, and only ocean life can be seen during explorations. 


Later in the game, it is revealed that survivors might be scattered worldwide, but you don’t know about them. This game is desolate, lonely, and based on a solo adventure.


The lack of Subnautica multiplayer features does not mean playing is not fun. The game is fantastic and full of riddled exploration, discoveries, de-mystifying planets, and the fight for survival. 


There is so much area to cover that you will need a subnautica biome map for navigating the environment by swimming across most parts of the planet. 


Is Subnautica multiplayer? No. However, you can definitely make it multiplayer. If you are playing on your PC, use Subnautica mod released in 2021 to convert the game into a co-op state. Although this is not an official solution, you can enjoy subnautica with your friends and experience modified playing. This method only works on PC systems.

This subnautica mod is called Nitrox and allows two players to play on a single server. This is the only best solution to enjoy subnautica in a multiplayer version.



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