How to evolve Finizen into Palafin in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

How to evolve Finizen into Palafin in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?
How to evolve finizenPokemon Scarlet and Violet have some different evolutions, and Palafin is super special. To make Finizen evolve, you have to play with friends in the game’s co-op multiplayer Union Circle mode. Then, during a battle, use a special move to switch forms. Let’s know how to evolve Finizen:

How to evolve Finizen into Palafin?

Turning Finizen into Palafin is a cool process, but it needs some steps.

Step 1: Check that your Finizen is at least level 37. It evolves at level 38.

Before you start Union Circle, get your Finizen close to reaching level 38 (or higher) to make things easier for you.

Step 2: Team up with a friend in a Union Circle.

You can kick off or join a Union Circle session at Pokemon Centers or through the main menu’s Poke Portal.

If you’re short on friends to join the Union Circle, no worries! You can find a partner online on the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet subreddit or a busy Discord server.

Step 3: When inside Union Circle, make your Finizen stronger by battling wild Pokemon or using XP candies. This will make it level up.

Once your Finizen reaches level 38 or higher, it will immediately turn into Palafin.

How to make Palafin change into its Hero form?

After making Finizen evolve, Palafin may seem quite similar. But don’t worry, there’s a cool trick.

Palafin can switch into its Hero form only during a battle, and you do this by using a special move. Let’s guide you through it.

Step 1: When Finizen becomes Palafin, it’ll want to learn Flip Turn. This move is super important for Hero form of Palafin, so ensure it learns it right away. If you forget to teach it during the evolution, don’t worry. You can always teach it later by changing the moves of Palafin in its summary.

Step 2: Flip Turn works a bit like moves such as U-Turn or Volt Switch. When Palafin uses it, it returns to its Pokeball, and then you get to pick another Pokemon.

This move triggers Palafin’s special Zero to Hero, changing it into the more exciting Hero form before returning to your team. Palafin’s stats are better in Hero form, except for speed and HP.

It will be in its Hero form when you bring Palafin back into the fight. After the battle, it goes back to its Zero form.

Some FAQs

Can Finizen evolve on its own?

No, you need a friend to help Finizen evolve. Play the game together, either online or nearby. Go to the Union Circle, make a group, and invite your friend.

How to evolve Finizen?

After teaming up with others, boost your Finizen to level 38 or more. Battle wild Pokemon, face trainers, or use EXP Candies. While in the Union Circle at level 38 with a friend, Finizen turns into Palafin, becoming a hero.

Do Paladin and Finizen look alike?

When Finizen evolves, it starts as Palafin’s “Zero” form. It looks almost the same as Finizen, except for a little pink heart on its chest.

Why isn’t my Finizen evolving?

Evolving Finizen is special. Check if your Finizen is level 37 or higher. It evolves at level 38. Do this prep before entering the Union Circle.


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