Escape From Tarkov Corporate Secrets Quest Complete Guide 2022

Corporate secrets tarkovEscape from Tarkov is a video game for Windows where you play as a soldier. Battlestate Games make the game. It is set in a pretend place called Norvinsk, where two groups of soldiers are fighting each other. These soldiers are from private military companies called USEC and BEAR. In the game, you go on ” raids ” missions and try to survive by fighting other players and computer-controlled characters. Your goal is to find valuable items and escape from the area.

We will also talk about the hidden story behind companies in the game Escape from Tarkov and Corporate Secrets Tarkov. It is an important part of the primary mission that you need to complete. Do not be concerned, though, because we will provide you with lots of important details.

Requirements for the Corporate Secrets Tarkov Quest

First, you must be at least level 17 to begin this mission.

In Escape from Tarkov, there is a story mission called “Corporate Secrets Tarkov.” To finish this mission, you can follow a guide for assistance. In the Corporate Secrets Tarkov quest, you have to study a Water Treatment Plant. The Mechanic believes something doubtful is happening there and uses the information to his advantage. Here are the things you need to do to complete the mission.

To finish the quest, you must enter 2 USEC buildings at the water treatment plant. Once inside, find and take documents and papers from each office. People may be in the buildings, so you need to fight them. But do not worry; finding the data documents is not too hard. If you want a simple method to complete the quest, you can go to the central hospital and speak with the janitor. Once you have the details, you can move forward on the quest’s next part.

Goals for the Corporate Secrets Tarkov Quest

In Escape from Tarkov, there is a quest called “Corporate Secrets” which is part of the exploration section of the game. It asks players to investigate a Water Treatment Plant and discover what is happening there. This article will help you complete the quest successfully. Remember to reach at least level 17 to start this quest. In this article, you will find how to find the critical information you need.

Here are the things you need to do for the corporate secrets Tarkov mission in Escape From Tarkov:

  • Know how the water pumps work.
  • Show the information on the screen.
  • Give the collected data to the appropriate person.
  • Find information about how the pumping station works.
  • Give the collected data.

What are the steps to Corporate Secrets Tarkov Quest?

The Corporate Secrets Tarkov quest is an easy task you can start immediately. To finish it, you need to go inside 2 USEC buildings close to the water treatment plant and, from their offices, collect some papers. 

One of the buildings is called the West Water Treatment Plant, and the other one is called the South Water Treatment Plant.

Let us know in easy steps how to complete the quest:

  • Go to the water treatment plant and find the 1st USEC building.
  • When you enter the building, go to the top left corner, where there is a high area. Look for an office there.
  • Inside the office, on the right side, search the open shelves. You will find a green folder with the first document you need.
  • To find the 2nd document, leave the first building through the exit in the north. Then, head east towards the 2nd USEC facility. Be careful to stay hidden and avoid the Rogues.
  • In the second building, the document you need will be on your right side, in a file organizer, along with some other papers. Take it.
  • After getting both documents, leave the raid safely and return them to the Mechanic to complete the quest.



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