PICTIONARY : A fun indoor game board to play on chilly nights in the winter (or any game night!) is Pictionary.

But what if you don’t have the game, the board, or the rules and want to learn how to play Pictionary? You can easily create your homemade version of Pictionary, so don’t worry. The fact that you may customize it however you like makes it better. This game is great for gatherings as well as being enjoyable for families.

To be clear, Pictionary has been around for almost thirty years. 1985 Robert Angel & Gary Everson created it, and Angel Games, Inc. released it. Hasbro acquired it in 1994 and transformed it into the game we played today. It’s a well-known board game!

Don’t worry if you’ve never played Pictionary before. Follow these simple Pictionary guidelines, and you’ll be prepared to battle. And because we enjoy playing games so much, we’ve chosen to demonstrate how to create a personalized DIY Pictionary game that you can play at home in these 12 easy steps.

Setup for Homemade Pictionary

You’ll need some buddies to play with; advises teams to have three or more players. But ensure that every team has an equal number of participants! Afterwards, you’ll require a sketchbook and a writing or drawing instrument. We will be keeping time during this game, so getting a timer or a regular watch and maintaining it nearby is advisable.

DIY Pictionary without the Game Board: How to Play

Make your own words and categories.

  • The first step is to make a few cards to write on with the ideas you want to play with on them. Coworkers will have to make educated guesses about the content of these cards when they are drawn.
  • Here are some enjoyable Pictionary category & word suggestions to get you started: Animals (such as a puppy or cat), things (such as a chair and a dress), activities (such as running or jumping), difficulties (such as something challenging like New York City), or all of the games (a mix that includes all the categories) are all acceptable choices.
  • You will make a certain number of cards depending on how many players are participating. Before beginning, properly shuffle these cards.
  • Alternatively, you may use a word generator 

 Make at least two teams of two people or more.

  • To play, you’ll need a few companions. recommends 3 or more players for each team, and when I reach 5 players per team, I like to split into extra teams. But ensure that each team has an equal number of participants!

Set a score target.

  • Given that games last 25 to 30 minutes, ten points sounds like a reasonable scoring target. As a general rule, divide the number of scores by 2.5 to account for the total length of a tame.
  • Note that allowing many cards to get drawn may speed upward the game (see the “Variations” section below).

Prepare your drawing materials and timer.

  • Also required are a sketchbook or whiteboard and a writing or drawing instrument. You’re alright as long as it’s big enough for everyone to see the drawing board.
  • We will be keeping time during this game, so getting a timer or a regular watch and maintaining it nearby is advisable.

Select a group to go first.

  • The decision of which team goes first in roshambo (Rock-Paper-Scissors) is always a little entertaining, but you can make your own decision (flip a coin, pick the team with the oldest/youngest player, etc.).

Decide who will draw first.

  • A player will be chosen by the team that goes first and draws for the duration of the round.

Decide on a timer of 30 seconds.

  • The timer will be set for 30 seconds as soon as he or she is prepared.

Launch the round

  • Then, start the timer after announcing the category.
  • Then, using the sketch pad, the player must draw the word from the card. The team then has to collaborate to determine whatever the sketcher is sketching.

Obey the laws

  • It is forbidden for the person painting to speak or move their hands. He or she is also forbidden from using any letters or numbers in their drawings.

Earn 1 point for each accurate estimate.

  • A team scores when they accurately guess the phrase within 30 seconds. They get 0 points for the round if they guess incorrectly.

Change teams till the scoring objective is reached.

  • As previously mentioned, you can select a score over which teams may compete, for instance, 10. The winning squad will be the first to score 10.

Play a variety of “best of” games.

  • You can play more than one game to lengthen the game. For instance, the top 3 games out of 5, the top 2 games out of 3, etc.

Various Pictionary Games

Various words each round

If the “sketcher” answers appropriately, it can be entertaining to let them keep drawing cards until their allotted period runs out. When playing in this manner, we advise:

  • Increase the timer’s duration from 30 to 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Draw the following card and receive a point if you are right.
  • The “drawer” is allowed to skip every word; however, if she cannot return to it later on and get it right, she loses one point for each card she skipped.

Particular Categories

During the holidays, playing this game with families is a blast. Start a Pictionary competition and pit teams against one another until the ‘final’. Choose holiday-related words for your note cards to add a festive touch (for example, Thanksgiving words like pumpkin, turkey, cranberries, and pilgrims).

Decide in your own words.

Allow each team to be in charge of a different topic, and have them select terms that fall into those categories to render it even more intriguing. The game will become a surprise challenge as a result!


In conclusion, the article has attempted to explain “PICTIONARY”. I hope the language in this post is clear and understandable.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1) What does the Pictionary idea entail?

Ans.  A game where players must guess the words from pictures that other players have created.

Q2) What format does Pictionary use?

Ans. The Pictionary word that is generated. They have five seconds to contemplate after seeing the word before they start drawing. They have one minute after starting to draw to try to guess the chosen word from their partner.

Q3) Can people over 18 play Pictionary?

Ans. The entire family will enjoy the entertaining game of Pictionary. It could be played with participants of various ages in practically any situation. Even a version made especially for small toddlers is available.


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