What Do Frogs Eat in Minecraft?

What Do Frogs Eat in Minecraft?

What do frogs eat in MinecraftGood news from Mojang. Minecraft got a cool new place called mangrove swamps, plus three frog types. We are excited, and to mark this, let’s talk about what these frogs like to munch on.

Hold on, it is not boring. Unlike most Minecraft animals, these frogs have different tastes. Feeding them different things gives different results. Let us dive in and find out what do frogs eat in Minecraft.

What makes frogs happy in Minecraft 1.19

We will start with the foods frogs enjoy, then jump into how to feed them. If you are in a hurry, you can jump to the feeding using the table below.

What Do Frogs Eat in Minecraft 1.19

In Minecraft 1.19, frogs like to eat:

  • Small Slimes
  • Small Magma Cubes
  • Slimeballs

Here is a fun fact: Some say you can give frogs magma cream, but nope, that is not true. Even if it comes from magma cubes, frogs are not into it. Also, frogs do not snack on fireflies anymore in Minecraft 1.19. The developers decided to take fireflies out, and you can find more about it in the linked article. Now, let us talk about each of these yummy treats.

Small Magma Cubes

Magma cubes are bouncy bad guys found only in the Nether. They come in three sizes. When you defeat the biggest one, it splits into smaller ones, and it keeps going. Frogs are only into the tiniest magma cubes, the ones that are the third and last size.

Small Slimes

Think of slimes as the magma cubes’ land version. They are bouncy, not so friendly, and green. At night, you can spot them in swampy areas. When you defeat the biggest slime, it splits into smaller ones, and it goes on like that. Frogs are into the smallest slimes – the little ones.

Slimy Balls

Just like it sounds, a slimeball is something you find in the game, not a creature. You get it by defeating the tiniest slimes in Minecraft. If a frog munches on the slime and you beat the frog, it drops a slimeball.

Now, there is a not-so-common way to get slime in Minecraft. Baby pandas in the game might drop slimeballs when sneezing. However, this does not happen often and is not very dependable. So, we will not recommend spending too much time on this trick.

Feeding Frogs in Minecraft

Making frogs happy in Minecraft is a breeze. If a small slime or a little magma cube gets near a frog, it eats it right away. And if you have a slimeball, right-click the action key when holding it to feed the frog. 

Taming and Breeding Frogs

Getting frogs to be friends and have baby frogs is a snap. Just give a frog a slimeball, and it gets into breeding mode. If you have two frogs hanging out nearby and you give slimeballs to them then one of them will give eggs in the water after a bit.

Wrapping Up: Frogs and What They Eat in Minecraft

There you have it: the food preferences of the swamps’ little buddies are revealed. In the past, frogs used to snack on fireflies, but things have changed. Now, what’s your plan for feeding your frogs once you dive into the game? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Some Questions

What do frogs eat in Minecraft?

Making frogs happy in Minecraft is super simple. If a small slime or magma cube gets close to a frog, the frog chows down immediately. Moreover, if you have a slimeball, just right-click key when holding it to feed the frog. Easy peasy.

What happens if a frog snacks on a magma cube?

When a frog munches on a small magma cube, it leaves behind a froglight block. The colour of the froglight matches the frog that had the magma cube snack. We are putting together a detailed guide to show you how to craft a froglight in Minecraft and get all its different types, so keep an eye out for that.

What do frogs give when they are defeated in Minecraft?

When a frog meets its end, it does not drop anything. However, if a player or a tamed wolf does the job, the frog leaves behind one to three XP orbs.

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