Completely Removing Valorant from Your Computer

Completely Removing Valorant from Your Computer

Here are the procedures to fully uninstall Valorant from your Windows 10 or Windows 11 computer. Follow these instructions to successfully remove Valorant from your system. The process will be smooth and uninterrupted. Many people ask how to uninstall valorant as it is one of the most famous game. 

First, turn off Vanguard.

Turning off the Vanguard anti-cheat programme should be your first step before removing it. To do it, follow these steps:

Press the Windows system tray icon. You have to right-click the Vanguard symbol that appears.

Take a look at the context menu and choose the Exit Vanguard option.

Leave the Vanguard programme

A popup will appear, asking whether you would want to proceed. Your computer’s Vanguard anticheat service will be disabled when you click the Yes button.

Two, get Riot Vanguard out of your system.

Restarting Vanguard is the first step in removing this anticheat service. You must do this in order to remove Valorant from your computer. In order to remove the Vanguard anti-cheat, please adhere to these steps: 

Start by opening the Settings app using the Windows key plus I keyboard shortcut. If you are one of the people who wants to how to uninstall valorant then keep reading. 

Next, go over to the Apps area.

Windows software and applications

The list of programmes that are currently installed on your computer will now appear. Look for Riot Vanguard in the list of applications.

The next step is to select it and then hit the Remove button. Then, remove Vanguard Anticheat by following the on-screen instructions.

Get Vanguard uninstalled.

Third, Remove Valorant Correctly

You may proceed with the uninstallation when you have removed the Vanguard service. After you follow these steps, your Windows PC or laptop will be free of Valorant game files. There are number of people who ask one question how to uninstall valorant. 

When you want to use the settings app, hit the Windows key plus I to return to the apps list.

Windows software and applications

To locate Valorant, go to the list of applications.

To uninstall Valorant from your Windows 10 or Windows 11 computer, click the Uninstall button.

Eliminate Any Remaining Files

Once you’ve finished with step 3, restart your computer and see if any files are still there. How to do that:

Launch Windows Explorer.

To copy this URL, go to the top of the page and look for the address bar. Please hit the enter key.

Location: Riot Games

Pressing this button will launch the Riot Games folder. At this point, remove any remaining directories. After this, Valorant will be permanently deleted from your computer. Remove any remaining Valroant files.

Do You Know How to Use the Command Prompt to Remove Valorant?

“Why can’t I uninstall Valorant?” can be a question on your mind if the aforementioned solutions fail. The aforementioned methods may fail to resolve a problem in many cases. It can be due to corruption in the game files or a Windows program or setting problem. Then you may use Command Prompt to remove Vanguard and Valorant by hand. 

Get to the start menu or hit the Windows key first.

Now press CMD. The command prompt will be shown.

Next, in the right pane, you should see Run as an administrator. Click on it.

Launch command prompt as administrator.

The command prompt in administrative mode will be opened. Copy and paste the following instructions into the text editor, hitting Enter after each one.

Save as vgc

Remove vgk from sc

Command Prompt to Remove Valorant

After the system has restarted, launch File Explorer. If you want to remove Valorant without any problems, you must remember to restart the system.

Following that, go to the following place — C:\PROGRAM FILES\)

Eliminate the Riot Vanguard folder at this point. Doing this will uninstall Valorant from your computer.

Folder for Riot’s vanguard

Answers to Common Questions

Can I remove Valorant and still make progress?

No. You can be certain that your Valorant progress is safely stored in Riot’s cloud. As long as you keep using the same ID, you’ll always be able to see where you are.

Is Valorant not uninstalling from the Riot client?

Regrettably, the Riot client does not allow you to remove the game. Unfortunately, removing the game and the Riot client are both accomplished by following the instructions we specified.


The above listed portion explains everything about how to uninstall valorant. Any lingering uncertainties may be resolved using this procedure. Make sure you’ve closed Vanguard from the Windows system tray before continuing. 


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