How to Tame Allays in Minecraft

How to Tame Allays in Minecraft

How to Tame Allays in Minecraft – The new Minecraft 1.19 update brought cool stuff like mangrove swamps, frogs, an Ancient city with Warden, and more. However, what really got everyone excited was the Allay. This cute buddy became super popular. 

At first, finding more Allays was tough—you had to explore a lot. However, now, there is a trick to make lots of Allays quickly. Some call it “breeding,” but basically, you can get tons of these adorable mobs.

Now, let us jump into Minecraft and figure out how to tame allays and make more in Minecraft. We have also explained how to find them, make friends with them, and get them to find blocks for you. Lots of other things:

What is the meaning of Allays Minecraft?

Allay is a little friendly creature in Minecraft. You can find them in pillager outposts and woodland mansion cages. When you let them go, they fly around. If you give them something, they try to find more of that thing for you. This makes Allays really useful in different ways in your Minecraft adventures.

How to Tame Allay in Minecraft and how to get?

You can find Allays in two places where illagers hang out. They are kept in cages near pillager outposts and inside jail cells in woodland mansions. There is a 50% chance you will find one to three Allays in these cells or cages. Check our guide for more info on where exactly to find these friendly creatures.

How to Make Friends with an Allay in Minecraft?

You cannot exactly Minecraft tame Allay, but you can make it follow you. Just give it something, like a button or a fancy diamond. Once you take the thing back, though, the Allay will fly away. If you want it to stick around without an item, use a lead. 

You can also give it a different item to keep it close if you do not want it to go away.

Items You Need to Make More Allays:

Now, to make more Allays, gather these things:

  • 1 Amethyst Shard
  • 1 Allay
  • Any music disc
  • 1 Jukebox

You can find amethyst shards by breaking a block of amethyst clusters in the underground geode. Just use any tool or your hands to break them. You can get up to 16 shards from one cluster if you have the Minecraft enchantment Fortune. 

You might also find amethyst shards in chests in ancient cities.

How to Make More Allays in Minecraft?

To make more Allays in Minecraft, follow these simple steps:

  • Get an Allay and bring it near a jukebox.
  • Play a music disc on the jukebox.
  • When the Allay hears the music, it starts jukebox dancing around until the music stops

Use of Allays in Minecraft

In your blocky world, Allays can be super helpful:

  • Connect Allays to note blocks. They can replace water streams or hoppers in your item collection systems.
  • Most fail when using storage systems with a moving Redstone machine, but not Allays. They can keep up.
  • In XP farms or regular farms, Allays can quickly pick up items when a mob dies.

Also, having Allays around your Minecraft house just makes things look cooler. They add a nice touch to the atmosphere.

Which music makes the Allay dance?

Allay likes all kinds of music. You can use any music disc in Minecraft to make it dance, even the spooky “music disc 5.” This disc has people talking about the Ancient city portal.

Now, you can make a bunch of Allays quickly. No matter if you call it breeding or duplication, Allays make it super easy to get more of them in Minecraft. Also, try making a farm with Allays to see how awesome they can be.

Some FAQs

How to Tame Allays in Minecraft?

Yes, you can breed Allays in Minecraft. The Allay, a new mob in the Wild Update, collects more copies of an item when you give it something. To breed Allays, give them amethyst shards while a jukebox plays nearby.

How do you befriend an Allay in Minecraft?

You cannot exactly Allay in Minecraft tame, but once you free it, the Allay will start following you. To befriend it, give the Allay an item by using or placing it while looking at the Allay. The Allay will hold onto the item/block, and this is where it becomes useful.

Can Allays help you find diamonds?

No, Allays cannot dig for diamonds or any other blocks since they cannot break them alone. However, they help you find more of any item you need in Minecraft.


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