How To Make Anvil in Minecraft?

How To Make Anvil in Minecraft?

How to make anvil in MinecraftImagine You are in a big sword fight in Minecraft, and suddenly, your sword breaks just before defeating a tough enemy. Or you are deep in an underground cave, and you realize your pickaxe will not last the journey back up. These things happen to Minecraft players who do not know how to make an anvil.

An anvil is a super helpful tool that helps you fix and improve all your gear in Minecraft. However, sometimes, it can be tricky to use. To avoid any confusion, let us explore and learn everything you should know about how to make anvil in Minecraft and much more:

How to make Anvil in Minecraft

Making an anvil in Minecraft might seem tricky, but do not worry. It works because of the different game rules. We will explain it in simple parts. Check the table below to learn all about an anvil.

What is an Anvil in Minecraft

In Minecraft, an anvil is a helpful block. It helps you fix stuff, give them new names, and make magic improvements. You can find it in woodland mansions or make one yourself. If you are into Minecraft magic items, you really need an anvil.

Items for making an Anvil

To make an anvil in Minecraft, you will need these things:

  • 31 Iron Ingots (27 to make iron blocks)
  • 3 Iron Blocks (from those iron ingots)
  • Crafting Table

To get so much iron, first, find and dig iron ore. Our Minecraft 1.19 guide can help you find it. Then, melt the raw iron in a furnace until you have 31 iron ingots.

Also, if you put 9 iron ingots on the crafting table, it becomes a block of iron. You need 3 of those blocks to make an anvil. You can use the other 4 iron ingots as they are.

Crafting Recipe: Minecraft Anvil

Making an anvil in Minecraft is simple when you have everything. Just do these steps:

  • Put three iron blocks in the top row of the crafting area.
  • Now, place one iron ingot in the middle cell of the second row.
  • At the bottom row of the crafting table, put iron ingots in every cell. Moreover, there you go. You have got yourself an anvil in Minecraft.

Anvil in Minecraft Uses

The anvil in Minecraft is super handy for different things:

  • Fixing: If your tools break, put a metal piece on an anvil to fix them. You can also combine two broken things to make them stronger. It is like a grindstone but keeps the magic.
  • Naming: You can give things special names using the anvil.
  • Enchantment: Make your tools magical by mixing them with enchanted books on the anvil.
  • Weapon: Anvils are heavy and fall if not supported by something. They hurt anything below when they fall.
  • Map Magic: Use Anvil In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, to make maps bigger and change them.

Using an Anvil in Minecraft Cost

When you use an anvil in Minecraft, you will see something called “enchantment cost.” It is the price you pay for doing things like renaming, fixing, or making items magical.

The cost changes based on what you are doing and how much fixing is needed.

You pay this cost with your in-game experience level. So, if you use the anvil a lot, it is good to know how to make a Sculk XP farm in Minecraft.

However, if the cost goes over 40 levels, the item cannot be improved anymore. It becomes “too expensive” for the anvil.

Damaged Anvil

An anvil can get hurt when you use it. Usually, it can work about 25 times before breaking. However, it can also break if it falls from a tall place because it gets hurt more when it falls from higher.

Now, let us see how you can use an anvil in Minecraft in different situations.

Making Name Tags

To make name tags in Minecraft, you can change the name of an item or a bunch of items using an anvil. Just type the new name in the top part of the anvil’s window. Minecraft then calls that item by its new name. You can also use a anvil nametag to give new names to creatures.

Even though naming things seems easy, it can be super important in some situations.

In the Java Edition of Minecraft, you can change the name of creatures you have put in a bucket by using an anvil. The creatures will keep their new name even after you take them out of the anvil. This works the same way with mob spawn eggs.

Once you give an item a name, it cannot be hoarded with other items that have different names or no name, even if they are the same.

Certain things, like an enchanting table, show their own name in the anvil’s window.

You can also use name tags in the anvil to give creatures special names and discover fun secrets. For example, naming a creature “Dinnerbone” makes them turn upside down in Minecraft.

Fixing Items

To fix a broken tool in Minecraft, just put it in the anvil along with another identical tool. Then, you are ready for more adventures with a working tool.

Or, you can use a piece of the same metal that the damaged item is made of. Sometimes, in rare cases, you can even use different things to repair items. For example, you can use a phantom membrane to fix elytra.

Make Enchant Items

In Minecraft, when you mix a tool with a special book, the magic from the book goes to the tool. However, this only happens if the magic works with that tool. The book disappears when you do this. The book should be in the middle of the anvil, and the tool should be on the left side.

Falling Anvil:

As we talked about before, if you put an anvil in a place where it is not supported, it falls down because of gravity. You can use this to squish creatures by dropping anvils on them. Moreover, you can also use a falling anvil to make things disappear by smashing them.

Some Questions

How to make Anvil in Minecraft

You need 4 iron ingots and 3 blocks of iron.

How do I get iron ingots?

You can smelt iron ore in a furnace to get iron ingots.

How do I get iron blocks?

You can place 9 iron ingots in a crafting table to get a block of iron.

How do I craft an anvil?

Place 3 blocks of iron in the top most row of the crafting table, 1 iron ingot in the center cell of the second row, and 3 iron ingots in the bottom row.

Where can I place an anvil?

You can place an anvil on any solid block.

What can I use an anvil for?

You can use an anvil to repair and rename items and to combine enchantments.



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