One Piece Arcs in Order

One Piece Arcs in Order

one piece arcs – One Piece is, like, super famous as one of the coolest anime and manga ever. It has been going on for ages, and the story about Monkey D. Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates is still rolling.

Loads of people think it is the most-sold manga ever, and they are like, “Yo, One Piece is the best adventure tale ever.” If you are into Shonen anime, this one has got it all – a massive world, epic fights, the whole deal.

There are tons of episodes, specials, and even movies about it. So, if you are thinking of watching One Piece Arcs and want to know how to do it in order, we have got your back. Keep reading to learn about all One Piece’s different parts and start your pirate adventure.

One Piece Arcs List (2022)

We have a sweet guide here for watching One Piece in the right order, especially for 2022. We have got all the main story of One Piece Arcs, those side stories, the movies, and TV specials all lined up in the best way. There is no time to waste; let us dive into the One Piece Arcs list and get things rolling.

What is the Story and Background of One Piece Arcs?

One Piece is about a guy named Monkey D. Luffy. He is on a mission to gather a fantastic crew of pirates and find this legendary treasure called the “One Piece” to be the next big pirate king. The old pirate king, Gold Roger, stashed away this treasure.

The story kicks off in a world full of pirates and gets crazier as it goes on. One Piece has these big sagas, and each has smaller sagas called sub-sagas. Inside these sub-sagas, you have One Piece Arcs, like different adventures based on the islands Luffy and his crew visit. 

The new island, new arc. They leave for another place, the current arc ends, and a new one begins.

How you can watch One Piece in the right order

We have got all the One Piece Arcs, TV specials, fillers, movies, and special episodes listed in the perfect order. You can kick off your One Piece anime journey by following the order we have laid out below:

Starting with the Sea of Survival: Super Rookies Saga:

This is like the first part of One Piece, split into six sagas with a lot of arcs. It spans 516 episodes. Check them out below:

East Blue Saga

The first part of One Piece is called the East Blue Saga. It is named that way because all the action happens in the East Blue Sea. Now, let us check out the different adventures (arcs) that are part of the East Blue Saga:

One Piece Arcs Episodes Manga Chapters Additional Info
Romance Dawn  1-3 1-7
Orange Town  4-8 8-21
Syrup Village  9-18 22-41
One Piece: The Movie Movie 1-(2000) Runtime: 51 mins MAL/IMDB: 6.6/7.1
Baratie Arc 19-30 42-68
Arlong Park Arc 31-44 69-95
Loguetown Arc 45, 48-53 96-100
Crew of Buggy Adventure Chronicles 46, 47 35-75 
Warship Island Arc  54-61
One Piece: Clockwork Island Adventure (2001) – Movie 2 60 mins: Runtime MAL/IMDB: 6.7/7.1


Arabasta Saga

The Arabasta Saga is named after the country the Straw Hat crew goes to, where a lot of exciting things happens. It’s the second big part of the show and is split into these different adventures (arcs):

One Piece Arcs Episodes Manga Chapters
Reverse Mountain  62 & 63 101-105
Whisky Peak  64-67 106-114
Koby and Helmeppo  68 & 69 83-119 (Serial Covers)
Little Garden  70-77 115-129
Drum Island  78-91 130-154
Arabasta  92-130 155-217


Sky Island Saga

The Sky Island Saga gets its name because most of the action happens on the floating island called Skypiea. It’s the third big part of the show, and it includes different adventures (arcs) like:

One Piece Arcs Episodes Manga Chapters Additional Info
Goat Island Arc 136-138
Ruluka Island Arc 139-143
Jaya Arc 144-152 218-236
Skypiea Arc 153-195 237-302
One Piece The Movie: Dead End Adventure  1h 35m: Runtime MAL/IMDB: 7.2/7.5
One Piece: The Cursed Holy Sword 1h 35m: Runtime MAL/IMDB: 6.6/7.1
G-8 Arc 196-206
Episode of Sky Island Recap Sky Island saga
Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island 1h 31m: Runtime MAL/IMDB: 7.2/7.7
Mega Mecha Soldier of Karakuri Castle 1h 34m: Runtime MAL/IMDB: 6.5/7.2


Water 7 Saga:


The cool Water 7 island, kinda like Venice, where the Straw Hat crew goes after Skypiea, gives the Water 7 Saga its name. It’s the fourth big part of the anime show, and it has these different adventures (arcs):

One Piece Arcs Episodes Manga Chapters Additional Info
Long Ring Long Land  207-219 303-321
Ocean’s Dream Arc 220-224
Foxy’s Return Arc  225-228
Water 7 Arc 229-263 322-374
Enies Lobby Arc 264-290, 293-302, 304-312 375-430
One Piece The Movie: Episode of Arabasta: The Desert Princess and the Pirates (2007)  1h 30m: Runtime MAL/IMDB: 6.8/7.32
Boss Luffy Historical Special 291,292,303,406,407
Post-Enies Lobby 313-325 431-441


Some FAQs

What comes after Wano?

After the super long Wano arc, we’re moving into the Final Saga of One Piece. Right after Wano, there’s the Egghead Island arc.

Which part is about Zoro?

Zoro’s backstory is in the Romance Dawn arc, the first part of the One Piece anime. This arc goes on for three episodes, and it’s where Zoro becomes part of Luffy’s pirate crew.

Which is the longest story part in One Piece?

Right now, the Wano Country arc is the longest in One Piece. It’s made up of about 148 chapters and has gone over 110 episodes in the anime. Just so you know, the Wano Country arc is still happening in the anime, so there’s more to come.


If you’ve been trying to figure out the right way to watch One Piece, we hope our list of the order of story arcs has been useful for you. We put this list together based on the latest info we have. We’ll keep updating it so fans can stay in the loop with the show.


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