Escape From the Extortionist Tarkov Skier Quest

Escape From the Extortionist Tarkov Skier Quest

The Extortionist Tarkov is among the most exciting quests in Escape from Tarkov. First-person shooter is distinguished by their violent and complicated gameplay. In such games, players are forced to wander around the world without any instructions or assistance whatsoever.

You can participate in the activity after reaching level 7 in the game. You can receive it from The Skier in the Customs map. Although Skier will never be a saint, he distributes equipment and money to new players for simple feats that look like they cost him nothing.

What Are the Requirements for the Extortionist Tarkov Quest?

As a Radiated Tarkov player, knowing the necessities accompanying the extortionist quest is essential. The quest for The Extortionist Tarkov Skier in Escape from Tarkov is unlocked at level 7. It presents a challenging journey of discovering unknown cargo and the key to opening a door.

In this amazing game, first, you have to find the messenger’s body in order to complete the quest and obtain the unusual key since these two bits of information are requisite for locating the cargo.

To accomplish the Skier’s Quest, you should obtain one of the essential items, the Secure Folder 0048. After getting the folder, you need to deliver it safely to an adjacent place where the Skier will be waiting for it.

The Extortionist Tarkov Quest Rewards

You will need the help to complete the quest of the Extortionist Tarkov skier in Escape from Tarkov. This task includes searching the surroundings for hidden cargo and a door key.

The reward can only be achieved by finding both the key and cargo and bringing them to Skier. The tactics of the quest’s tips will be revealed only at the end.

Goal Completion of the Escape From The Extortionist Tarkov?

After reaching Level 7, players can take the Extortionist Tarkov Quest from NPC Skier. Upon completing this quest, players will be awarded unique loot, so we have crafted this guide to assist them.

1. Locate the Dead Body

A messenger has been assigned the case of the document; unfortunately, he is already dead. It would, therefore, take these steps to find the courier who was handed this case of the paper and, predictably, must have passed away in the meantime.

  • Go to the eastern side of the Customs map using the bridge.
  • Go south towards the RUAF Roadblock.
  • Locate the messenger’s body to the north of the fence.

RUAF Roadblock is easy to identify on the map as it would have a red mark. Likewise, the blue title indicates where the messenger’s corpse fell.

Your next mission is to look for a key in the body, once you find get, the instructions are given below to follow on what your next step should be.

2. Required Key

To complete the Extortionist Tarkov Quest, the UnknownKey has to be got. Furthermore, the key can be purchased at the Flea Market or dropped from Scav bags.

3. Recover the Valuable Cargo

The green marker on the map points out the location of the messenger’s cabin, where you can find this particular case. The key that you got earlier can be used to open up the cabin where the case holding all important documents is kept.

Return it once you have the opportunity as given. Skier. You will get the following items/equipment as a reward for the Extortionist Tarkov quest completion:

  • Skier Rep +0.08
  • 3,200 XP
  • Vepr AKM carbine
  • 500 Dollars
  • 3x Izhmash AK magazine

Some FAQs

Where do I go to finish the extortionist tarkov?

To finish the Extortionist Tarkov, go to the Customs map and recover the unknown key from the dead scav near RUAF Roadblock. Then, a key can be used to open one of the cabins in the trainyard and pick up whatever item you find within it.

What is the missing key?

Customs, a cabin at the crane yard opens. The unknown key is an item in Escape from Tarkov.

0048 secure folder in Tarkov, where is it?

You have the key, so now you need to go out of town to a cabin near warehouse 4, between gas stations on a shipping yard. The required document ( Secure case for documents 0048) is under the jacket in the locked cabin.

What is the escape mechanism from Tarkov?

Each map has many escape points from the raid after a specific period. Double-tap O to see the possible extractions. The extractions will vary in each raid based on your spawn point as well as whether you’re playing as a PMC USEC/BEAR or Scav.


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