Elden Ring: How to Get Nagakiba Katana

Elden Ring: How to Get Nagakiba Katana

Nagakiba in Elden Ring is a Melee Armament of the Katana Class weaponry. There are 2 different ways in which players will be able to get hold of the Nagakiba by way of completely killing Bloody Finger Hunter Yura or Bloody Finger Hunter Yura’s Questline at his first encounter.

But, should players persist in the quest line of Bloody Finger Hunter Yura, they will be duly rewarded with Nagakiba Eleonara’s Poleblade and Purifying Crystal Tear. If Bloody Finger Yura becomes possessed by Shabriri or dies during the Questline. 3 out of the 4 previous locations where Bloody Finger Yura can be found still let players obtain the Nagakiba.

Location of Blood Finger Hunter Yura in Elden Ring

The three locations in Elden Ring, these are:

  • The player first encounters him at Seaside Ruin camp.
  • 2nd time that the player meets up with them is in the underpass by the Murkwater Cave.
  • Finally, at the perimeter of the Main Academy Gate Site of Grace Bridge, he meets him for the 3rd time.

After the player gets the Nagakiba Katana, they have to use 22 Dexterity Stat and 18 Strength Stat for appropriate wielding of the Melee Armament. This is because Nagakiba mostly scales with Strength and Dexterity. Also, the Nagakiba will have Weapon Skill or Piercing Fang Ash of War installed when it is equipped for the first time.

In Elden Ring, players can take off the Piercing Fang Ash of War and use Unsheath Ash of War because the latter is Weapon Skill or authentic Ash of War of Nagakiba. The Nagakiba presents the same Slash/Pierce Moveset when wielding Melee Armament one-handedly or two-handedly.

Forward slashes form the light attack combo, and 2 ranged thrust attacks are part of the heavy attack Combo. When sprinting, you can slash down or lunge ahead with a thrust attack. In addition, a quick slash attack when rolled into enemies with an animation faster than the regular light attack players can do Moveset.

Killing Yura Prematurely

As soon as players are thrown out of the cave in Limgrave, it is possible to obtain Nagakiba. All they need to do is walk up north to the river that flows into Agheel Lake. They will find a dungeon called Murkwater Cave; in front of this cave, Bloody Finger Nerijus will attack players.

Or they can attack Yura to get the Nagakiba. Yura is one of them, though players could converse with him.

It can be a difficult struggle if he is low-levelled, but he can also easily be stun-locked or staggered. Players may also want to touch Grace inside Murkwater Cave, where the Patches questline is an easy place they could respawn should Yura beat them up.

After killing him, Yura drops the Nagakiba Katana, that is a few Runes and nothing else, but if you are slavering after his armour set, then you can stay away from this way of getting to Nagakiba.

Finishing Yura’s Questline

On the one hand, those who can delay short-term pleasure and get more in the distant future will do better by talking to Yura rather than killing him. Finish his questline, and not only will Nagakiba will reward him, but he will be able to unlock Eleonora’s Poleblade, one of the best Bleed weapons. Ash of War: The Purifying Crystal Tear is a good weapon skill and the Raptor of the Mists.

The quest may be lengthy and demands the character to unlock the Altus Plateau, which is informally treated as a mid-game area in Elden Ring.

Do Nothing & Obtain The Nagakiba Anyway

People who did not pay attention to Yura’s questline or did not manage to finish it before the meeting in Altus Plateau, the Nagakiba can be picked up nevertheless from the last spot where people talked to Yura or his supposed final place.

This could be in his hidden place by the river to the north of Murkwater Cave or perhaps down there, as seen in the picture, shaded from under some ruins close to the Seaside Ruins Site of Grace.

Here, Yura drops the Nagakiba with little event. The cause of this event is still vague, but it appears to have occurred following Yura being taken over by Shabriri and is no longer in his own mind. This should occur shortly after players have opened the Mountaintops of the Giants area.


Is Nagakiba good in Elden Ring?

Nagakiba scales mostly with strength and dexterity and is a viable weapon for dealing with an additional blood loss effect and the original physical damage that this weapon deals with. A particularly long-bladed katana.

Where to find Elden Ring’s Katana?

To get this incredible weapon, you have to navigate the alternate portal at Gael Tunnel via Caelid’s region. Your boss is the Magma Wyrm, a dragon with no wings to carry it around and dragging its body around with excess magma coming out of its mouth. After it is killed, it will drop the Moonveil Katana.

Which early-game katana is the best in Elden Ring?

When it comes to simple class choices, the Uchigatana, that is, the starter katana, makes a great case for Samurai being the best starting choice in the Elden Ring. With abilities like the Uchigatana in hand and equipped with the Land of Reeds armour set, players will easily breeze through early game stages.

Is it possible to get Nagakiba elden ring without killing Yura?

Talking over Yura instead of killing him seems a better deal for those who can hold out for gratification further into the future. Finishing Nagakiba’s questline will provide this weapon and unlock Eleonora’s Poleblade – one of the best Bleed weapons in the game.

Is Nagakiba missable?

If you have failed to find Yura on the quest and cannot locate Nagakiba where it first occurred or anywhere else, go to the Seaside Ruins grace south of Agheel Lake. Near the ruins of the archway, there will have been a camp created with Nagakiba ready to be grabbed.



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