Teamfight Tactics Guide – Best Tips for Beginners to Master the Game

Teamfight Tactics Guide – Best Tips for Beginners to Master the Game

Teamfight tactics is one of the most popular auto battler games at the present time. The game was released on 18th March 2020 and has gained remarkable popularity since then. It is a fascinating team-fight strategy game that pits a player against seven opponents in a race to make a powerful team. Here is Teamfight tactics guide to help you become the master of the game.

So, how to play Teamfight tactics? Teamfight tactics have some addictive qualities, which makes them highly interesting. In this game, every round presents different hurdles and requires you to face increasing challenges within determined time and using limited resources. This Teamfight tactic guide explains the basic as well as complexities of the game, including all the essential strategies required to be a master of this game. 

What are Teamfight Tactics?

Teamfight tactics or TFT is a popular Free-for-all eight-player game in which the last surviving player wins. In this game, each player gets a board where they can strategize before entering the battle against other players. The players go to battle with their team of champions that develop throughout the game. In this game, the champions automatically fight against the enemy champion team and minions in random order. 

Team Fight Tactics Guide

Teamfight tactics mobile belong to the genre of “auto-chess” games. In short, in this game, you purchase unis from a shared pool. The unit fights against the enemy’s unit, so either you or your enemy wins the game. Now the question is how to play Teamfight tactics? Continue reading the Teamfight tactic guide to help you better understand the game. 

Basics of Teamfight Tactics or TFT

How to play Teamfight tactics? Before exploring the tips to become a master of TFT, it is better to understand the basics of the game. Here are some basics of TFT. 

  • The Teamfight tactic is a free-for-all, eight vs. eight-player game. You have to buy level one champion in the game from a shared pool in order to build your team. 
  • Each player gets 100 health points. The player who still has a health by the end of the match is the winner. 
  • Teamfight tactics include five rounds: four PvP rounds and one PvE round. Moreover, it also includes a champion draft before entering the third round. 
  • In total, there are 49 champions, including both ranged and melee. The champions are split between 13 origins and 10 classes. 
  • Each champion in the game belongs to one of the five rarities: legendary, rare, epic, common, and uncommon. When you are on a higher level, you are more likely to get a higher rarity unit. You can obtain this unit either by a champion draft or at the beginning of every round. 
  • If you control various unique champions that share classes or origins, then they get bonuses that help you empower your unit in different ways. 
  • At the beginning of every round, the champions that you obtained or bought are kept on a nine-slot bench. The champions can also be placed in any one of the 21 spaces that are present on your board’s side. 
  • If you successfully collect three same one-star champions (one start refers to the rank that every champion gets), they combine to form a stronger unit of 2star. The same thing happens when you collect any three units of two stars. They combine to form a stronger 3-star unit. 
  • The champions that you place in your preferred space will then put in a fight with a random enemy’s team. 
  • While taking damage and dealing with it, the Majority of units get mana, which is helpful to activate their unique and special abilities. 
  • These abilities have the power to do anything from dealing with huge damage to freezing the unit of the enemy in one place. Moreover, these abilities can remarkably affect the result of a fight. 
  • When it comes to results, there are three possible outcomes: draw, win or lose. When you win, your surviving units handle the damage to the enemy equal to their rank. In case you lose the match, the enemy units are left to deal with the damage caused to you. In case the time is over, and you are still fighting, the damage is dealt with by both teams. 
  • The progress of stages continues following the same order until a winner is found. 

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Teamfight Tactics Tips 

Now that you have knowledge about the basics of the game, it is time to continue the team fight tactics guide with some tips to master the game. 

Consider Your Money

When you start the game, you have a small amount of gold. However, quickly you begin earning. Everyone in the game has some basic income, but you get a bonus if you are present on a losing streak or win streak. When you win a round, you also get extra gold. 

At the end of the round, you get one gold interest for every ten gold. For escape, if you have ten gold at the end, you get one extra gold. This interest in getting extra gold stops at 50. 

One more way to get gold is to sell you champions. You do not have to worry about the items your champions have; you will get the items back. 

Make the RNG Useful

The item shop is totally randomized, but trust me, you can learn to use this randomness to get an advantage against your enemy. The higher level you have, the more chances are there of getting more powerful units. Moreover, you have fewer chances of getting vague units. 

Another thing to consider is that every player pulls from the same pool. So, it is a good idea to look at everyone else’s board to know what they are doing. For instance, if many people have the same champions as yours, you are less likely to get upgrades. 

Focus On Positioning

One of the trickiest things to be done right in the teamfight tactics is positioning. In fact, in some cases, moving one champion to any other position on the board can change the result of the fight. 

Each game is totally different; therefore, you need to learn to adapt to different conditions. However, in general, it is best to keep the bulky units with the highest health on the front line. Make sure to keep the squishier damage dealers at the back. You can see the attack range of different champions in the stat block. Therefore, make sure not to put your melee units behind the ranged units. 

It is essential to pay attention to everything happening during the game. For instance, your enemies might have a Blitzcrank that is placing your star unit into their team and at a place where you don’t want them to be. Make sure to adjust according to the game. It is one of the best tips of the teamfight tactics guide that you need to follow. 

Stay Alert and Don’t get Baite

It is another essential tip of the teamfight tactic guide that you should follow. It is easy to get tunneled in the board, managing your comp, and ensuring the right positioning is the right thing to do. However, you also need to pay attention to the opponents. 

Your perfect early compo will not remain the same forever. You may be overtaken in the middle of the late game if you follow the same strategy. 

If you find that others are doing the same thing as you, or you find out that you are losing various rounds, you should try to switch your position. 

It is a good idea to save your gold, but it is of no use if you are dead. In case you are running out of time, feel free to use the gold to search for improving champions. 

Feel Free to Break the Rules a Little 

You may think that you are aware of all the rules, but trust me, some rules can be broken. For instance, Set 3 has the synergy of the Mech-Pilot champion. Try to put the units on the board with the Mech-Pilot traut. They will combine together and form a Super-Mech. It seals vast area-of-effect damage. Moreover, it also breaks out into single champions when it dies. 

There are some dangerous potentials also in the new set. Thrash ignores the time size limit while using the ultimate ability and pulling your champions into the fray. 

Set 4 has introduced some powerful units. Therefore, it is better to keep an eye on amazing combos as you can utilize them to use against the opponents during the game. 

Items are Important

Items are highly essential in the game. A good item can help you swing the entire game in your favor. For instance, Sorcerers prefer ability power. Therefore, it is a good idea to stick to Rabadon’s Deathcap present on a unit that deals a lot of damage using its ultimate power. Alternatively, Armor of Warmog will help your unit to stay alive for a long period of time. 

Throughout the game, you have to participate in some Shared Draft carousels. Here you get a free unit, and it is a good opportunity that allows you to upgrade your champions. 

However, you also need to pay attention to get new champions from the refreshing shop. There are not many occasions where you are allowed to pick up new items, so you should make the best use of the opportunity. 

Check the Galaxies Pass

The Galaxies Pass version of Battle Pass in Teamfight Tactics renders your cosmetic in-game rewards like new emotes and arenas. You should opt to pay for it as it provides your premium rewards. Moreover, it grants you 20 levels instantly. You can get the experience in the past by playing games. However, you can also do missions, which can help you unlock extra XP each week.

Nothing gives you an in-game boost; therefore, everyone is available on the same playing field. However, you get the opportunity to see how much you have progressed as compared to your opponents. It is always a good idea to win the game with some flashy and attractive graphics. Always remember that in the Teamflight tactics mobile game, the store is not available, but crossplay is available on the PC versions. So you can keep your cosmetics there. 

Do Your Research

One of the essential advice of the teamfight tactics guide is to do proper research before entering the game. If you want to understand how to play teamfight tactics, you need to do proper research. 

You should get into the game, play it, check the mechanics and learn how everything works. Nevertheless, at some point, you will want to improve your game to improve your ranks. Therefore, it is better to learn compositions, and once you explore them, you will start winning the game. In addition to this, make sure that you know the uses of unit strategies and items. Obviously, you do not want to waste your time reading during the game. 

There is nothing bad about copying others. The best way to learn the game better is to watch the game streamers. There are various TFT mobile streamers, and they will explain to you what they are doing. Moreover, they will also give you tips for better game strategies. 

The teamfight tactics game changes frequently. In order to try and balance things, Riot makes tweaks. Therefore, make sure to stay up-to-date. Your amazing composition might not be good for the next update. 

Final Words

Teamfight tactics is an amazing free for all eight-player game in which the last player wins the game. The game may look simple, but it requires you to set up positions. Form strategies, and create compositions in order to survive till the end. Moreover, you have to do everything in a limited time with limited resources, which makes the game more interesting. 

If you are new to this game, make sure to go through the Teamfight tactics guide before starting the game. It will allow you to play the game in a better way. Now that you know the basics play the game, and do share your experience with us by dropping a comment. 

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