Locations of Most Valuable Items in Escape from Tarkov’s Lighthouse

Locations of Most Valuable Items in Escape from Tarkov’s Lighthouse

The lighthouse map tarkov has a lot of valuable items. There are several potential targets for looting on this map, including the water treatment plant, the towns, and the chalets. With careful route planning, even relatively risk-free runs may provide substantial profits.

You can bring practically any loadout and have some success in Lighthouse, making it stand out from other games. However, there are a lot of dangers out there, and we’ll show you how to avoid them.

Read this page for a map of the top treasure spots in lighthouse map tarkov: The Lighthouse. In addition, it will go over specific tactics, the various forms of loot, and the dangers you should be aware of.

The Chalets Offer a Satisfying Middle Ground Between Loot and Combat Danger 1. Extremely High

The cabins in the Escape from Tarkov: Lighthouse map.

This area will serve as your primary income source on Lighthouse for several reasons. You may discover many valuable goods, and there is much treasure.

The Southern Chalet, Northern Chalet, Resort, and Tennis Court can all be found in this section of the lighthouse map tarkov. If successfully looted, these may provide enormous financial rewards from a single raid. We’ll get into the specifics in a while but know there are few better places to make money than here.

As this is a heavily disputed sector on this side of the map, and there are many PMC spawns in the vicinity, the presence of other players is the only real drawback. The PMCs spawning on the opposite side of the beach are also dangerous since they will try to snipe you. Unfortunately, this location will likely be contested at some time during the raid.

Chalet du Sud

Most of the medication, supplies, and ammunition are located in the backyard of the southern chalet and the little cottage next to it.

On the first level, you may find everyday items like jewellery, gadgets, and cryptocurrency in the pool. Always double-check that! The bulk of the supplies are located on the second level. But there are also two weapon boxes, a sports bag, a med bag, intel spawns in the theatre, and a bitcoin spawn on the nightstand.

There are several sources of jewellery and military electronics on the third level. There are also sports and medical bags, as well as coats. Some jewellery and military electronics have also appeared on the workbenches along the garage wall. The garage also houses some construction supplies and a military battery spawn. You may find military electronics, jewellery, and other valuables on the fourth level, a weapon box, and two resupply spawns.

Tarkov’s Tennis Court Area on the Lighthouse Map

This area of lighthouse map tarkov has some good treasures and is conveniently located near the Southern Chalet.

Valuables spawn, two ammunition boxes, weapon modifications, and an M4A1 spawn can all be found in the tent. There is also information in the table. There are spawns for weapon modifications, ammunition, boxes of instruments, a toolbox, medical supplies, and military batteries outside the tent.

The shed also has a supply spawn and a weapon chest.

Resort at the Northern Chalet

The variety of treasure here is comparable to that of the Southern Chalet. There are a plethora of supply spawns on the ground level, in addition to three weapon boxes, a grenade box, weapons, weapon modifications, and ammunition boxes.

 A weapon may also spawn on the sofa, making this location ideal for acquiring firearms and associated items. Provisions, medications, a fuel spawn, and a rare treasure spawn may be found just outside the chalet.

There is a little less treasure on the upper level. Still, you may find a military battery spawn point among the gadgets, sports bags, jackets, and other miscellaneous stuff.

A home with a garage stocked with instruments, gadgets, and DIY goodies, sits next to the shack. Provisions, a weapon box, a medical case, two coats, valuables spawn, and a sports bag may all be found here.

Extreme Dangers at Water Treatment Facilities

Some of you undoubtedly thought this would be first on the list, and it is one of the finest treasure places in the game, not just on this map.

Then why is it ranked second? Truthfully, the risk is relatively high here, particularly for newcomers. It’s a good challenge and a lot of fun, but this guide focuses on giving some order and ensuring you obtain your stuff without being hurt.

There are around 28 weapon boxes in this Escape from Tarkov Lighthouse area, without including any additional goodies. There are treasures, technology crates, intelligence spawning, medicines, gadgets, and everything else you need.

The Threat from To Reach This Point on the Lighthouse Map

The Rogues, the USAC’s version of the Raiders, must be included there. They are artificial intelligence that will fire scars and BEARs on sight, and they will be hostile to you as a USEC for a few raids if you kill a Rogue.

The risk now is that these men may be completely shattered. There are several methods for farming Rogues on the internet, and we may have even ranked this one as the best.

Recent updates to their AI, however, have made them very powerful and challenging to defeat. You may be amid the villages, and they will still fire at you.

If you successfully kill and loot a couple of them, you can possess some uncommon gear. They can physically spawn with the game’s finest S-tier armour and helmets.

The area surrounding this installation is also heavily mined. The risk is increased by the newly installed claymores on the rocks. You get some of the game’s most hectic areas when you add people and player scans. This is one of the most excellent spots on the lighthouse map tarkovto visit if you’re searching for a high-stakes adventure.

Medium Risk for Rural Areas!

The Village, located between the cabins and the water purification facility, is a great spot. Surprisingly, this area of the Village in Escape from Tarkov’s lighthouse map tarkov provides decent treasure and may quickly fill your bag. Provisions and do-it-yourself stuff, including electronics, construction supplies, and tools, are standard components of this booty.

Which is fantastic if you are starting or travelling through. This spot isn’t as flashy as the others in this tutorial, but that’s okay; you may still profit from the stuff you find here.

Thanks to the Village’s proximity to the “path to the shoreline” extraction, you can easily plunder and leave. Players may come by here early in the game, so be wary.

So, be wary of other players attempting to get near the extraction since this may be both a boon and a bane. Another popular feature of this map is the “Path to Shoreline” shortcut.

Wetland Community

It’s important to note that the Swamp Village is immediately adjacent to the town. There are just a few homes, but they are packed with food, furniture, appliances, and other things. If you are in the area or the Village has already been plundered, you may pillage this section of the lighthouse map tarkov.

The Train Yard Is the Game’s Least Dangerous and Most Underrated Location

Escape from Tarkov: The Lighthouse, Map, Trainyard

The Train Yard may be the final stop on our tour of the Lighthouse, but make sure you think it’s worth your time. As with the rest of the lighthouse map tarkov in Escape from Tarkov, the concentration of riches is ridiculous.

You may expect to find tools, gadgets, construction supplies, gasoline, fuel conditioners, etc. Numerous medical and stim spawning have been produced in the lab. The railroad yard is littered with caches of weapons, ammunition, tools, and even some valuables.

This is a fantastic area to stash your gear at the beginning of the game. On your Scav runs you should aim for the treasure here. Due to its remote location and lack of desirable treasure, such as the Chalets or Water Treatment Plant, this location has much going for it.

The Actual Lighthouse A lighthouse on the island that players of Escape from Tarkov must visit.

The Lighthouse is a notable location in Escape from tarkov maps because it contains valuable items, but getting there is very difficult and requires completing a very late-game objective. You don’t need any more stuff now since you already have everything.

Even after completing the task, crossing the bridge might be difficult since someone could easily set up camp there. We felt compelled to make that observation now.

Best Way to Make money using the Tarkov Map’s Lighthouse in Escape from Tarkov

The ideal action plan is to take advantage of the abundant riches in either of these areas and then escape by the “mountain pass” extraction point. It’s near enough that you can escape within minutes once you’ve finished plundering the cabins.

Although this tactic is somewhat situational (you require a Red Rebel and a Paracord), it will help you survive more raids if you want to play Lighthouse often. Problems like extract camping and random encounters with other individuals, which might arise when you extract in a public place, are almost eliminated.

The only catch is that the Red Rebel will set you back about 4 million rubles on the flea market, but if you can avoid being killed in any raids, it will pay for itself.


Good swag may be found everywhere across the lighthouse map tarkov. And that’s why Scav runs are all the rage in this region. The item quality is still high despite the reductions that have been made. While it’s not the most detailed map to learn, the time and effort invested into mastering, it will be well rewarded.

Please find this navigation guidance helpful. Our graded list of the most incredible escape from tarkov maps to find valuable treasure is available as a companion piece. Have a pleasant time on your raids for now, and best of luck!


Where can I find the most valuable items in Tarkov?

Tarkov veterans will recognize Woods as a staple of the genre. This map has it all: bosses, treasure, wide open areas, and congested dungeons. It’s one of the game’s first maps and perhaps one of the greatest overall.

What are the most excellent spots to find stuff in Tarkov Forest?

You may find great early and late-game treasure at the Military Camp in the southeast corner of Woods. The Military Camp may be found just east of the river bank and looted quickly if you know where to look.

Do the outcasts of Lighthouse have scavenger rifles?

If a rogue has been recently shot, regardless of their Scav karma, all adjacent players, including Scavs and PMCs, are fair game.


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