Baldur’s Gate 3: Mastering the Gauntlet of Shar Temple BG3

Baldur’s Gate 3: Mastering the Gauntlet of Shar Temple BG3

Are you ready to tackle one of the most thrilling challenges in Shar Temple BG3? The Gauntlet of Shar is a series of trials testing your humour, patience, and strategic thinking.

However, don’t worry. We are going to discuss step-by-step what will help you conquer this difficult task.

Finding the Gauntlet of Shar Temple BG3

First, you need to locate the Gauntlet. It is located within the Thorm Mausoleum of the Shadow-Cursed Lands. Head west from the Masons Guild and look for Arabella near a gate. She will kickstart a quest for you.

Once you are done chatting, go to north until you reach a building, then hang a left to go northwest. Look for stairs leading up and follow them to the Mausoleum Entrance.

Solving the Mausoleum Puzzle

Inside the Mausoleum, you will find three murals. Press the buttons beneath them to light them up. This will open two secret doorways.

Here is the trick: press the buttons in the right order. Once you do, grab the Traversal Gem on the platform to take it to the Gauntlet’s entrance.

The Statue Puzzle

At the Gauntlet, you will face a statue puzzle. It is difficult, but here is a hint: “The answer lies in darkness.” You will need to create total darkness to see the runes on the floor.

This means exploring side rooms, dealing with traps, and pulling levers to lower lanterns. Once the room is dark, the path will be revealed.

Completing the Trials

The Gauntlet has three main trials you will need to complete. Each one is unique and requires a different approach.

You will solve puzzles, navigate through darkness, and make leaps of faith. Keep your wits about you, and you will make it through.

How to Handle Balthazar?

In the game Baldur’s Gate 3, you will meet a character named Balthazar. He is located in the Gauntlet of Shar Temple BG3.

You have to choose either team up with him or battle against him. Here is a help to help you choose:

If you help Balthazar:

  • He will give you a special bell. When you ring this bell, a creature named Flesh will come to help you fight in the Gauntlet.
  •  If you help him, another character named Shadowheart will become your enemy, changing her story in the game.

If you fight Balthazar:

  • If you win, you will get points for your experience and maybe some good gear for your adventure.
  •  If you do not team up with him, you will not get help from Flesh in your fights.

How to Deal with Yurgir?

Dealing with Yurgir in “Baldur’s Gate 3” can be tricky. You will find him in the Gauntlet of Shar Temple BG3, and you have two main options: help him or fight him. Here is a brief guide:

Helping Yurgir:

  • By helping Yurgir, you can complete his contract, which may affect the storyline with Astarion.
  •  Assisting Yurgir might prevent Astarion from learning about the markings on his back, which could impact his companion quest and romance options.

Fighting Yurgir:

  • Battling Yurgir will earn you experience points and loot, including the Justiciar’s Greatshield and Scimitar.
  •  The fight can be tough, as Yurgir has a height advantage and can attack with his crossbow and bombs.

Tips for Success

  • Rushing can lead to mistakes. Study each puzzle and try it carefully.
  •  Having characters like Shadowheart or Astarion can provide useful insights.
  •  Make sure you have trap disarm kits and healing items ready.

Are there any hidden secrets in the Gauntlet?

Yes, the Gauntlet of Shar Temple BG3 is filled with hidden secrets! Here are a few tips to find them:

  • Statue Puzzle: When you first enter, a statue is surrounded by a magical barrier. You must lower and turn off eight lanterns to reveal a secret path. Be careful of traps!
  •  Umbral Gem: Navigate through side rooms and interact with levers to extinguish the lights. This will allow you to pass through magical rings around the statue and reach the central Orb.
  •  Raphael’s Old Enemy: There is a character named Yurgir you can persuade to unlock an Umbral Gem for you.
  •  Soft-Step Trial: This trial requires stealth and invisibility to avoid shadows and traps to reach another Umbral Gem.
  •  Self-Same Trial: Another challenge to test your skills and reward you with an Umbral Gem.


What is the Gauntlet of Shar Temple BG3? 

It is a challenging part of the game, with puzzles and trials you must solve to progress.

Where can I find the Gauntlet of Shar? 

In Act 2, look for the Thorm Mausoleum in the Shadow-Cursed Lands, west of Masons Guild.

What should I bring to the Gauntlet of Shar? 

Having Shadowheart or Astarion in your party might be helpful as they provide useful context.

How many puzzles are there? 

There are five puzzles you need to solve to complete the Gauntlet.



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