Complete total Array of Elden Ring Walking Mausoleum Locations

Complete total Array of Elden Ring Walking Mausoleum Locations

The game with the greatest success out there for all explorers right now is Elden Ring. It offers a sizable world filled with intricate systems, captivating riddles, and lovely creatures roaming the Lands Between. Among the greatest coveted animals in the game are the Walking Mausoleum locations. It has ended the job of gamers to track down and kill every one of these fabled creatures that roam in different parts of the world. 

You are required to be thinking as to why individuals are so fascinated by these creatures. The basic answer is that your Remembrance Runes can be duplicated by the specific structure that Walking Mausoleums carry on their backs. So where can you find the Walking Mausoleum in Elden Ring? The following information will help you detect them.

What Services Offer Walking Mausoleums?

You can only obtain the Remembrance Runes, special game equipment, by beating the dangerous enemies around Elden Ring. Then, you may utilise those symbols to pay various NPCs for sets of legendary and mythological armour and weaponry.

Sometimes players only possess a single Remembering Rune for it, forcing them to pick between two important objects. Similarly to that, there are moments when you are limited to turning a Memory into a potent weapon. The only thing that if you were to request twice as much power, though? The Walking Mausoleums enter the picture in this situation. 

These ethereal beings are found all over the Lands Between. You can visit the unique Cemetery since they wear on their upper bodies after you’ve killed one of them. You are able to duplicate any Memento after entering the building and give it twice as much power.

For instance, you can swap the Grafted Dragon or the Axe with God Rick for the Sorrow of the Grafted. However, there is a nearby Walking Mausoleum where you can find both of these famous weapons. 

What are the locations of the Elden Ring Walking Mausoleum Locations?

Strange creatures known as Walking Mausoleums freely roam their assigned areas. However, the participants it seems, are lesser likely to exactly happen upon a Walking Mausoleum on their quest because these destinations are frequently so far away. To put it another way, knowing where each Walking Mausoleum is located in Elden Ring is crucial if you want to reproduce your priceless Remembrance. Here are all of them:

  • Weeping Peninsula No. 1

The initial thing Wandering Mausoleum may be found immediately south of Limgrave, which is where Elden Ring begins. Starting at the Weeping Peninsula, ride your Torrent west until you come to a large open area. Find the creature wandering this field by exploring it.

  • Liurnia 2

Over the Lands Between, the Wandering Mausoleums are dispersed in a planned manner. So, after conquering a challenging boss in the game, you can always go to one nearby. The next three monsters, for instance, can be discovered within Liurnia inside the Lake, close to Stormveil Castle. 

  1. Following the entrance to Raya Lucaria Academy, go northeast until you approach your Ray Lucaria Crystalline Cavern site of Grace to access the first Walking Mausoleum. From here, look about the region until you come to the bridge that goes to the academy. To determine the second Walking Mausoleum, go underneath the bridge rather than across it.
  2. The following two Walking Mausoleums are situated near to one another. Therefore, I advise you to consult both of these sites if you’re trying to figure out how to duplicate two Remembrances. However, merely the Remembrances from Non-Shardbearer Monsters will be duplicated by these two animals.
  3. Leaving Liurnia within the Lakes, go in the direction of the Church of Vows. Continue north to the Mausoleum Compound and Uld Palace Ruins.
  • 3-Depth Deep roots

You need to first open Nokron, the Eternal City, in order to access this Walking Mausoleum. The Nameless Eternal City’s site of Grace should be approached. Explore the neighbourhood until you come across a strange creature wandering around.

  • 4 The Giants’ Mountain

After entering the Leyndell, Royal Capital, you can reach its Mountaintop overlooking the Giants by turning on the Grand Lift of Rold. When you reach Castle Sol, continue heading northeast towards the Mountaintop adjacent to the Giant’s entrance. As an alternative, you can finish the challenges axes you get to the Castle. Similarly, from Ordina, you can also reach Castle Sol by heading east. You will find a Walking Mausoleum outside the Castle; descend him to reach the unique Mausoleum.

  • The fifth holy Snowfield

One Mountaintop inhabited by Devils is also home to the last Walking Mausoleum. It implies that you must use both pieces from the Haligtree Hidden Emerald to trigger the enormous Lift of Rold. Head towards Ordina, the Liturgical Town, after arriving on the Mountaintop that houses the Giants. To go to the Consecrated Snowfield, keep travelling north on your Motorcycle from here. You’ll find a Walking Mausoleum on this enormous expanse.


  • Where can I simultaneously find two Walking Mausoleum locations ?

In Elden Ring, the Walking Mausoleum locations are spread across the Lands Between. There is one circumstance where two Walking Mausoleums can be found together, though. You must go to the Grace Mausoleum Compound near Liurnia among the Lakes to do this. It’s wise to preserve in mind that these species can only be employed for Non-Shardbearer Boss Remembrances.

  • How can I obtain two reminders for the same boss?

The relevant bosses must be defeated in order to obtain Remembrances. However, since every manager just drops one Remembrance, you can only use it to purchase one unique ornament. Fortunately, by visiting a unique Cemetery where the Travelling animals carry on their backs, you can recreate a Remembrance. Find a walking mausoleum, kill him, and enter the building to recreate a monument

  • Could I utilise the Walking Mausoleum several times?

A Walking Mausoleum can only be used once to duplicate a Remembrance. In other words, returning to the Mausoleum after using it before will be useless. Fortunately, there is any Walking Mausoleum within the Ring of Elden that you can visit if you locate another Remembrance that is worthwhile copying.


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