Discover the Secret Cavern and Open the Magic Gate in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

Discover the Secret Cavern and Open the Magic Gate in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

Mystical cave dreamlight valleyIn order to progress through Disney Dreamlight Valley, players need to complete a multitude of engaging missions. Among them is the quest known as With Great Power. In this quest, players must go to the Mystical Cave and retrieve the Orb of Power so they may break the  mystical cave dreamlight valley that has imprisoned Ursula. 

Solving the challenging mysteries in the Mystical Cave will lead you to the Orb of Power. There are a lot of people who play our game and are curious about the Orb of Power and how to get it. Because of this, we have put together this helpful guide that will show you how to get Orb or Power in Disney Dreamlight Valley, where to discover mystical cave dreamlight valley and how to solve the challenges therein. 

How to Locate the Mystical Cavern?

Return to the beach after exploring Ursula’s Cave; keep going straight ahead among the palm palms until you reach a pillar. To access the mystical cave dreamlight valley, you must go around the post. You may find an old gadget just beside the door. Put the crystal Ursula obtained into the device and press the button to unlock the Mystical Cave.

The Key to Opening Magical Gates

To advance through the Mystical Cave, you must solve riddles and unlock one of three Magic Gates. The key to opening each Magic Gate in the Mystical Cave is detailed below.

Initial Magical Door

There are three statues of varying colours within the first Magic Gate. The statues’ hues are a visual representation of the jewels that, when combined, will unlock the first Magic Gate in the game. To answer this puzzle, you’ll need these Gems:

The peridot used to make the green statue came from mineral veins in the biomes of Dazzle Beach and Peaceful Meadow. The mineral veins in Dazzle Beach and the Forest of Valour biome are the sources of the aquamarine used to create the blue statue. The garnet used to make the red statue came from mineral veins in the biomes of Peaceful Meadow and Plaza.

The aforementioned biomes are where you may locate these precious stones. You need to use a pickaxe to smash the valley rocks to get these jewels. To unlock the first Magic Gate in the Mystical Cave, return to the statues, interact with them, and put the gems in their hands after you have gathered all of the required ones.

The Second Magic Gate

Another set of three sculptures may be found at the second Magic Gate. A mysterious message stating, “find the right crops to grow to continue and below” will appear on the screen as you approach the table. A subterranean one and a brown and gold one. Just a crimson and circular shape remains. As a result, you should gather some wheat seeds, tomato seeds, and carrot seeds.

These seeds may be obtained in Disney Dreamlight Valley in one of two ways. Aside from Goofy’s stall, the first is via Night Thorn drops. We advise purchasing these at Goofy’s booth in Peaceful Meadow rather than Night Thorns due to the very low likelihood of obtaining them. 

Return to the mystical cave dreamlight valley when you’ve gathered enough seeds; this time, plant the seeds before the statues and provide them with frequent watering. Because farming them takes time, you may do something else while waiting for them to mature or start a new mission. You may unlock the second Magic Gate of Mystical Cave by harvesting them when they are ripe.

Magic Gate Three

Asking you to “cook and eat” your harvest is the third Magic Gate’s directive. To do this, gather the carrots, wheat, and tomatoes you’ve cultivated, set them in the cooking pot that’s located to the right of the Magic Gate, and then begin cooking. Coal is required for cooking.

If you’re missing one, you can find one by breaking the rocks behind you. The vegetable pasta will get three stars after cooking. Eat the veggie pasta to access the Mystical Cave’s third and last Magic Gate.


Go ahead and find the ball of power in a little pond after you’ve eaten vegetable spaghetti and unlocked all the magic gates. While fishing for real, you need to throw your rod into the pond to collect the Orb of Power.

Even though you may have trouble catching the item initially, you’ll eventually succeed and receive the Orb of Power. The above-listed portion has explained everything you should know about mystical cave dreamlight valley.

What crops are needed for the mystical cave?

Plant a tomato, a wheat seed, and a carrot in the Mystical Cave to complete the crop challenge. You must sow the seeds of these three crops to cultivate them. You may get the necessary agricultural seeds by clearing Night Thorns in the same biomes where Goofy sells each product.

What is the secret to opening the magical gates in the enchanted cave?

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Magic Gates in the Mystical Cave can only be unlocked by players who master three challenging mining, farming, and cooking-themed challenges. A stone tablet next to the barrier has the solutions to each riddle. In order to open the Magic Gates, you must first decipher the riddles.



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