Elden Ring: A Guide to All Imbued Sword Key Locations

Elden Ring: A Guide to All Imbued Sword Key Locations

Elden Ring has players worldwide and an expansive world and lore. Among the many mysteries to discuss, The Lands Between and the Imbued Sword Keys stand out as items of significant interest. These keys are important for accessing the Waygates of the enigmatic Four Belfries.

In this article, we will find the locations of all Imbued Sword Keys, ensuring that seasoned gamers and newcomers can easily follow this help.

The Four Belfries and Their Significance

Before we delve into the locations, let us briefly discuss the Four Belfries. These towering structures are hard to miss once you are in their vicinity, yet many adventurers pass by without noticing them. 

Located in the Liurnia of the Lakes region, the Belfries are home to Waygates that lead to different parts of the Lands Between. However, these gates are sealed by the Imp Statues and require specific keys to unlock the Imbued Sword Keys.

Location of Imbued Sword Keys

Imbued Sword Key #1

The first key is the most straightforward to obtain. It resides within the Four Belfries area itself. To find it, head northwest from the Raya Lucaria Academy until you reach the Belfries. Ascend to the tower at the hill’s peak, where a chest awaits you. Inside, you will find your prize: the first Imbued Sword Key.

Imbued Sword Key #2

The second key requires more effort. Your journey begins at the Raya Lucaria Academy, where you must defeat the Red Wolves of Radagon. From the Debate Parlor Site of Grace, navigate to the courtyard and ascend the broken stairs. A series of jumps and climbs will lead you across rooftops until you reach a ladder near two Marionette enemies. 

Continue straight, then right, and look for a rooftop with a jumping spot. Descend to two lower roofs, and you will find the key on a corpse, guarded by an enemy on a wall.

Imbued Sword Key #3

The final key is hidden in Sellia, Town of Sorcery in the Caelid region. Sellia is a town divided by magic barriers, which can only be dispelled by lighting three braziers atop towers scattered throughout the town. 

The key is in a small building in the northeast section of Sellia, but you must light the braziers to access it.

What are the abilities of Imbued Sword Keys?

The Imbued Sword Keys in Elden Ring have the following abilities:

  • Unseal Waygates: They are used to break the seal on the imp statues guarding the sending gates at The Four Belfries.
  •  Single Use: Each key can only be used once, as it remains embedded in the statue after use.
  •  Teleportation: Activating a Waygate with an Imbued Sword Key allows players to teleport to various locations within the game.

What happens if I lose an Imbued Sword Key?

If you lose an Imbued Sword Key in Elden Ring, unfortunately, there is no known way to recover it. This can be particularly frustrating if the key disappears due to a bug. Players have reported keys vanishing from their inventory after quitting the game, dying while possessing one or using a key with more than one in their inventory.

It is important to be cautious with your Imbued Sword Keys and use them wisely, as they are single-use items essential for accessing specific areas in the game. 

Are there any workarounds for the Imbued Sword Key bug?

Players have reported a workaround for the Imbued Sword Key bug in Elden Ring. If your keys have disappeared, you can try revisiting the locations where they were originally found. 

Some players have found that the chests that contained the keys have reset and closed, allowing them to collect the keys again. Also, it is suggested that you check the grace chest in case the inventory was full when you tried to collect a key.

While this workaround has worked for some, it may not work for everyone, and it seems to be an unintended glitch rather than an official fix.


Collecting all three Imbued Sword Keys is a thrilling challenge that rewards players with access to new areas and continuing their journey in Elden Ring. We hope this article has made your quest a little easier.


What are Imbued Sword Keys in Elden Ring?

Imbued Sword Keys are special items that unseal the Waygates at The Four Belfries and teleport to different parts of the game world.

How many Imbued Sword Keys Are There?

There are three Imbued Sword Keys scattered across the Lands Between.

Can I use an Imbued Sword Key more than once?

No, each key can only be used once. After use, it disappears from your inventory.

What should I do if my Imbued Sword Key disappears?

If a key disappears due to a bug, try revisiting the original location where you found it. The chest may reset, allowing you to collect it again.



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