5 Skyrim Best Light Armor That Protects From Heavy Damage

5 Skyrim Best Light Armor That Protects From Heavy Damage


Armour is incredibly essential when you are playing Skyrim. So what is the best Skyrim best light armor? Light armor can help you move quickly; however, without a proper shield, you can get shot with the arrow and other risks. Sadly, this puts you in quite a difficulty.

Unless you are an FPS perfectionist and play Skyrim exclusive in the first-person view, you are going to have to spend plenty of time staring at the character, which makes looking good just as essential as wearing light armor in Skyrim.

So we decided to list down some of the best light armors which are available in Skyrim, using various criteria of beauty and function to help you pick the right armor set to go with you on the adventures.

Why Wear Light Armor In The Skyrim?

You may be wondering, why to wear light armor in Skyrim? Well, it is true that light armor does not give the best shield in the game. 

However, due to some in-game mechanics, that includes the armor level cap, that can make it so that some light armor can give just as much shield as the heavy armor.

Not to mention, the light armor does not weigh as much as heavy armor, making it excellent for sneaking and running about in Skyrim.

How Does The Armor Level Cap Work In Skyrim?

The armor level cap in this game is shown as 567. It can reach through a diversity of means. The most common method is to wear the full armor set. That includes pieces for the torso, head, feet, and then hands.

However, each piece of armor that players wear in this game also comes with the +25 bonus that is hidden. Also, there is another way of getting the armor level cap is by enchanting or crafting. Moreover, if you reach your armor cap, the number of damage that is decreased in Skyrim is limited to 80%.

It means that you will still be taking the damage, despite how much the armor that you plan on collecting once you have already obtained the highest level of the armor. So here are some of the Skrim best light armor that you can wear.

Nightingale Armor

The favorite among light armor players, this Armor combines better perks and protection with excellent aesthetics.

The large list of perks includes 50% more in the frost resistance, the 40 stamina points, 25% more damage to all the one-handed strikes you deliver, as well as the bonuses to Lockpicking and Sneaking, with the small loss damage to any and all the illusion spells which you cast (17%).

Whether you are the dual-attack assassin or someone who likes to use one weapon, this Nightingale Armor is tough to beat in this game.

You can get this Nightingale Armor by playing the Trinity Restored quest as a part of the Thieves Guild questline.

Dragonscale Armor

If you are searching for maximum level and obtaining the armor level cap without much going through trouble, then this armor is just for you. However, again, getting your hands on one of these Skyrim armor set is not that simple.

It is forged by using the combination of elements, like iron ingot, dragon scale, and leather strips, and it is unlocked only once you have reached level 100 in the smithing plus by the dragon armor perk unlocked. This armor is the endgame armor in this game for those who prefer to use light armor.

It looks excellent and offers an optimal shield, and you will always get recognition when you are wearing it.

Deathbrand Armor

The Dragonscale Armor is an excellent armor in this game; however, it takes time to obtain, which makes this Deathbrand Armor is the next best thing.

Skyrim armor sets are scattered across the four different locations during this deathbrand quest as part of dragonborn questline; that you can improve the deathbrand armor set using the pieces of stalhrim along with an arcane blacksmith perk.

The improvements also increase if you have an ebony smithing perk, which makes it beneficial to have it. However, it may not be that simple to get thinking that it is on a heavy armor side of a smithing skill tree.

Still, without any enchantments or improvements, this armor set is tough to beat, particularly if worn as the four-piece set, and it gives the +100 bonus when your teammate also wears it.

Scaled Armor

Another light armor, Skyrim scaled armor, is simple to locate in loot or on most robbers’ remains. However, if locating it proves challenging, then the player can also craft this armor at level 50, and they should have the advanced armor’s perk unlocked.

This armor is forged with steel ingot, corundum ingot, leather strips, and leather. Skyrim scaled armor when wearing the full set will grant a player with the armor rating of about 64.

Ancient Shrouded Armor

With a nearly high armor rating, as well as the boots and gloves as effective as that from a dragonscale armor, an Ancient shrouded armor set is one of the best armor in Skyrim, particularly when you think how easy it is to get it.

The armor has some bonus like the +25 Armor when you wear the full set. Immune to poison, +35% bow damage, and it doubles the sneak attack damage using the one-handed weapons.

You can obtain the Ancient shrouded armor in the assassin of the old side quest, which is a part of the dark brotherhood questline.

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Final Words

Skyrim is the home to all kinds of Skrim best light armor sets. When it comes to the best of the best, then these five are the best creme of the crop. You can pick which of the five you want to wear. Either way, you will be protected from all the risks when you are wearing any of these armors. So if you find this information useful, drop a comment below this section.


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