List of Dark Souls 3 bosses

List of Dark Souls 3 bosses

Dark souls 3 bossesDark Souls also marks the third installment of FromSoftware’s painful open-world RPGs trilogy. It is full of tedious enemies, annoying traps boss fights. We are referring here to Dark Souls 3 bosses that make Cuphead’s cast look even more ridiculous than they do.

Naturally, the fans love it. Indeed, without a sudden, unanticipated and inexplicably murderous carnivore frothing at the mouths, Souls would be missing something. That is why we give you this: A complete list of Dark Souls 3 bosses, along with several important tips to ensure that your head remains on your shoulders.

Iudex Gundyr

This is the first leader, and, in a sense, one has to deal with him. Beating him allows you to open Firelink Shrine for levelling and player-NPC interaction in a safe area. So, when you pull the Coiled Sword out of Iudex’s chest and it is also later needed to open Firelink Shrine by activating the bonfire.

Boreal Valley Vordt 

This heavy brute has a mace not the insecticide. Since Vordt can rush forward in a straight line three or four times quickly, watch your stamina bar closely.

Greatwood Curse-Rotted

The Curse-Rotted Greatwood inhabits the Undead Settlement and is worshipped by its residents; this colossal tree hits hard. In the battle, there are some slam attacks where it may releases corrosive liquid, hence, during all stages, ensure to avoid puddles. When you inflict enough damage on its weak spots, you will fall into a pit, and phase two will begin.

​​​​​Crystal Sage

Crystal Sage has a hat, teleportation, and several ranged spells to deal random damage. The most ideal tactic in this fight is to stagger the boss, as that will result in you getting multiple hits quickly.

Watch out, though! While Crystal Sage is in the second phase, it summons copies that deal significant damage. Ranged attacks are your best bet against these copies, as melee-only builds face insurmountable problems with this boss.

Deep Deacons

Wiping out this conglomerate of clerics who protect the lost soul of Archdeacon happens only after you have unlocked the Cathedral of Deep. A red radiance (a soul) will take over one of many Deacons in the war. Do not forget about the enemies that possess such a soul to advance to phase two, where only Deacons will have it for the battle.

High Lord Wolnir

Along the end of Carthus Catacombs is this giant skeleton that will use its array of attacks to take you down very fast if you are not careful enough. For example, he can create skeletons as needed and a huge sword that one could swing into your path.

One of the best ways to defeat High Lord Wolnir is by broken shackles since one broken shackle disables a third part of his health. It is possible to defeat him without removing those shackles; however, it is not advisable since he has a massive health bar. Friends, take every help you get.

Old King Demon 

Located at the Smouldering Lake’s bottom and round by demon corpses on all sides, the Old Demon King is a foe made of fire. He can call fire rings and spit lava by swinging his slamming or hammering it into the ground, let alone showering the player with fireballs.

The first phase is a little more complicated than the second phase since the boss has a specific attack pattern of two or three close-quarters hits followed by an overhead blast in the second stage. There is, in fact, a Dark Souls battle that becomes increasingly easier over time.

Pontiff Sulyvahn

Another boss one must kill to reach the last part of Boreal Valley Irithyll is Pontiff Sulyvahn. He uses a Fire Sword and Magic Sword, which makes him one of the most dangerous Dark Souls 3 bosses. No worries, just ensure you have enough endurance, which should be enough to stay alive as long as possible.

In his second act, Pontiff is accompanied by his ghostly clone whose sole purpose is to savagely derail you. It is imperative to maintain your focus on Pontiff and do your best not to be damaged by the clone.

The Giant: Yhorm

In other words, his name speaks for itself. Yhorm is a cinder and a giant boss, much as he can crush the floor with his stomping. He also can make a swipe back when you are behind him, so watch out for trying to sneak up on this performer!

Devourer Of Gods: Aldritch

With such a menacing moniker, Aldritch must be imposing, and as the Lords of Cinder he is probably one of the scariest Dark Souls 3 bosses to step up against. His attacks are different, soul spears and long-range arrows stealing health from you. Aldritch can quickly kill the player just as he or she lets out a cry for help.

Boreal Valley Dancer

Boreal Valley dancer is easy to get through two methods: Sending three Cinder lords to the boss or by killing Emma, the High Lothric Castle Priestess. Likewise, this boss is a tough opponent regardless due to her flame sword and moves that seem more like dance steps.

Dragonslayer Armour

Although the Pilgrim Butterflies may not inhabit this empty armor suit, it isn’t devoid of deathly strikes or crushing blows. But this opponent is often all bark and no bite. Though Dragonslayer Armour is an adversary who is amazing, its great axe seems terrifying at first glance, but if you don’t use a shield well enough to protect yourself, You can easily get hit more than a couple of times.

The Consumed King: Oceiros

One of the talkative Dark Souls 3 bosses, Oceiros, is found under a garden by Lothric Castle, and he likes to talk in his arms often about an imaginary baby. It doesn’t stop him from slashing with his staff or whipping his tail. If you remain below him whilst protecting yourself with the shield, both phases allow for relatively easy evasion of his attacks.

Champion Gundyr

Do you remember the first boss, Iudex Gundyr? He is back, now, with a completely new form of the epic fight as Champion Gundyr. Once you win Oceiros, you can enter Untended Graves to kill Champion Gundyr.

Younger Prince: Lothric

The Lothric, the big boss, Younger Prince, is nature’s magical force as he has his brother with him, who is called Elder Prince, Lorian. Although Lothric only has total 3 attacks, they are all damaging magic projectiles, more than matching Lorian’s sword slashes for difficulty.

However, it does help that the fight starts off slowly and then rises in intensity. In phase one, Lothric opens for attacks, large windows. In phase two, he is usually seen cooling off from another spell. He is also more fragile when Lorian is farther away, and the former can be defeated by attacking with gaps between their combos.

Ancient Wyvern

The Ancient Wyvern, one of the Dark Souls 3 bosses, is easy to beat. It can be destroyed by using the old bow and arrow on it while shooting it to the left. A way there will take you up to an overhang near the Wyvern’s head. When it lowers its head, jump on down to get a quick win.


What is the number of Dark Souls 3 bosses?

There are some Dark Souls 3 bosses for players to battle in total, and eight of them are optional as they travel through the transitory world of Cinder Lords. Main bosses must be fought if one is to proceed with the story.

What is the last boss DS3?

Soul of Cinder is the Last Boss in Dark Souls 3, which a player must necessarily kill to become victorious and achieve any end. This formidable foe wears a set of heavy armor called the Firelink that will divide its fight into two phases.

What is the toughest boss that Dark Souls 3 has?

Most people believe that The Nameless King is the hardest Dark Souls 3 boss. This boss is at the Archdragon Peak and will emerge after players ring the bell near Great Belfry. This boss fights in two phases, one of which occurs while riding on a wyvern.


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