Learn To Play Three Card Poker

Learn To Play Three Card Poker

3 Card Poker is one of the most difficult yet the most interesting game to play. The variant of Poker was invented in 1994 by “Derek Webb”. There are 52 cards engaged in the 3 card poker game, which consists of two bundles of games in one. The first bundle comprises of the Play/Ante in which the player contend averse the dealer to grab the lofty hand. The other bundle of game comprises of Pair Plus in which the player would gamble to deal for a set or superior. The three most important things, which were kept in mind while designing the three card poker rules were, that the edge of the house should be abundant for the owners of casino to omit this game, regulations of the game must be easy to understand and enormous monetary rewards to allure players. Almost all the casinos follow the three card Poker strategies to give liberty to wager on anyone, but some involve a put together of Ante bet on matching set plus game, to bet too.


Ante/ Play

The three card poker rule says that the players have the choice to either continue to play or fold, after taking a glance at their cards. To continue playing in the play circle, the player needs to stake the amount analogue to the bet of Ante. And, in order to fold the cards the player is supposed to quit the game there and then.

The card Poker payouts are decided post the play or fold decision making, where the dealer needs to take a glimpse at the cards in their hands. If the cards comprises of minimum one Queen or more than that, then only that person will continue. And if they fail to fill the criteria they would pay their Ante adding up with the additional bet made by them. After all this, if the dealer certifies the criteria, the cards in the hands of the player and dealer would be compared. If the player beats the dealer’s hand, he would be paid an even amount of money, or else dealer would win both the bets if he beats the player’s hand. In case of infrequent situations of tie, the player would be considered as a winner.


Ranking of Hands

RANK PROBABILITY                                                         OVERVIEW
Total Hands Approximately 22,100 amalgamations are accessible in total. 
High Card 74.39% When there is no integration stated below
Pair 16.95% Two cards of dissimilar suits possessing similar face value.
Flush 4.96% Three cards of alike suits with unalike face values
Straight 3.26% Three cards of divergent suits consisting of successive face values.
Three of a kind 0.24% Three cards of contrary suits with corresponding face values.
Straight Flush 0.22% Cards retaining the correlative suits with face values in a row.



Ante Bonus

The house edge is inversely related with the payout when it gets influenced with the bonus beneficiated.  No matter if the players vanquish the dealer or not, they would pull in bonus if they secure Straight Flush, Straight or Three of a Kind. Unaccompanied by an extra bet, an auxiliary bonus is paid out to the player for specified hands.

Stake Ante Reward
Straight 1-1
Three of a Kind 4-1
Straight Flush 5-1



Game Plan

The three card poker strategy tips conclude that if the hands are resulting higher than 4/6/Queen the player shall carry on with the game otherwise they shall fold if the hands are slighter than that. 


Mechanism to Pertain the Game Plan

As the upper hand is always with the house, the strategies are not the assurance to a win upshot; these are just some game plans which could possibly increase probability of a player to win. The way to imply the strategy into the game says that the player shall carry on with the game if the highest rank of their hand is exceeding the Queen’s value, irrespective of both the other cards. Another criterion in which the player should continue to play is when the three cards consist of one card whose face value is greater than 6 in addition with one Queen in hand. Wagering equal amount in both pair plus and ante is another strategy which can be used in the absence of Queen Card.

Pair Plus

No matter if the dealer certifies or strikes; it is contingent entirely if a player own a a pair or greater. The Ante stake reward would be backed by player. The probability of a player to be shared out with a pair or greater is 25%. Except for a few payout tables, almost all the casinos have the similar payout list as mentioned below. 

Payout Rewards for Pair Plus
Stake Payouts
Pair 1
Flush 3
Straight 6
Three of a kind 30
Straight Flush 40


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