Best Armor Enchantments Minecraft Offers for Better Defense

Best Armor Enchantments Minecraft Offers for Better Defense

When it comes to defense, it is essential that you keep your game strong. And that’s where best armor enchantments minecraft come to play. While you work incredibly hard to level up, you will eventually be rewarded with these best armor enchantments. These added benefits will certainly extend the durability of your accessories like helmet, armor, and many more.

Best Armor Enchantments Minecraft Offers

Do you also like the Helmet and Shield enchantments? Then you will certainly love the best enchantments minecraft has to offer. By using these added benefits you can reach the higher levels. Additionally,  you will also gain access to some exciting new features. While there are numerous best armor enchantments minecraft has in its collections, you can always rely on extra enchanted books and fishing poles. 

Although it is exciting to use all the best armor enchantments minecraft has to offer, it can be challenging to find them at first. There are several different enchantments like minecraft helmet enchantments, the enchantments for the armor, and various other options. So, if you have got a beast grinder or some form of AFK fishing system, then these methods can help you out a great deal in executing the villains.

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Protection IV

In the list of best enchantments, minecraft has to offer; Protection IV is the must-have piece of armor for every gamer. Well, if you are asking, how is that? Then you should know that this is one of the best armor enchantments due to its availability on all four pieces. 

Therefore, if you have it on your chest, boots, legs, and helmet, you will gain access to unlock the feature of additional 16 armor. However, you can have only one protection enchantment for one piece of armor, and that is the reason it is one of the best armor enchantments. Do you want to add an extra feature to durability, go through the best light armor that protects from heavy damage.


What are the best enchantments for armor? Then the answer to your question lies in the Mending feature of Minecraft. That is so because it is categorized among the sturdiest armor enchantments minecraft offers. Therefore, if you want to last your armor almost forever, then star Mending in your list of best enchantments for armor. Moreover, if the durability of your armor is removed due to some reason, you can always rely on Mending enchantment. The reason being, Mending enchant restores the durability by absorbing the Experience Orbs you find in the discovery phase.

Unbreaking III

Do you save your Experience Orbs for later? Then you should totally check out the Unbreaking III. It is by far one of the best armor enchantments minecraft has to offer. Basically, it prevents your minecraft enchantments from getting fragile and losing their usefulness. Besides, the protective characteristic of this enchantment will safeguard your armor till the end. So, if you do not want your Experience Orbs to be consumed via Mending enchantment, then you should not forget to include it in the must-have list. Also, try to stay away from the Lava Pools!

Thorns III 

Up for some riot? Then Thorns III is among the best enchantments minecraft can possibly offer. In battles, when you are surrounded by enemies, you can injure them with this horn enchant. So, if you ever find yourself stuck in an ambush, and confused about what to do, then these horns will severely damage the attackers. Moreover, this minecraft armor enchantment will make it easier to kill the enemies once they are weakened by the perpetual attacks of thorns. 

Feather Falling IV

Looking for the best minecraft armor enchantments? Then Feather Falling IV can be your thing. Apparently, this enchantment allows you to fall from any height, and guess what? You won’t lose your life or health at all. And that is why this is among the best enchantments minecraft offers. So now you can live your fantasies of defying gravity with these super amazing minecraft armor enchantments. Interestingly enough, any player falling from 23 blocks may die, but if you jump from over 100 blocks, you will still not lose even a single health bar. Those players who are a bit clumsy and risk making full jumps over giant ravines surely have the upper hand if they possess this best enchantment for armor.

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Minecraft Helmet Enchantments You Will Not Let Go Of

Want to increase the chances of your survival underwater? Then it would be best if you carried these super awesome minecraft helmet enchantments with you underwater. 

Respiration III

This is one of those minecraft helmet enchantments, which are efficient and durable at the same time. Whether you are exploring oceans or garnering coals, Respiration III will help you hold your breath underwater for a long period of time. Therefore, if you are planning to spend a long time underwater, you would definitely be needing this enchant with you. 

The extra time in fighting guards without getting oxygen will be the topmost priority to your survival and victory in the underwater temples. Want to try some survival games? Check out these awesome survival games.

Aqua Affinity

Talking about some amazing minecraft helmet enchantments and forgot Aqua Affinity? Well, then let me remind you that enchantment will remove the penalty imposed upon you and increase your mining speed underwater to a great extent. Basically, it will help you work more efficiently while you go mining in underwater temples. So, all those features make it one of the best minecraft helmet enchantments to speed things up in the liquid medium.

Depth Strider III

Are you planning to enter the world underwater? Then you will certainly want to carry this minecraft armor enchantment with you. Using this best armor enchantment minecraft has to offer, you can move underwater at a quick pace and swift motion. Most importantly, now you can harvest coral reefs, explore seas, lakes, and chase enemies with a swift motion and increased speed. Now just wander underwater without worrying about the viscosity of the liquid medium.

Frost Walker II

Now, are you a swimmer or a hiker? Well, if you do not want to lose sight of the land, you better use the best enchantments for armor. The Frost Walker enables you to walk on water by creating frosted ice blocks. That’s even possible? Oh yeah, it’s all out there. Using this minecraft armor enchantment, you can travel on the water just like you travel on land.

Moreover, this will also enable easy motion as far as water bodies are concerned. Not to forget that you always have the option of going underwater as well. So, it’s quite up to you as to which option you prefer the most.

Final Words

From protection to the offense, there are plenty of best armor enchantments minecraft has to offer. Minecraft armor enchantments like feather falling will always keep you safe even after falling from great heights. However, minecraft helmet enchantments like Aqua Affinity and Respiration III will help you hold your breath longer than usual. If you liked knowing about the best armor enchantments minecraft offers, then update us in the comments section below.


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