HOW TO FIND ANCIENT CITY IN MINECRAFT – This post is a crucial stop if you’re looking for mysteries & surprises or want to discover how to find ancient city in Minecraft.

The open-world, blocky adventure of Minecraft is renowned for letting players use their imaginations freely. Discovering and exploring historic towns and civilizations is one game feature that many players appreciate. These ancient cities are scattered across the game and are frequently brimming with hidden treasures and secrets for players to discover.

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Where can I Find Ancient City Minecraft?


You can use this article as a map to direct you to these undiscovered locations and to learn How To Find Ancient City In Minecraft. You have to hunt for ancient cities in the appropriate spots if you want to find them in such a big universe.

To identify abandoned mineshafts, you can look for ancient towns in the proper biomes or use subterranean mapping tools like the cave finder as well as cave mapping add-ons. You should check these locations first.

  • Temples of the desert and the jungle: These edifices could be found in the two respective biomes. They include old ruins and valuables but are frequently protected by traps and hordes.


  • Mine shafts that have been abandoned can be discovered underground across any biome. These constructions may also house historic artifacts and valuables and are frequently crammed with unused mine carts, rail paths, or mine shafts.


  • Ruins of old settlements that were recently abandoned and allowed to deteriorate. Any biome can have these ruins, which are frequently populated with dilapidated cobblestone structures, wrecked minecarts, and other artifacts from the village’s former existence.


  • Mods & textures packs: Some of these bring historic cityscapes to the game, allowing players to explore a wider range of historic cityscapes.

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How often do old cities appear in minecraft


The rarity varies according to the particular style of the ancient metropolis and the world-creating seed. In general, temples in their respective biomes—the desert and the jungle—are somewhat unusual buildings.

They occasionally don’t generate in all worlds, and you can frequently locate them in remote regions.

Ruins of villages and abandoned mineshafts are comparable. Overall, because they are hard to find and may not constantly spawn in every world, Ancient Cities are quite uncommon in Minecraft.

The Deep Dark Biome : is what?

This Deep Dark biome stands out by its deep subterranean generation, complete lack of natural lighting, and predominance of sculk blocks. The only biome where Old Cities can generate is this one.

When you locate a Deep Dark biome, take precautions! Activating a Sculk Shrieker anyplace within Deep Dark will summon a Warden, therefore remain mindful of your noises and stay far away from any kind of Sculk Sensors and Shriekers. Warden spawning isn’t just confined to Ancient Cities.

Why can’t I find an old city?

If you are on your journey to “How to find ancient city in Minecraft” and are facing trouble then we have got your back. There are several explanations why you might not be able to locate an ancient city even if you are certain that you are looking in the correct location or biome because you followed the above-mentioned instructions.

  • It’s possible that the seed you’re using doesn’t produce ancient cities. If you have problems obtaining one, attempt with an alternative seed or make a new planet. Some seeds will produce ancient cities.


  • The mod and texture pack you’re using may exclude ancient cities from the game. You won’t be able to find ancient cities in your globe if your mod and texture pack doesn’t include them.


  • You may have already located all of your world’s ancient cities. 


How can you teleport to a city from long ago in Minecraft?

Currently, there is no built-in method to instantly teleport to an old city. Cheats are permitted, however, not all modes of play or servers offer them. So, to return to an Old city more quickly, try employing equipment like maps & a compass.

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Final thought

In Minecraft, that is a way to locate Ancient City. The quest can be rather difficult, but it will undoubtedly be worthwhile because of the adventure, relics, and treasures you’ll discover. So start this epic city hunt right away!

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1) Why can’t I locate a historical city?

Ans. Minecraft’s Deep Dark biome is the only place where the Ancient City can spawn. It is a brand-new cave ecosystem in the game’s world and typically generates near the world’s bedrock level.


Q2) How can I locate historical relics in Minecraft?

Ans. Looking for artifacts

When you have a Brush, you can begin collecting artifacts by right-clicking on suspicious sand.

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