How to play 7 card stud poker? 7 card stud poker strategies for beginners

How to play 7 card stud poker? 7 card stud poker strategies for beginners

The seven card stud is a variant of stud poker. This game is becoming popular because of Texas hold’em.

The game starts with dealing 7 cards to pick, and afterward, the player makes a 5 card hands The player have to use the five cards our of the 7 cards dealt whichever offer the highest hand.

Seven Card Stud includes five rounds, whereas Texas Hold’em has only four rounds. There are 2 different betting variations, depending on the limits of the player deals. 

When the game is played with higher limits. The amount is carry forward to the following rounds. Consider a $10/20 game, $10 is the value of the first 2 rounds and then it converts to twenty dollars for the next rounds.

The bets in the small limit games are between one to five dollars. The player can bet up to a maximum value of $5 and a minimum value of $1. If the player wants a raise, he will have to double the amount of the bet placed.


The Start

The dealer puts the money in the pot from the antes. A dealer button is passed on to the player who responds last. In the beginning of the game, one card up is dealt to each player and two facedown cards. Face up card is called the “Door Card,” and the other one is called the “Hole Cards.”



 The amount invested by each player before starting the game is called “Ante. Every player should bet with an equal amount. Usually, the amount is half or a quarter of the total bet. This encourages the player to gamble by losing a small amount rather than the entire bet. The dealer has to separately toss every time for each n every player. Antes are an important part of stud poker.


Bring In

3 Cards are dealt to mark the beginning of the game. This is called Third Street. A value is to choose from the face-up cards to open the deal. The first bet is 75 cents for every $1-5 of a bet and a two dollars for every $5/10 bet. Ensure the value of Bring-In and Antes should be ensured before the game starts. Bring In is one dollar without Antes for small spread games. Players are offered Folding, Raising, and bet choices. The bet amount can be raised In the first round, but the amount should be kept to a minimum. The value can be $5/10 a $5 value for a bet of $5/10 and $1 for a bet of $1/5.


Fourth Street

To start the second round, the second card face up is dealt to the player. The player who places the higher bet has no obligation. And each player displays the highest amount as every round starts.

The player next to the player with the highest hand can either check or bet. The player needs to bet, fold or Raise if the bet is placed. In a situation of Raise, the bet is increased.

The bet in the second street round is $5 for a $5/10 game. Only if the player shows an open pair, a large bet can be made, that is $10 bet.


Fifth Street and Sixth Street

In the third round, limit soars up for the bets and is usually the multiples of $10 in a $5/10 game. The player with the highest hand has the chance to act first. The game moves forward in a clockwise motion.


Seventh Street

Cards are dealt in facedown for the Seventh Street. In the fourth round, every player has four cards up and three cards down. It’s mandatory for all players to show hands after the betting in the final round. The player with the highest five-card is proclaimed the winner of the game, and in case all the players fold, and the only one makes a bet, the player who made a bet wins the game.

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