How To Escape Prison in Bitlife Guide 

How To Escape Prison in Bitlife Guide 

How to escape prison in bitlifeGetting into trouble in BitLife can lead to big problems, like ending up in jail. Or are you questioning: how to escape prison in bitlife? If yes, do not worry. I’ve got a guide to help you escape the prison game. It is not super easy, and you might need to try a few times, but if you succeed, you will be out of jail and back to enjoying the game.

On the flip side, if you do not make it out, you will be stuck in jail for even longer. BitLife is pretty cool because it tries to copy real life, with lots of different jobs, cars, and houses you can buy. It is like a whole world inside your phone. Let’s start our discussion on; how to escape prison in bitlife

Getting into BitLife Jail

To end up in BitLife prison, you need to do some not-so-good stuff that catches the attention of the police. This could be as simple as swiping your neighbour’s packages or going all out with a bank robbery.

When you commit a crime, there is a chance the cops will nab you. If that happens, you can try a few things: run away, offer them money, insult them, or just go quietly. Running away isn’t very likely to work, but if you are rich and want to avoid legal trouble, it’s worth a shot. However, be careful; if your attempts to bribe or escape fail, you will have even more trouble in court.

After getting caught, the next thing is facing a judge. They will tell you what charges you are dealing with and how much time you might spend in prison. Then, you get to pick a law firm from three options, each with a different cost and skill level.

Once you have hired your legal team, it is plea time. Saying you are guilty or not contesting might lead to prison time. Choosing not guilty could set you free, depending on how good your lawyers are. Remember, the pricier ones give you a better shot at getting away without any trouble.

If you get caught, they will tell you which prison and how long you will be there. Once inside, your options are pretty limited. You can write letters, join gangs, or let out a good cry, but things like getting a job are way harder when you are stuck in your cell.

How to escape prison in BitLife?

If you are done with BitLife prison and want to break free early, there is a way to do it. It will not work every time, but sometimes you can make a successful escape and get your freedom back. 

How to escape prison in BitLife?

Want to get out of BitLife prison early? Here is a way, though it might not work every time.

  • While in jail, tap the Prison menu on the left.
  • Choose the Escape option, and a minigame pops up.
  • Your goal: reach the exit before the guard catches you. You move once per turn, the guard twice. Trap the guard to stop them from moving.
  • If you succeed, you are out, but be careful! Now you are on the run, and the authorities might catch you later.

What if I Mess Up the BitLife Escape Game?

If you do not make it through the BitLife escape prison game, things get pretty tough. If the guard catches you, you will get a beating and be sent back to your cell. It’s not just that – you also get extra years added to your sentence.

Moreover, here is the kicker: the more you try and fail, the harder the escape game becomes. There are only a set number of puzzles, and if you keep failing, they get trickier. Plus, your time in prison could really pile up with each unsuccessful attempt to run away.

Easy BitLife Tips for Getting Out of Prison

Escaping BitLife prison is not a walk in the park. So, here are some simple tips to help you out:

Stay Low After Escaping: If you have made a successful escape, lay low. Leaving the country might help, but be careful, as you could get caught at the border.

Change Your Identity: To be extra safe, consider gender reassignment surgery to change who you are. Bonus: You will even get a special achievement for it.

After you break free, it is smart to avoid doing bad stuff. If you get caught again, the punishment is way worse. They’ll add more time for escaping and any new crimes. So, play it safe, follow the rules, and get a legal job. 

However, you know, there are moments when attempting the BitLife prison escape trick is not the smartest move. If you are in for just a short time, like a few years, it is not really worth the trouble. If you get away, you will be running forever. If you mess up, you will have more years added to your sentence. So, if it is a short stay, maybe it is better to just quickly go through it instead of taking the risk.

Some FAQs

How to Get Out of BitLife Prison?

To break free, you play a small game. You can quit right away for no consequences, but you cannot try again that year. If you go for it, you need to dodge the guard and reach the exit.

How do you break out of prison?

Some folks escape by picking locks, making keys, sawing bars, carving walls, or breaking vents.

How do you escape from prison in Bitlife 6×6?

Maps change, but the goal is the same: beat the guard to the end. The guard moves twice for every one of your moves.

Is there a death penalty in Bitlife?

In the USA, you could get executed, even in a state that banned it. Family and friends may face royal execution, but not in a regular way.



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