Weapons Deepwoken: Best Medium Weapons To Use

Weapons Deepwoken: Best Medium Weapons To Use

Medium Weapons in Deepwoken strike a good balance between speed and damage. These weapons can be either one-handed or two-handed. Choosing the right weapon might be a bit tricky with the variety available.

You get options like Spears, Clubs, Swords, and Rifles in this category. The best weapon often depends on how you like to play the game, but some Medium Weapons work well in many situations.

Top Medium Weapons Deepwoken

Different weapons have their good and not-so-good points, but a few really shine in Deepwoken. Check them out below!

Shattered Katana:

People are super excited about this weapon in Deepwoken and for good reasons. It is a powerful Medium Weapon you can use at the end of the game, dealing a base damage of 20 with 30% PEN. You need 100 MED to use it, and at that level, it can deal 33.5 damage. You can find this cool weapon in chests in places like The Depths or Starswept Valley.

But the thing is that the Shattered Katana used to be super overpowered, but it got some nerfs. Even with that, it is still one of the best, although other weapons like the Vigil Longsword are making a name for themselves too.

Vigil Longsword

Now, with the Pluripotent Alloy, the Vigil Longsword is a simpler and more liked choice for players than the Shattered Katana. 

This sword is good in all aspects, making it a really effective Medium Weapon. You need 40 MEDs to use it, and you can find it in chests in Songseeker Wilds, Minityrsa, Miner’s Landing, and the First Layer.

Forgotten Gladius:

This weapon is good for the middle-to-end part of the game, dealing a base damage of 18. It does not have any special effects or extras. You can get it from Starswept and Primadon Valley. It is great because it has a high Swing Speed, giving you a nice mix of damage and speed.

So, these are some of the top Medium Weapons Deepwoken. We hope this guide helped you out.

Some FAQs

What is a medium weapons Deepwoken?

Medium Weapons Deepwoken can be either one-handed or two-handed. They are a mix of speed and damage. Swords, which are weapons with a long metal blade and a hilt with a handguard used for striking opponents or creatures, fall into this category.

How do you get a Deepwoken Katana?

The Katana, a Medium Weapon, can be found in chests in Songseeker Wilds, Minityrsa, The Depths, and Primadon. You might also get it as a drop from the Etrean Royal Guard, though it is not very common. If you are lucky, Chili might sell it for around 90 notes. This weapon has a base damage of 18 and needs 25 MED to use.

Is Deepwoken better one-handed or two-handed?

Yes, SGS is a GS, but for our discussion, let us focus on the “traditional” weapons that base their damage on the respective stat. Using two hands makes you deal more damage, however your posture bar fills up faster. On the other hand, using one hand does less damage but also causes less damage to your posture bar.


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