Let’s have a look at some fun cards games to play with family and friends

Let’s have a look at some fun cards games to play with family and friends
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Card games are always fun to play. A deck of 52 cards is all that you need to make your boring time enjoyable. The best thing about card games is that you can play them with both your family and friends. Here we put before you the list of fantastic card games to play with friends or family card games, which you can enjoy sitting at home or include it at your party.


Crazy eights game: interesting family card games 

The game can be played with two players and more. The cards which are left are formed in a discard pile with the top card facing up. Five cards are distributed to each player. You can use the eight cards anytime in the game, the eight cards are known as the wild cards. The player who gets free from all the cards first is known as the winner. 


Go fish game 

The main target is to collect the set of 4 cards; it is very familiar among young kids. You will be able to obtain the card by asking the other player when their turn comes. If you want to ask for a card, then you must have one card of that rank. If you’re fortunate enough to get the card, later you can play an extra turn. In case you don’t get your requested card, you would be told to go fish. In this case, you have to pick the top 4 cards of the pile. Once you are able to make a set of 4 cards, you will discard them to the collection. It is one of the most fun card games to play with family


Concentration game 

If you want to boost your mental arithmetic, then this game will surely help you a lot. Two-Six players play this game. The target is to set the cards in their pair. The entire deck is spread on the floor or any surface. You have to flip two cards at a time; in case the cards match, they will face up. If in case the pair doesn’t match, then the cards will be made a face down. The person who has the maximum pair by flipping will win the game. 


War game 

Two people can play this game. A single cards’ deck is used, and the cards are evenly distributed to both the players. You have to deal with one card from the stack, which is on the top. The highest rank will win the round, and the winner will take both the cards. The game goes on until one player gets all the cards. 


Go boom game

Players can play this game. Seven cards are allotted to each player. The remaining cards are kept on the take with face down. The player who is left to the dealer commences the game; the player will play a card face up in the center. The next player is expected to play a card of the same rank or suit. Otherwise, that player has to draw a card on every turn till the matching card is found. The cards of all the players are scrutinized when the round is over. The person who gets the highest rank wills led the next round. 


Animal game 

It is played by children; the player has to pick the name of an animal. The cards will be dealt with the player I accordance with the number of alphabets the name of the animal has, which is picked by the player. The cards are dealt face down. The player plays the card with face up in the center so that all the other players can see it. As soon as the card matches, both the players will have to shout the name of the animal picked by an opponent three times. The person who makes it to the fastest wins will get the discarded pile. The person with maximum cards wins the game. 


Chase the ace game

One or more players can play this game with a single deck. Each player is given one card. This card is dealt face down. The players can check their card, but no other player should know about it. Once the dealing is over, the player is given two choices, either the player can keep the card or pass the card to the player sitting on the left. You can hold cards with higher value; in case you have cards of lower value 1-A, then you can pass it. The game begins from the dealer who passes his card to the player sitting in left, or discards the card in a pile and picks a new card. The game is applied with three chances; the aim is not to have the lowest rank card. If you search card games to play with friends on Google, then you will find this game in top ranking. 


Linger longer game 

Cards are distributed evenly to all the players; remaining cards form a discarded pile. The last card which is dealt with the dealer is known as the trump card. Ace is the highest rank card. The player at the dealers’ let commences the game. All the players will play the card; the player who plays the most elevated rank card wins the trick. 


Ship sails

The motto of the game is to collect seven cards of the suit. The dealer distributes seven cards to each player face down. The remaining cards are kept outside. The player has the right to decide which suit they have to collect; in case they want to change their choice, they can do it. The player has to give a card to the player on the left and has to take a card from the player to the right. The player who gets seven cards of the same suit first will win the game. 


Sevens game

Players are given equal cards, but in case some player has got the extra one card, then it is acceptable. The player who has seven diamonds starts the game. Cards are played either to the high rank or the low rank. If the player has eight diamond, then it will be played on the top of the pile; if they have 6 of the diamond, they will play under the collection. A player who plays the entire cards first is the winner. 



It’s one amongst the most interesting card games to play with family. The spoon is a game that involves bluffing all the time. You require a deck and spoons or any other object you prefer. The target is to collect four cards if a suit and nit be the last one to pick the spoon. If any player picks up the spoon, the other players can also pick spoons. The person who picks the spoon, at last, will get one letter from S-P-O-O-N; the person who gets the entire word spoon loses the game. This is one amongst the famous card games to play at home



It is one of the most complex card games. Four players play the game in two competing teams. Players who face each other are in the face team; there are lots of dealings in the game. The person who is able to get maximum score is known as the winner; the two popular variants of this game are rubber and duplicate bridge. 


Gin Rummy 

The game comes from the family of rummy, but it is played but faster. All the players are given 100 cards each. You have to make combinations and runs by eliminating useless cards, you can make a set of 4 cards of the same suit, or you can make a set of 3 cards with the same rank. You can pick a card from the unused card piles, or the last card played. The player has to discard one card. The useless cards are known as the deadwood, and the target is to have zero deadwood points. This is a straightforward game if you are searching for card games to play at home



The game was started in the 1930s in the USA. It can be played in singles or a team. The objective of the game to score 500 points first. All the players have 13 cards in hand. The game goes on until a team scores 500 points. 


Snap game

Its one amongst the best card games to play with family. One or more players can play this game. You need to be very alert while playing this game. Cards are spread evenly among the players. You have to put one card from the top of your stack to the center. In case two consecutive cards are identical, then you have to shout snap while keeping your hand over the pile. Whosoever will do it faster will obtain the entire collection. The person who attains deck as the whole first is the winner. 

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